Things To Do In Munnar For A Delightful Vacation

Things To Do In Munnar For A Delightful Vacation

An enchanting hill station situated in the Idukki district of Kerala, Munnar is one of the 3 rivers found here. Adorned with lofty mountains amid pale swings and swings of low-flying clouds; The rich green slopes and velvety carpets of tea and spice plantations; Signs of pink, yellow, and sparkling blues looking at the landscape; Pine and oak trees are filled with the refreshing aroma of tea in the mild mountain air – Munnar may just be the reason for Kerala, to be referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’. To visit Munnar’s sightseeing, this destination sweeps one by foot with complete joy. Here are things to do in Munnar for a delightful vacation.

Things To Do In Munnar

1. Echo Point: Hear The Hills Call Out Your Name

At this point shout your name out loud and it will turn back within 3 seconds! Echo Point is a beautiful combination of calm, sweet air, green slopes, and a completely rejuvenating environment.

Distance From Munnar: 15 km
Perfect For: Nature walks, trekking, camping, picnic with family, & boating in the lake
Highlight: The rare Neelakurinji flower (strobilanthes) blooms here
Timings: 6 am – 7:30 pm

2. Kundala Lake: The Blue Stretch Of Magnificence

Kundla Dam and Lake in Munnar is one of the top tourist destinations. It offers spectacular natural beauty and tranquility, with a spectacular view of the hills on either side of the crystal clear waters of the lake.

Distance From Munnar: 20 km (on the way to Top Hill)
Perfect For: Boating and Shikara ride
Highlight: The artificial Kundala dam is India’s first arch dam
Timings: 8:30 am – 5 pm

3. Atukkad Waterfalls: The Furiously Gushing Ecstasy

Situated between Munnar and Pallivasal in the Idukki district and accessible through a wooden bridge, the Attakud Waterfall is one of the major places to visit in Munnar, especially during the rainy season.

Distance From Munnar: 9 km
Perfect For: Jungle Trekking, picnic with friends and family, photography
Highlight: The water is cascading at full force from a height of over 1,500 meters
Timings: 10 am – 6 pm

4. Elephant Lake: A Delight For Kids

Elephant Lake is a tranquil lake, surrounded by lush green carpets of tea gardens, from where the eyes can see. Elephants descend into the lake to drink water and bathe, which is a sight to behold for tourists visiting the lake.

Distance From Munnar: 22 km
Perfect For: Picnic with family and kids, trekking (in nearby tea plantations)
Highlight: Spot a herd of two elephants with their little ones who come here to drink water
Timings: All-day

5. Anamudi Peak: The Highest Peak In South India

If one wants to see the beauty of rolling hills and valleys with rolling blue rivers and weaving through them, the expanse of tea and spice gardens and the wildlife dotted in and around Eravikulam National Park, trekking them to the Anamudi Peak should do. Located inside the park, Choti is one of the best tourist attractions in Munnar.

Distance From Munnar:
Perfect For: Trekking (with permission from forest authorities)
Highlight: Highest peak in the Western Ghats and South India and highest outside the Himalayan mountain range!
Timings: Open 24 hours

6. Top Station: Best Of Both Worlds

The top station, named after the railway station situated at a huge height in the Kundala valley, makes this place mesmerized by the city below. The cotton clouds are strewn over the hills and valleys, the rare Neelakurinji flowers, and the panoramic view of the Western Ghats give the destination a soft, blue color, making it one of the must-see destinations in Munnar. to find out.

Distance From Munnar: 32 km
Perfect For: Trekking, camping, photography, visiting the Neelakurinji Sanctuary
Highlight: Located on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border, it provides stunning views of the Western Ghats in Kerala on one side as well as the valley of the Theni district of Tamil Nadu on the other.
Timings: 6 am- 6 pm

7. Tata Tea Museum: Temple For All Tea Lovers

Established several years ago by Tata Tea, the museum exhibits century-old tea gardens of origin and development, particularly in Munnar. The museum essentially pays tribute to the fact that Munnar has some of the best tea estates in the world, and as such, it is one of the most important places in Munnar.

Distance From Munnar: 1.3 km
Perfect For: Trying a hand at tea plucking and tasting different exquisite varieties of tea
Highlight: You can enjoy a cup of best tea here. 
Timings: 9 am – 4 pm

8. Devikulam: The Sanctum Of Spirituality And Divinity

Apart from the breathtaking view of Pallivasala, the city of Devikulam and Sita Devi Lake is a haven for pilgrims and temple goers. The Ganesh Temple, the Mariamman Temple, and the Ayyanar Temple, along with a series of temples located in the town, are important Munnar tourist destinations for Devikulam worshipers.

