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You’ve probably heard his name more often in recent years. It would be beneficial to meet Akyaka, where an understanding beyond all the holiday scenarios you have memorized so far before you go where its popularity takes you.

When I went about 20 years ago, in April 2001, Akyaka was a desolate place where I felt like I had fallen on the island of Lost. It had a much more isolated environment, different from the holiday resorts I had seen so far. I have spent all my summers and some winters here since then, with my family’s decision to settle here. I don’t know who grew up under whose hands, but we both changed a lot, that’s for sure.

Akyaka is a neat place, you either love it or you won’t stop by again. The happiest dogs in the world may live here; While walking on the streets named after flowers, you may come across a breed of dog every step of the way. When you stay a little longer, you can gossip by eating wafers at the grocery store or you can drink soda by shaking your feet as if you were five years old in the tea garden. Of course, for this, Akyaka must love you as much as you love her. So let’s get started…

Where is Akyaka?

I don’t know how many questions I have answered about Akyaka, but the most popular one is always “Where is it?” it happened. No one knows much, since its location is irrelevant to the trio of Çeşme, Bodrum, and Antalya, which is encoded in our minds when it comes to holiday resorts. This is a neighborhood of Muğla’s Ula district (was a town until last year, now it’s a neighborhood). It is in the middle of Muğla and Marmaris. On the way to Marmaris, it overlooks the magnificent Gulf of Gökova, which you come across when you turn one of those endless bends. Gökova is a village with no coastline, very close to Akyaka. Although the place may seem out of the way, it is actually very close to many holiday resorts, but since it is at the foot of the mountain, it has a unique atmosphere and atmosphere.

How to go?

It takes about 45 minutes by car between Dalaman Airport and Gökova junction. After the intersection, you reach Akyaka in 10 minutes. If you are going to go all the way by car, after Muğla, keep your eyes on the right and do not miss the entrance of Akyaka when you say that I will look at the view.

Where to stay?

Akyaka, which had only one big hotel when we first went, is not frequented by boutique hotels and apartments these days. That’s why there are even more varieties than you want. Yücelen Hotel, the oldest and still the largest facility, serves as both an aparthotel and a hotel. This is the closest place to the beach. However, since all foreign tourists and tours prefer this place, you can only find a place if you call well in advance. Since Akyaka is not a very big place, being close to the sea does not make a big difference; Therefore, the comfort of the hotel you choose is more important.

Apart from the sea, there is also the famous Azmak River, and thanks to its extremely cold water, it is possible to feel cold while sitting on its side, especially in the evenings. Kermie Ottoman is the most well-known of the Azmak-side hotels. It has two different hotels, one of which is a mansion and the other a palace, and an apart service. If you decide how you want to stay and call early, you can easily find a place you want. If you want, you can set up a tent in the forest camp or rent the houses in the forest. If you go by car, you can also choose the hotels in Maden Pier, which is 2-3 km from Akyaka.

Where to visit?

– Akyaka is a place that gives more than you expect in terms of natural beauty. Be sure to encounter sights that will arouse admiration.

– You may be one of those who jump into the sea when it comes to vacation but be patient, first see the beautiful Azmak River (aka Women’s River), which you cannot see anywhere else. You can have breakfast or dinner at the restaurants by the river. Or you can drink a nice coffee and enjoy the coolness while your feet are in the ice-cold water (if you can stand it). If you are one of those who say that I have seen ice-cold waters a lot, you can jump by being careful not to get caught in the current, when you get out, there will be no trace of your old self.

– Akyaka is not a very big place, so leave the car aside and wander its streets step by step. You won’t be able to get enough of taking pictures of the houses built with Nail Çakırhan architecture and the gardens with flowers competing with each other, your Instagram will be lively. If you are lucky, you may also come across the exhibitions of extremely active art associations.

– Another thing you must do here is a yacht cruise. You can reach magnificent beauties such as Sedir Island, Dark Blue Bay, and English Harbor by boats departing from the port on the beach. If you don’t like the blaring yacht cruise music, mention it, there are also special cruises available. The boat trip is also valid for Azmak, you can join the half-hour tour with small boats in and around the harbor.

– Do not forget to visit the forest camp. You will see some mysterious stairs, don’t be afraid, get down; Because you will come across tiny coves for three or five people. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the sea alone here.

– Although Çınar Bay is a place filled with picnickers, especially in July-August, you should see it. If you like to walk, you can go to the cove, which is about 3 km away from the center and beyond the Maden Pier, in the early morning and enjoy the view.

The kiteboarding thing

The biggest reason why Akyaka has become popular in recent years is the kiteboarding area. The reason why it almost overtakes Alaçatı, which is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to surfing in Turkey, in terms of kite sports, is its non-stop wind. The name of this local wind is Deli Mehmet and it is famous for the fact that it is not clear from where it will blow, and it causes fires in between. The Kite area is a little further out of Akyaka, but if you want to go especially for education since many schools have been opened recently, your transportation is mostly provided by that school. Kite is a demanding sport that requires serious performance and time. Therefore, it should not be undertaken without thorough research, and an early step should be taken, especially in the season, considering both the accommodation and the occupancy rate in the schools. Apart from the kite, you also have options such as paddle or windsurfing on Azmak.

Don’t forget these

– Akyaka is not a place like the “new Alaçatı”. It is especially useful to know since almost all tourism news about this place was made in this direction last year. Akyaka is not like an alternative to popular places, it has a completely unique and completely different atmosphere. For one thing, there is no night activity, bars have to stop the music at 01:00 at the latest. Entertainment options are few and not in the mood of a “bar street”. If your priority is to have fun on summer evenings, this place will not make you happy. There are no gourmet restaurants or cafes that are more popular than the other; Except for two or three places, almost all of them are the same.

– Overcrowded on weekends. Especially in recent years, if you come without a reservation during the July-August period, you will most likely stay at the door. Even if you find a place, Akyaka may remain in your memories as a nightmarish place that will not be visited again, as everywhere is crazy full. The region, which is flooded with picnickers from the surrounding provinces, is one of the places to be avoided during the weekends and holidays.

– Due to the reeds of the Azmak, there is a serious influx of mosquitoes, especially in the evenings by the river. There is no standard for this; some days it can be extremely intense, sometimes it may not be at all, but still, keep your fly repellent and ointments that need to be applied for bites with you.

– Akyaka’s sea has a blue flag, but don’t imagine things like white sand and deep blue water. Since the Azmak River mixes into the sea, the sand is moist and a bit sticky, and the sea is quite cold. It also gets deep after a very long walk, so it is a favorite of families with children. Since the shore is shallow, the water does not look very clear, but it is clean. Since the beach is not very wide, you may not be able to find a place on the weekend.

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