Turn the Wheel on These 5 Warm Routes in Winter

Turn the Wheel on These 5 Warm Routes in Winter
Turn the Wheel on These 5 Warm Routes in Winter

Turn the Wheel on These 5 Warm Routes in Winter: While you can’t get your head up from the computer in your job, which you arrive in a cold sweat in traffic, Instagram is bursting with hot beach photos. Take action instead of being nervous from where you sit.


We know that you are haunted by the Brazilian league when you can’t find a match to make coupons at night. Even if you didn’t go that far, we are sure that some of the best football players in the world or girls performing samba in sexy outfits from morning to night come to your mind. If you approach it from a different angle this time, we would like to remind you that while we are dealing with the sweltering conditions of winter here, there are also the hottest days of the year. To make Brazil even more attractive in your eyes, let’s talk about the giant Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio, the world-famous beaches of Copacabana or Ipanema, or the Rio Carnival with street parties and colorful parades where you can have fun; we don’t know either. For even if we were not aware of any of them,

Suggestion: If you don’t want the samba girls we talked about to remain just rumors, this year’s Rio Carnival is on February 5-10. It’s good to equate.

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A substantial number of tourists go to this city to see the famous Rio Carnival. So, let’s satisfy your curiosity with a short summary. Although the origin of the carnival dates back to the 1700s, it began to take its present form in the 1900s. The samba parade as we know it is the part of the carnival that is most reflected in the world press, which includes many events in the streets, nightclubs, and different parts of the city. This is a competition in which nearly 200 samba schools in Brazil are prepared all year with costumes and choreography and progresses with the taste of a visual feast in every respect. In summary, if you have the opportunity, try to make this trip coincide with the carnival dates.


We are sensitive about Cuba; It doesn’t happen with those who don’t love, and one doesn’t go one step further with those who don’t praise. Aside from our personal opinions, if your expectation from a holiday is not just the sea-sand-sun trio, Cuba is definitely the most different place you can visit to see a completely different life and an order that will make you question your lifestyle. Here you will not have to hunt for shopping, search for reservations to dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, or make desperate offers to the girls around you to enter a luxury nightclub. On the contrary, a completely different world is waiting for you, where you can immerse yourself in the rhythm of the music rising from a small street, the world’s best cocktails, and the fire of revolution at prices that you can hardly buy even a glass of water in Istanbul.

Suggestion: At this point, we would like to give you a hint from local sources. If you want to see the most untouched, tourist-free, and authentic part of Cuba, you should definitely add Santiago de Cuba to your options as an alternative to Havana.

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  1. Cuba has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and medical students receive enough training to send doctors and nurses to many major countries.
  2. Ernest Hemingway completed his world-famous book The Old Man and the Sea in Cuba, where he spent his life for a while. Moreover, in the bar called El Floridita, which the famous writer frequently visited while living in the capital Havana, there is still a statue of him and a cocktail served in his name.
  3. This is the homeland of cocktails that we adore, such as piña colada, mojito, and daiquiri.
  4. The internet usage rate of the country is very low. However, Raul Castro has started to work on establishing a domestic internet system.
  5. In Cuba, you must use the currency designated for tourists (CUC), not the currency used by citizens (CUP).
  6. Cuba is known as one of the countries with the highest literacy rate in the world with 99.8 percent.
  7. Coca-Cola is not sold in only two countries in the world. One is Cuba, the other is North Korea.


When you think of Africa, you may think of many clichés ranging from tribes to wild animals. However, if you want to witness the existence of an Africa far beyond what we see on television and in magazines, your address this winter should definitely be Cape Town. In addition to its natural beauties, we can guarantee that you will encounter a huge, developed city as well as active nightlife and a wonderful climate. When it comes to a hot destination, let’s add it by guessing that you have an expectation of swimming in the sea; The beaches of the city are also very famous. However, we cannot pass without saying that it is one of the places with the highest shark population in the world; There is no need to lose an arm or a leg just because we are going to swim.


Suggestion: The safari trips we mentioned may not satisfy you in this region. If you want to get to know Africa especially with nature and wildlife, your address is Kruger National Park, which is also located in the Republic of South Africa.


If you want to go beyond what you’ve learned about India from National Geographic, we have a sunny alternative: Goa. If you haven’t heard it before, let’s summarize it for you: Lots of festivals, lots of parties and of course the sea-sun duo. Of course, if you listen to us and go during the winter months… Because if you choose the June-September period, you may have to struggle with monsoon rains. This region, where you can see a completely different side of India, is a tourist magnet where you can experience the spirit of the 70s at its peak, attracting over 2.5 million visitors a year, although it doesn’t seem like it is very popular in Turkey. One of the most interesting things about the region is that many hippies of different nationalities, who flocked here at the time, settled here and turned the region into a small hippie country. Now you can visualize a little more about what Goa is like. Moreover, instead of visualizing the delicious Indian dishes that you will drown in spices, you will be able to try them on the spot.

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Suggestion: If you want to coincide with the “festival of colors” Holi Festival, which is one of the most famous events in India and which has influenced the whole world, you can count March as winter and make your trip to Goa coincide with this period. Fun is guaranteed!


We do not know what you think about the Far East, but if you decide to set foot in Bangkok one day, we can definitely say that you will encounter a very different atmosphere than other Far East cities. Because, pushing the first place in the list of the most visited cities every year, Bangkok offers a variety where you can get lost among the skyscrapers or jog in a unique nature with the taste of a backpacker. Moreover, although there are dozens of rumors about nightlife and entertainment, at least you have the chance to spend your days visiting many historical buildings and museums. You can’t skip it; If you have a body that can handle humidity and heat, don’t forget to set foot in Pattaya while you’re here. “What’s going on in distant lands?” If Bangkok was not enough for those who want to get a different answer to the question, we are sure that you can find a clear answer in Pattaya.

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Recommendation: Our proposal for Bangkok will be more of a warning. Due to the fact that the city is extremely touristic, it is very likely that you will come across all kinds of scammers out there to deceive the tourists. You can reduce your chances of getting ripped off by not taking the information you get outside of official places and tourist offices seriously. However, we can’t give any guarantees!

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