Distance From Munnar: 9 km
Perfect For: Rock climbing, fishing, trekking, hiking, picnic, & photography
Highlight: The water of the Sita Devi Lake is considered to be holy water, and is believed to cleanse and rejuvenate visitors!
Timings: Open 24 hours

9. Chinnakanal: The Untouched, Well Preserved Part Of Nature

Chinnakanal, a small village near the city of Munnar, is unregistered and well protected, which has earned it a place among the sightseeing of Munnar. Chinkannal waterfalls are an absolute attraction in the region. When filled with water from a height of 800 meters, the water forms a yellow, scorching stream at the bottom, while the air around gives a fresh aroma of fresh water and tea leaves. And the best part- the beauty of these falls is still hidden and ignored.

Distance From Munnar town: 20 km
Perfect For Trekking, taking a dip in the falls, nature photography
Highlight: The beautiful waterfalls in their pristine, untouched form that are bound to leave one speechless
Timings: Open 24 hours

10. Eravikulam National Park: Trekking Through The Wilderness

Eravikulam (Rajamalai) National Park has the largest population of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr and is home to 26 species of mammals. The park is also famous for providing spectacular views of the Western Ghats. The park’s constant effort to protect and protect endangered animals makes it one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Distance From Munnar: 15 km
Perfect For: Nature trekking, wildlife spotting, wildlife photography
Highlight: The Nilgiri Tahr
Timings: 8 am – 4:30 pm

11. Mattupetty Lake & Dam: Water Conservation & Sports

Mattupetty has few tourist spots, the lake and the dam above it attract most of them. The lake, surrounding hills, and the surrounding tea plantations offer a spectacular view to visitors, and the presence of various bird species on the lake never fails to attract bird watchers, due to which it is located in Munnar. One of the prime places to visit.

Distance from Munnar: 13 km
Perfect For: Boating (motorboats, speedboats, rowboats, pedal boats), trekking, bird watching
Highlight: The storage masonry dam was constructed to conserve water and generate hydroelectricity.
Timings: 9 am – 3:30 pm

12. CSI Church: A Regal Blend Of History And Architecture

An important site to see and a famous place to visit in Munnar, the CSI Church was built in 1910 as a contrasting church by workers and managers of Scottish tea estates. The major feature of this church is that it has terrific interiors which include stained glass windows, brass plaques, rosewood benches, and a grand chandelier.

Distance From Munnar: 1.4 km
Perfect For:
 History lovers
Highlight: The rich, lavish interiors
Timings: 8 am – 5 pm

13. Pallivasal: A Heaven For Peace Seekers

The picturesque Pallivasal Falls is famous for and the state’s first hydroelectric project which was set up here, Pallivasal is another untouched, ancient, and peaceful place in Munnar. Rich in natural beauty, the city is one of the best tourist destinations in Munnar.

Distance From Munnar: 8 km
Perfect For: Peace and relaxation, photography, picnic
Highlight: Kerala’s first Hydro Electricity Project
Timings: Open 24 hours

14. Wonder Valley Adventure & Amusement Park: Walk With Nature

When we say that Munnar is an important place from the point of view of nature, we do not lie. But what makes this floor extraordinary is that it hides something for everyone due to its natural trauma. One of the most action-packed places in Munnar is the Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park. This eco-friendly place sits in the midst of nature and preserves the natural landscape that beautifies the region. It is perfect for travelers to be close to nature as well as to calm their thirst for some adventure. From the younger ones to the elders, there are many activities to be a part of one.

Distance From Munnar: 14 Kms 
Perfect For: Kids, family 
Highlight: There are several adventure sports for one to be a part of. 
Timings: 8:30 am – 6:45 pm

15. Marayoor: Soak In The Aroma Of Sandalwood

Located a few kilometers away, Marayoor is one of the top places to visit in Munnar. This destination is mostly covered, while one is roaming around the main city. Marayoor is a quaint, scenic place, famous for the sandalwood forest and also from the Stone Age era. From small pots to large-scale sugarcane fields, from fresh waterfalls to crazy bamboo forests, Mariyur is a place with many more. Sitting on the Western Ghats, this destination boasts many other things including pre-historic sites, the ancient river Paraiba, and solid sugar jaggery!

