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6 Alternatives to Classic Snow Holidays

6 Alternatives to Classic Snow Holidays: Winter is here, it’s time to pack the suitcases. Because winter vacation is not just about skiing and snowboarding.


Where is it done?

The Chamonix-Mont-Blanc region in France is the most suitable place in the world for ice climbing. There are more than 150 routes for this sport in the region and all necessary equipment can be rented. Moreover, there is even an experienced guide in climbing on the list of rentals.


Le Morgane Chamonix is ​​a small boutique hotel, but it has everything you are looking for. Beautiful mountain views, a traditional restaurant with delicious food, warmly decorated rooms, and of course a huge spa section.



Where is it done?

You might think cycling in snowy weather is impossible, but it’s possible in Aspen. A company called Sun Dog Athletics organizes the snow biking experience for you. The bikes used in this activity, known as “fat biking,” have heavy, tight frames, and their wheels are about three times the size of standard bikes. All you have to do is hold on to the handlebars and let yourself go down a steep snow-covered slope…


The St. Regis Aspen Resort is one of the most luxurious places you can choose for accommodation in the region. Among its restaurants serving organic and local delicacies, there is even a place where you can taste wine accompanied only by delicious cheeses. The three hot pools outside can provide a warm pleasure among the snow-covered mountains.



Where is it done?

Although it doesn’t sound like a sport, dog sledding races are held every winter, especially in America and Canada. You can think of this activity as an enjoyable snow activity rather than a sport. Mont Tremblant, Canada is the right choice to experience this activity, which is based on the principle that more than one dog pulls the sled on the snow and your balance on the sled. You can sign up for your next trip and cross hills and valleys with these sleds by contacting the Tremblant Activity Center in the area close to Montreal.


Fairmont Tremblant is a luxury hotel located right in the middle of the district. With its stylish decoration, giant snow track, rooms with a jacuzzi, and a spa that will allow you to relax at the end of the day, it offers what you are looking for in winter vacation.



Where is it done?

Being able to climb mountains with the help of a kite without the need for a lift, and even fly by hovering in the air, and land whenever you want… Erciyes is the right address for this. 6 Alternatives to Classic Snow Holidays


The newly opened Magna Pivot Hotel in Erciyes offers the experience of doing winter sports with kites in the snow-covered landscape of Erciyes. Thanks to the ski and snowboard school in it, those who want to take the first step in winter sports or improve themselves can receive special training. Reflecting the warmth and sincerity of a chalet, the hotel has 38 rooms, hurry up.



Where is it done?

Skijoring is actually a Norwegian sport. Every year, championships are held in five states of the USA for this sport, in which athletes are tied behind horses and skiing. As a result, the best place to experience skijoring is the USA.


You can have this experience in Canoe Bay, which is made up of log cabins. The hotel, located in a large area in Wisconsin, truly resembles a fairy tale world. As the surrounding lake freezes, it also becomes suitable for ice skating. By the way, you can rent snowshoes for free from the hotel.



Where is it done?

In snowy weather, everyone hesitates to get behind the wheel, especially if there is a risk of icing. However, the opposite is true in this sport! Ice rally races are held annually in England, Scotland, Russia, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Germany. The place where you can experience this adrenaline-filled sport is Action Park Ivalo Oy in Finland. The facility is located very close to the north pole line. 6 Alternatives to Classic Snow Holidays


The peaceful Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna is 500 meters from the village of Saariselkä and close to the aforementioned park. Apart from the excellent free skiing opportunities, the hotel also organizes expeditions to Park Ivalo Oy.


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