The solution to jet lag in 9 steps

The solution to jet lag in 9 steps
The solution to jet lag in 9 steps

If the idea of ​​time travel interests you, try an 18-hour flight first. You won’t even want to see these words side by side. Take precautions for long flights, do not experience the nightmare of jet lag. The solution to jet lag in 9 steps.

Technically defined as the body’s synchronization problem, jet lag is a problem that turns long journeys into a nightmare. Your body clock remaining in the old time zone may expose you to the inability to sleep for days, waking up early, and severe headaches, absent-mindedness, and difficulties in crying. Follow this nine-point plan if you don’t want your trip and the rest to turn into trouble.

Before flight:

1. Start setting your sleep time a few days in advance. If you are going west, try to wake up 1 hour late and sleep 1 hour later every day. If you are going to the east, on the contrary, wake up 1 hour early and sleep 1 hour earlier every day.

2. Keep your head firm. Get full sleep, try to stay fit. Healthy bodies recover more quickly from the jet lag effect.

3. Do not travel. Eat a healthy meal before the flight, avoid greasy and heavy foods that can burden your body, drink plenty of water.

During flight:

4. Adapt to the times. Set your watch (as well as your computer and cell phone clocks) according to your destination and start acting accordingly. Try to sleep there if it’s nighttime, and stay awake if it’s daytime.

5. A free drink or a strong coffee? No; It’s not a good idea to accept anything served on the plane. Alcohol and caffeine are stimulants that aggravate the effects of jet lag. Instead, drink plenty of water and choose light meals.

6. Need to stay awake? Take small walks in the hallway, getting up and yawning from time to time. Snack on foods high in protein, such as nuts and peanuts. If you need to sleep, use the pillow, sleep mask, and earplugs distributed in flight.

After the flight:

7. Begin by imitating to adapt. Act as if you are in your normal time zone, take advantage of daylight whenever possible. Wait until 9 pm at the earliest to sleep.

8. If you arrive at your destination in the evening, try to sleep at a reasonable hour. A cup of herbal tea can help you sleep, but definitely not alcohol.

9. Don’t whine. Yes, jet lag sucks, but complaining isn’t going to fix it. Keep your positive stance even if it is difficult, after all, this is temporary.

What is the feeling of jet lag?

Jet lag is a common but short-lived sleep problem you can get after traveling across more than two time zones. Jet lag can make you feel out of sorts due to an abrupt change in your body’s internal clock or circadian sleep rhythms. Symptoms include headaches and difficulty sleeping (insomnia).

These were the solution to jet lag in 9 steps

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