Restaurants in Udaipur

Restaurants in Udaipur
Restaurants in Udaipur

Surrounded by the lush green Aravalli hills and azure lakes is the breathtaking city of Udaipur. It represents an amalgamation of natural beauty and historical value which is on display in most of the places to visit in Udaipur and it is enough to excite any traveler! What perfectly complements the beauty of the city is its vibrant people who carry on their traditions and heritage. And what makes Udaipur the definition of tourism is the culinary experience it offers to all visitors. Restaurants in Udaipur.

Today we are going to taste that culinary experience. wonder how? Going to the best restaurant in town. But finding the best one can take a while. So leave it to us to list 10 must-try restaurants in Udaipur. You just choose your favorites from the list and start exploring them.

10 Must-Try Restaurants in Udaipur


You’ll find this restaurant on our list in Fateh Sagar, overlooking the Rang Sagar Islands and residential colonies. The restaurant is actually a tribute to Maharana Pratap’s famous horse, Chetak. If you decide to come to this restaurant, you will get to witness amazing views and mouth-watering dishes.

Coming to the cuisine, the restaurant serves Indian and continental cuisines and ethnic curries are the specialty here. One must eat Paneer Tikka Masala, Gatta Curry, Mutton and Lal Maas. This is one of the best non-veg restaurants in Udaipur that serves food for Rs. 1500.

1559 AD

Another must-see restaurant in the Fateh Sagar area is 1599 AD. It has very simple décor and quite a romantic vibe. While here, you can either sit on the comfortable indoor seating area or opt for the spacious outdoor sitting area in the garden area. The dishes you will find on its menu are North Indian, Rajasthani, and Continental. And here are the must-order recipes. To eat with red meat, any pasta dish, any curry dish, and some bread curries. For food for two people here, you will have to pay Rs. 1800.

Ambrai-Amet Haveli

A delicious meal by the beautiful Lake Pichola while enjoying splendid views of the Lake Palace, Jagdish Mandir, and Jag Mandir! This is what the Ambari-Amet Haveli in Pichola offers to its foodies. The restaurant serves dishes from North Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. 1700 (for two).

If you ask for our suggestions, order murgh tikka, mutton curry, and some bread to go with it. While you wait for the food to arrive, you may be mesmerized by the restaurant’s simple yet classic decor. Another piece of advice, come here for dinner. Because after dusk all the surrounding attractions lit up and create even more breathtaking views. No doubt, it is one of the best dinner places in Udaipur.

Rainbow Restaurant

Since we are in Pichola, let’s look at another restaurant here. This is a very cute and cozy rooftop restaurant in Udaipur. The restaurant has low tables and cushy mattresses where you can sit and eat comfortably. Sit down and the first thing you will see is the view of Lake Pichola and Ambari Ghat. Don’t get too lost in ideas and don’t forget to place your order

What to order? The restaurant serves a range of dishes from North Indian, Italian and Continental cuisines. But our top picks for you are Penne Pesto Pasta Chicken Fiesta and Tuna Salad. You and your companion can have a fulfilling meal here at Rs. 900.


Upré, also located in Pichola, is where you can eat lip-smacking dishes amid serene beauty. The panoramic view from here is breathtaking and the elegant decor with all the wooden chairs and tables is quite eye-catching too. And the warm hospitality of the staff will make your dining experience here even better. Talking about the food, you will get Rajasthani, North Indian, and Continental dishes here. And the best dishes are biryani, lamb, ker sangri and raita. A meal for two here is served at Rs. 1900.

Jaiwana Haveli Rooftop Restaurant

Next on our list is this rooftop restaurant in Chandpole. Amazing views, great service, and great food, you will find everything here. The restaurant serves traditional Rajasthani and North Indian cuisine. Fast food is also on the menu. But the dishes you must try here are Veg Biryani, Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, and Gulab Jamun. Order food and preferably sit on the terrace. But the indoor area with bamboo chairs also looks good. You can dine here with a partner for Rs. 900.

Charcoal By Carlsson

The most famous thing about Charcoal is its extensive menu. There is a wide variety of dishes from Continental and North Indian cuisine that you can order here. Veg BBQ Plate, Chicken Roulade, and Souvlaki are must-try dishes! Along with the delicious food, you will also get breathtaking views and a subtle and romantic ambiance. You can find this restaurant in Lal Ghat and you will get Rs. 1000.

Natural View Restaurant

It’s in the name! The Natural View Restaurant at Lal Ghat has amazing nature views for you. Lake Pichola looks quite magical from this restaurant. what else? Delicious food! Chinese and Continental North Indian dishes are served here. And the top picks for you are Paneer Tikka Masala, Spinach Lasuniya, and Mutton Mughlai. The restaurant serves food for Rs. 700.

Sunset Terrace

The majestic Aravalli hills on one side, Lake Pichola on the other, and Sunset Terrace Restaurant in the middle. And this restaurant is a must-have on your Udaipur travel guide. The ambiance of the restaurant is as lovely as the views here. The restaurant generally serves North Indian, Chinese, Asian and Continental cuisines. 3000. Onion Kachori, Kashmiri Pulao, and Las Maas must be tried.

Raas Leela

This restaurant in Chandpole has great views and delicious food. Its specialty lies in Rajasthani, North Indian, Chinese and continental cuisines. But the crowd-favorite dishes are lal maas and chicken satay. Come here with your friends and family. Order some food, enjoy the view and have a great time. And Pocket Pinch will be Rs. 750 (for two).

There are many good restaurants in Udaipur. And exploring them is undoubtedly one of the most fun things to do in Udaipur. Don’t you think so?

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