Distance From Munnar: 39 Kms
Perfect For: Nature lovers, trekkers
Highlight: It is famous for its massive sugarcane fields.
Timings: 6 am – 6 pm

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Frequently Asked Questions About Munnar

Q. How to reach Munnar?

A – The nearest airport from Munnar is Cochin International Airport which is just 125 kms away from this beautiful place. Taxi services are also available from the airport to Munnar and usually cost around Rs 3000. Cochin airport is well connected to all the major cities of the country as well as many cities abroad.

Q. Where is Munnar?

A – Munnar is a part of Idukki district of Kerala. The Munnar region is situated at an altitude of 1500 – 2500 meters above sea level with an average rainfall of 275 cm. The highest peak in South India, Anamudi, whose height is 2,695 meters, is the pride of Munnar.

Q. Munnar in which district?

A – Situated in the Idduk district, Munnar Queen offers a beautiful ambiance through spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Q. How to reach Munnar from Kolkata?

A – The cheapest way to reach Munnar from Kolkata is by train to Yesvantpur Jn then bus to Munnar and take 43h 25m. The fastest way to reach Munnar from Kolkata is by flight to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, then flight to Coimbatore International Airport, then cab to Munnar and it takes 10h 31m.

Q. How to reach Munnar by train?

A – By train. The nearest railway station from Munnar is at Aluva, which is at a distance of 110 kms from Munnar. Ernakulam Railway Station is 130 kms away while Madurai Railway Station is 135 kms away.

Q. Munnar what to see?

A – Places to visit in Munnar:

Chokramudi PeakEravikulam National Park
Top StationChinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
Rose GardenNyayamakad Waterfall
Blossom ParkKolukkumalai Tea Estate
TATA Tea MuseumIndo Swiss Dairy Farm

Q. How to reach Munnar from Kochi?

A – From Cochin you can hire a cab to go to Munnar. Madurai International Airport is 140 kms away from Munnar. If you land at Madurai International Airport, you can hire a cab or board state transport or private buses to reach Munnar.

Q. How to reach Munnar from Pune?

A – There is no direct transport mode connectivity between Pune and Munnar. The cheapest way to reach Munnar from Pune is by bus to Bangalore then bus to Munnar which takes 30h 45m. The fastest way to reach Munnar from Pune is by flight to Cochin International Airport, then a cab to Munnar and it takes 9h 6m.

Q. How to reach Munnar from Chennai by train?

A – Munnar to Chennai By Train: There is no direct train from Chennai to Munnar. However, one can take a train from Chennai to Aluva Railway Station, which is about 110 km from Munnar. Chennai to Munnar train fare is around Rs 400 for sleeper class and around Rs 1000 for AC sleeper.

Q. How to go to Munnar from Bangalore?

A – There are 3 different ways to go from Bangalore to Munnar by train:

  • From Bangalore, take a train to Madurai and then another to Theni.
  • Take a train from Bangalore to Coimbatore and then proceed to Munnar by taxi or bus.
  • Take a train from Bangalore to Ernakulam and then proceed to Munnar by taxi.

Q. Munnar which state?

A- Kerala

Q. How to reach Munnar from Trivandrum?

A – The cheapest way to reach Munnar from Thiruvananthapuram is by train to Ernakulam Junction then cab to Munnar and it takes 7h 16m. The fastest way to reach Munnar from Thiruvananthapuram is by cab to Munnar and it takes 2hr 54m. The recommended way to reach Munnar from Thiruvananthapuram is by cab to Munnar and takes 2h 54m.

Q. How to reach Munnar from Coimbatore?

A – The cheapest way to reach Munnar from Coimbatore is by train to Tiruppur then cab to Munnar which takes 5h 34m. The fastest way to reach Munnar from Coimbatore is by cab to Munnar and takes 3h 26m. The recommended way to reach Munnar from Coimbatore is by cab to Munnar and takes 3h 26m. Cab from Gozo etc.

Q. How to reach Munnar from Delhi?

A – The fastest way to reach Munnar from Delhi is to take a direct flight from Delhi to Ernakulam (3 hours) and then take a taxi or bus to Munnar for about 3h 38 minutes journey. Since Munnar does not have an airport of its own, you cannot take direct flights from Delhi to Munnar.

Q. How far is Munnar from Bangalore?

A – Distance between Munnar and Bangalore is 530 Kms.

Q. What is the temperature in Munnar?

A – High 73F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. A few clouds. Low 59F. (Click on the link for updates)

Q. What to buy in Munnar?

A – In Munnar, the best thing to buy is tea, coffee and spices. Known for its exquisite taste and aroma, the tea grown here comes in many different varieties. So is coffee and spices. They are grown locally in vast plantations and estates.

