Tiger Reserves in Maharashtra

Tiger Reserves in Maharashtra
Tiger Reserves in Maharashtra

Tiger Reserves in Maharashtra: The thrill of seeing one of the rare species of tiger is truly unmatched. Words cannot express the adrenaline rush of seeing them in their natural habitat. If tiger spotting has been on your wish list, then Maharashtra is one of the states to fulfill your dreams. This is because the state is littered with major tiger reserves.

Thrust in dense forests, these reserves offer an experience like never before. The rich wildlife in Maharashtra attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year and tigers are certainly a major attraction. Trust us, the immense joy of getting drenched in wildlife and natural areas will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

So, if you are planning to escape from daily life to enjoy wildlife watching, we are here to help. We have compiled a list of the top 10 tiger reserves in Maharashtra that you must visit on your next trip.

Top 5 Tiger Reserves in Maharashtra

Tadoba-Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary

Let us start the list of tiger reserves in Maharashtra with the popular Tadoba-Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. One of the oldest and largest tiger reserves in the state, it covers a distance of more than 1,727 sq km. If tiger spotting is on your bucket list, this is the place to tick it. You can join a tiger safari expedition while watching the Royal Bengal Tigers among others.

Talking about Safari! It is divided into three zones, the Moharli zone for tiger spotting and Tadoba and Kolsa zone for witnessing the mesmerizing landscape and wildlife diversity. Adding to the beauty of the Chandrapur district, Tadoba-Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary is truly a traveler’s paradise. The best part – it is easily accessible. All you have to do is book a flight to Nagpur and get on the roads. The distance of 140 km can be covered by private taxis or public transport.

Pench Tiger Reserve or National Park

Spread between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the Pench Tiger Reserve is actually one of the most popular reserves among tourists. Due to its rich biodiversity, it is considered as one of the best tiger reserves in Maharashtra. The shimmering river Pench flowing inside the park adds to the charm and beauty of this place. Safari drives are the most convenient and exciting way to explore this vast area. You can ride a jeep in the early morning or evening to see the tigers in their natural habitat.

Time for Trivia: The Jungle Book is based on Rudyard Kipling’s fictional work Pench Tiger Reserve. Thinking about the best time to travel? The months from November to April are considered ideal, as with the pleasant weather in these months, you will have the best sightseeing experience. May and June can be an excellent time to spot Bengal tigers if you are suited for summer. To reach here, you can take a flight to Nagpur or Jabalpur, followed by a short road trip.

One of the largest tiger reserves in Maharashtra, the Navegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve is a hidden haven that is waiting to be explored. What makes it even more special is that it contributes about 1/6 of the total tiger population of the country. If you are lucky enough, you can spot many tigers in their undisturbed habitat. You can visit the reserve at any time of the year. However, the months from November to February are the ideal months to make the most of your trip. A friendly tip – always remember to check the timings before planning your tour as it changes according to the season.

If you are planning to reach this reserve via airways, then you will have to fly to Nagpur which is at a distance of more than 130 km.

Umred Karhandla Tiger Reserve

If you want to spend some time in the lap of nature while witnessing exquisite wildlife attractions, then you must visit Umred Karhandla Tiger Reserve. Surrounded by majestic hills and lush greenery, this area is a natural paradise that will make you fall in love with it in no time. Covering an area of ​​more than 180 sq km, it is one of the largest tiger reserves in Maharashtra. Apart from tigers, the area is home to several species of animals, such as honey badgers, pangolins, and wild dogs.

If you have started planning a trip to one of the famous tiger reserves in Maharashtra, the best time is from the months of March to June. Remember, it remains closed during the monsoon season. A flight to Nagpur will take you here without any hassle. Once you get off, you can book a cab to reach your destination, which is just 30 km away.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in the heart of Satara district, Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary has often found its place in every Maharashtra travel guide. Spread over a lush green area of ​​423 sq km, this area is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Moreover, the sanctuary is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it one of the most sought-after places in Maharashtra.

Here, you can spot Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Sloth Bear, Mouse Deer, and Sambar Deer. Not only this, there is an extraordinary population of Indian giant squirrels and common gray langurs. While exploring the rich wildlife is an unforgettable experience, enjoying a camp stay is even more exciting. You can book a stay in the woods in and around the park for an adventurous expedition. To make the most of your trip, plan your trip for the month of October. Wondering how to get here? Take a flight to Mumbai and cover the remaining 273 km by roadways.

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