Rivers In Kerala that you must visit

Rivers In Kerala

God’s own country, Kerala is worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. Its natural splendor, pleasant weather, pleasing tourist spots, and welcoming locals are some of the factors that will draw you to this place. Among the places to visit in Kerala, you must explore some of the beautiful and serene rivers that flow through many districts of Kerala. These will be ideal places not only for your eyes but also for seeking solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Kerala has a large number of rivers. And below we have 10 rivers that you must visit when you are on your trip to Kerala.

Periyar River

When you plan a trip to Kerala, you must set aside a day to visit Periyar, Thekkady. After all, this magnificent river is the longest river in Kerala. Board a flight to Madurai or Kochi and then take the roadways to Thekkady. Once you arrive, the calm vibes that emanating from it will fill your heart with peace.

Not to mention, the rippling waters of the river will be a treat for your eyes. When you reach near the river, you can enjoy the soothing breeze brushing your face. If you come here on the day of Shivratri then you can witness the Aluva Shivratri Festival on its banks. For your information, let us tell you that this river supplies water not only for drinking but also for many other economic and religious activities.

Being a perennial river that fulfills the water needs for so many purposes, this river has earned the name of ‘Lifeline of Kerala’.

Bharathapuzha River

Originating in the Annamalai hills, the Bharatapuzha or Ponnani river comes second on our list of rivers in Kerala that you must visit. Being a less crowded place, this river can be the ideal getaway area for you when you want to spend time in solitude. You can spend long hours sitting on its shore, admiring the cool breeze and the natural surroundings.

During the Karkidaka Vavu festival, you people come to this river to pay homage to your dead fathers. What makes this river even more scenic is that you can find houses of many famous poets on its banks. If you are wondering, you can take a flight to Kozhikode and from there you can take a cab to Ponnani.

Pamba River

You can see this river flowing through districts like Kuttanad, Kozhencherry, and Karthikpally. But, we would highly recommend that you board a flight to Kochi and then visit the famous Vembanad Lake where the river ends. Opt for a houseboat cruise which is one of the most sought-after things to do in Kerala. While boating, you can admire the greenery scattered around the islands and the lagoon.

If you are boating in the evening, you will be captivated by the gorgeous view of the sunset on its horizon. After boating, you can visit the revered Sabarimala temple situated on the banks of river Pamba.

Manimala River

If you go to Kochi to visit Vembanad Lake, you can also see the Manimala River flowing here. Stop! Before you get confused, here’s the deal. Although both Manimala River and Pamba River join the Vembanad Lake, both have a different course and origin. Apart from this lake, you can also see the Manimala river flowing through districts like Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, and Kottayam.

Come to this river to witness the virgin beauty of nature. Being surrounded by dense greenery, this river provides the best location for clicking nature photography. Also, when you come here, you can see the magnificent Muthuwara Hills from where this river originates.

Chaliyar River

Flowing in the Lakshadweep Sea, the Chaliyar River ranks fourth among the total rivers of Kerala. After your flight to Kozhikode, when you reach the river, you can take a ferry ride to cross the 170 km long river and witness the wonders hidden along the river. The blue sky reflected on the surface of the water makes for a spectacular sight, especially at dusk.

It will surely captivate you! You can go to the famous Malappuram district of Kerala to see this river. Well, don’t get confused if a local refers to this river as Chulika or Before river as these are its other names. You can visit this river at any time of the year as it does not dry up even during drought.

Kabini River

Next on our list of major rivers of Kerala is the Kabini River which originates from Wayanad. So, if you stay in a hotel in Wayanad, you can easily take a trip to this river. You can also take a cab ride to Sargur and go to see the large reservoir built on top of this lake. Many tourists visit this reservoir. Why over here Animals like tiger, leopard, deer, and elephant can be seen around the river.

So, you get to see these and many other wildlife creatures roaming near the reservoir. This is a thrilling sight! You can also book a houseboat to explore the natural beauty and cherish the splashes of these serene Kerala backwaters. If you are planning to travel, take a flight to Mysore and then reach Kabini by road.

Valapattanam River

If you are coming to North Kerala then you must visit this longest river of Kannur. Trek through the rocky areas of Kannur to reach this river. It will be an exhilarating experience for you. Being a famous fishing port, you can get to see the ways of fishing organized here.

If you want, you can also enjoy fishing here. Another interesting activity that you will find on this river is the transportation of wood. You will find a collection of wooden pieces floating in the stream. This is a rare sight!

Manjeswaram River

A flight to Mangalore, followed by a road trip to Manjeshwaram town will take you to the shortest river in Kerala. The Manjeshwaram River, which runs for only 16 km, serves as a popular tourist destination. You can trace its source to the Balapuni hills. You will find the ruins of an ancient stone temple at the mouth of the Manjeshwaram river.

Really interesting! If you reach the Manjeshwaram estuary, you can encounter various aquatic creatures. That’s not everything! Many rare species of birds can also be seen here. So, sit by the river and enjoy bird watching for a pleasing experience. You can also head towards Uppala lake in Kasaragod district as it is the shortest river of Kerala that falls in this lake.

Neyyar River

Book a flight to Thiruvananthapuram, visit the Neyyar River and host a fun picnic by the Neyyar Dam created by this river. You can enjoy the soothing breeze coming from the river while having a picnic. The huge river flowing amidst the untamed scenic views makes for a sight to behold. Click some of your pictures with your family and friends with the beautiful river and landscape in the background. For some adventure, you can go for jungle safaris at Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Chalakudy River

Thrissur, Palakkad, Ernakulam, Kerala, whichever of these places you visit, you can have a view of the Chalakudy River. That being said, the fastest way to reach the river is to take a flight to Kochi. After reaching the river, take a walk down the boulevard or sit by the river and admire its natural beauty. While sitting, you can spot some of the rare and endangered species of fish in the river. But, nothing matches the sight of the Athirapally and Vazhachal waterfalls created by this river. This is a fascinating sight!

So, make sure you visit these waterfalls to witness the streams of the waterfall from a huge height.

So, these are the rivers that you must visit in Kerala. Trust us, you will have a pleasant experience at each of these places. If you have made up your mind to visit some or all of these rivers, go ahead, plan a trip to Kerala and start exploring.

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