Temples in Kanchipuram

Temples in Kanchipuram
Temples in Kanchipuram

Kancheepuram always holds a special place in the hearts of those on a spiritual journey. The city is indeed a safe haven for pilgrims and the many temples located in the city bear witness to this! Kanchipuram is known as the Golden City of Thousand Temples. Well, if you start counting, you will not find a thousand temples, but what you will find will fill your soul with devotion and peace. but that’s not all! The ancient temple architecture, their stone carvings, and beautiful temples are a fascination for the eyes as well as the soul. Temples in Kanchipuram.

You are probably already convinced that visiting these old temples is a must on your next trip to Kanchipuram. So, here we are with the list of the 5 most famous temples in Kanchipuram!

As you go through the list, here’s something to remember. Kancheepuram does not have an airport of its own. You have to get down to Chennai and reach Kancheepuram by road.

5 Most Famous Temples in Kanchipuram

Kanchi Kailasanathar Temple

The first temple we visit today is the Kanchi Kailasanathar Temple, the oldest temple in Kanchipuram. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the sixteen-armed Shiva Linga made of black granite inside the temple is the center of attraction here. Apart from the Shiva Linga and the religious aura surrounding the temple, what will surely attract your attention is how beautifully the temple displays the Pallava architecture. As you explore the temple, you will also come across many magnificent sculptures and paintings. So, not just for the devotees, a visit to this temple will be a very enjoyable experience for architecture lovers as well.

Undoubtedly people from far and wide come to this temple to offer prayers and you can too! Plan your trip between 6 AM to 12 PM or 4 PM to 7 PM. A little travel tip here. The temple is apparently open throughout the year but during the time of Mahashivratri, this temple is in its grandest form. Try and travel in the meantime and you will have an amazing experience!

Ekambareswarar Temple

Have you heard of Pancha Bhoot Sthalam? It refers to the five temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and the five temples represent the five elements of life, which are earth, water, air, fire, and space. Ekambareswarar Temple is one of these five temples and is our next destination. Legend says Goddess Parvati herself constructed and worshiped the lingam here.

So, you can guess that the temple has a great religious value. You must visit this ancient temple and offer your prayers during your visit to Kanchipuram. And when you visit, be sure to visit the age-old mango tree located within the temple complex. Local people say that under this tree, Goddess Parvati worshiped Lord Shiva.

Once you have spent a few moments in devotion, start exploring the temple. The architecture of the temple is quite attractive. And the temple is actually influenced by all the dynasties that ruled the city. Be sure to include this in your list of Kanchipuram temples to witness the fascinating effects. The temple remains open for visitors from 6 am to 11 am and from 5 pm to 8 pm. And in case you are wondering, the best time to visit the temple is during the Brahmotsavam festival and Shivaratri festival.

Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Temple

Located right in the heart of the city, Kanchipuram is one of the most important spiritual places in India. As stated in the name, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi, who is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Parvati in Hindu mythology. Needless to say, the temple holds an important religious value. But it is also a very important representation of the cultural heritage of South India!

Talking about the architecture of the temple, it was built in the Dravidian style of architecture. The massive structure at the entrance decorated with small, intricate murals makes for a stunning sight. As you enter, you will see the gold-adorned spire of the deity. The temple also has a large pond which adds more peace and tranquility to the aura of the temple. All you have to do is visit the temple to experience peace and tranquility. Darshan timings are from 5.30 am to 12.15 pm and from 4 pm to 8:15 pm. And the best time to visit is during the annual festival.

Varadaraja Perumal Temple

Next, we are visiting an important temple from Kanchipuram oldest temple list. The temple was built in the devotion of Lord Vishnu during the rule of the Chola dynasty. The wooden idol of the Lord kept in a silver box is immersed in water inside the temple. Locals believe that when the idol is completely submerged in water, the city receives good rains. Along with the idol of Vishnu, there are 32 shrines inside the temple where you can offer prayers. You will definitely feel the peace in the air while praying!

When you are at Varadaraja Perumal Temple, you must take note of its royal architecture and elaborate carvings. The stone chains carved out of a single stone and the gold-covered lizard carving are also something to behold! You can plan your trip here throughout the week, between 6 am to 11 am as well as between 4 and 8 pm.

Ulagalantha Perumal Temple

Our final destination on the list of most famous Kanchipuram temples is the Ulagalantha Perumal Temple. Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu is worshiped here. The 35 feet tall idol of Vishnu, with one foot on the earth and the other on the sky, is the main attraction here. Visit the temple anytime between 6 am to 6.30 pm and see how magnificent the idol looks. And also, offer your prayers.

Apart from its religious significance, what makes the temple a must-see is its colorful exterior and Indo Dravidian style of architecture. The grand structures, huge pavilions, and intricate carvings are also worth admiring!

That was all about the most famous temples of Kanchipuram. Now, it is your turn to visit these temples and witness their spiritual aura for yourself! So, book flights and hotels in Kancheepuram. The city of temples is waiting for you!

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