Q. Munnar what to do?

A – Top Things to do in Munnar

  1. Plantation Resort – Tree House Stay.
  2. Kolukkumalai – Tea Estate Tours.
  3. Echo Point – Camping And Trekking.
  4. Eravikulam National Park – Spot Rare Species.
  5. Suryanelli – Mountain Biking.
  6. Lakkam Waterfalls – Have A Picnic.
  7. Fun Forest Adventure Park – Rock Climbing.

Q. Munnar or Wayanad which is better?

A – If you like wildlife and jungle, Wayanad is the better place. You can visit tribal villages and get to know their culture. But Munnar is even more beautiful with its pleasant climate and beautiful tea gardens. You can find good camping sites in Munnar to stay inside the tea gardens.

Q. How many hairpins bends in Munnar?

A – There are 40 hairpins bends in Munnar.

Q. How to reach Munnar from Madurai?

A – There is a direct cab from Madurai to Munnar. The minimum time taken by a cab from Madurai is 1h 57m. The cheapest way to reach Munnar from Madurai is by train to Dindigul Junction then cab to Munnar and it takes 5h 26m. The fastest way to reach Munnar from Madurai is by cab to Munnar and takes 1h 57m.

Q. What is Munnar famous for?

A – The charming hill station Munnar in Kerala has been generously blessed by nature. Picturesque hills, breathtaking cliffs, tea and spice plantations, lakes, waterfalls, you just name it, this place is like a piece of heaven. There is a pleasant and favorable climate throughout the year.

Q. Munnar or Kodaikanal which is best?

A – Munnar is the best place. Munnar retains its pristine beauty even today. Lots of beautiful views and beautiful places for the young couple to discover themselves. Kodaikanal and Ooty have become more urbanized and commercialized.

Q. How to reach Munnar from Ernakulam?

A – The cheapest way to reach Munnar from Ernakulam is by cab to Munnar and takes 2h 48m. The fastest way to reach Munnar from Ernakulam is by cab to Munnar and takes 2h 48m.

Q. How to reach Munnar from Cochin airport?

A – As stated above, there are no direct buses from the airport to Munnar. I suggest you take a bus to Aluva KSRTC Bus Depot, which is only 12 kms away from the airport. Buses are available within 20 meters to 1 hour frequency. Some AC buses are also available around 9.50 and 12 hrs.

Q. Munnar where to stay?

A – Here are some of the best places to stay in Munnar.

  • The Tall Trees.
  • Dream Catcher Plantation Resort.
  • Poopada Resort.
  • Noah’s Ark Inn.
  • Aida Tourist Home.

Q. How to go to Munnar from Mumbai?

A – There is no direct transport mode connectivity between Mumbai and Munnar. The cheapest way to reach Munnar from Mumbai is by bus to Bangalore, then to Munnar by bus and takes 28h 0m. The fastest way to reach Munnar from Mumbai is by flight to Madurai Airport, then a cab to Munnar and it takes 4h 52m.

Q. How many kilometers from Ernakulam to Munnar?

A – Distance between Ernakulam to Munnar by Road is 129 Kms

Q. How to reach Alleppey from Munnar?

A – The cheapest way to reach Munnar from Alappuzha is by train to Ernakulam Junction then cab to Munnar and it takes 5h 6m. The fastest way to reach Munnar from Alappuzha is by cab to Munnar and takes 3h 26m. The recommended way to reach Munnar from Alappuzha is by cab to Munnar and takes 3h 26m.

Q. Which are the best resorts in Munnar?

A – Below are the best Resorts in Munnar

  • Windermere Estate: Luxury Inspired
  • Blackberry Hills Retreat Spa: Delightful View
  • The Tall Trees: Approach Wilderness
  • Aranyaka Resort: Sensational Stay
  • Birds Valley Resorts: Nature’s Lap
  • Chandy’s Windy Woods: Luxury And Comfort
  • The Panoramic Getaway: Luxurious Living
  • Forest Glade: Lavish Lifestyle
  • The Fog Resort And Spa: Enchanting Valley
  • Elysium Garden Hill Resorts: Romantic Stay
  • Tea County Munnar: Soulful Environment
  • Eastend Munnar: Amazing Architecture
  • Westwood Riverside Garden Resort: Peaceful Accommodation
  • Abad Copper Castle Resort: Sea View
  • Devonshire Greens Leisure Hotel: Serene Location

Q. Which are the best homestays in Munnar?

A – Top 5 homestays in Munnar

  • Mistletoe Munnar
  • Green Spaces
  • Royal Mist
  • Munnar Dreams
  • Bracknell Forest
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