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The Philippines is more than seven thousand idyllic islands, among which it is simply impossible to choose the very best. It is necessary to go here for the sake of nature, which has preserved its pristine beauty, and a secluded rest on the edge of the earth. Today we will tell you about the ten main attractions in the Philippines, for the sake of which it is worth sacrificing lazy lying on the beach for the sake of active rest and vivid impressions. Here are Philippines 10 unusual sights.

Labyrinth of islands. El Nido, Palawan

The north of the island of Palawan, called El Nido, has remained practically unchanged since the time when the first Spanish colonialists landed here. The white sandy beaches of the west coast overlook a hundred tiny islets that form a network of canals and lagoons. The water here is so clear and transparent that you can see colorful fish swimming near a coral reef at a depth of 15 meters. For only $ 20-30, you can rent a boat for the whole day, which will take you along a scenic route, with disembarkation on different islands, swimming on wild beaches, and a lunch of grilled seafood. (El Nido Resorts)

Rice terraces. Banaue, North Luzon

North Luzon is the largest Philippine island, in the center of which mountains shrouded in haze rise, and instead of palm groves, there is a real pine forest. The Banayu and Batad regions in the northern part of the island are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There, on the slopes of the ravines, there are rice terraces that are almost 2 thousand years old! In some places, settlements of ancient tribes have survived, which live in relative isolation and preserve their traditions. A day trip with visits to picturesque terraces, waterfalls, and local villages will cost $ 15-20 per person.

Chocolate Hills. Bohol

A few hours’ drives from Cebu, on the island of Bohol, there is a famous and somewhat surreal landmark: a field stretching to the very horizon, on which there are about one and a half thousand mounds. These are ancient coral deposits that have appeared on the island’s surface thanks to thousands of years of erosion. Depending on the season, they are either green or brown, which is why they are called the Chocolate Hills. In addition, Bohol is home to the tarsier sanctuary – the world’s smallest monkeys. They are displayed in cages near the river, where the main tourist route passes, but it is better to visit them in their natural habitat so as not to support the business that keeps these cute babies in captivity.

Surfing. Siargao

Siargao is sometimes called an island on the outskirts, it really is located farther than others in the Pacific Ocean. Its coast is open to waves, so surfers from all over the world come here every year to try their hand at the famous wave of Cloud 9. In September, international surfing competitions are held here, and the rest of the time there are not so many people, you can have a good rest in silence and solitude. and also take surf lessons right on the beach or by arranging at any hotel.

Wild jungle. Camiguin

Tiny Camiguin is separated by a narrow strait from the large island of Davao in the southern part of the Philippines. Tourists come here quite rarely, but those who do make a long journey are rewarded in full. A total of 240 square kilometers fit seven volcanoes, lagoons, a slightly eerie but interesting dive spot in a sunken cemetery, hot and cold springs, waterfalls, and hiking trails through the jungle. And most importantly, you can walk to any of these places on your own or drive a rented scooter.

Shamans. siquijor

Siquijor Island is considered a magical place, and the Filipinos are equally afraid and revered by its inhabitants. Shamans and healers live in mountain settlements, who pass on their sacred knowledge from generation to generation. The Ministry of Tourism even compiled a list of “official healers”, but in fact, you can ask any local, they will tell you whom to go to. Shamans willingly accept paying tourists, the main thing is to behave respectfully in relation to the ancient tradition, which the locals firmly believe in. In addition to alternative medicine, the island boasts beautiful beaches and diving and snorkeling sites.

Fresh meadows. Batanes

Batanes Island is located in the very north of the archipelago and the nature here is strikingly different from the rest of the Philippines. The hills and meadows are covered with light fog, and the air is fresh, like in the summer months in northern Europe. The landscape is complemented by thatched-roof houses, and the friendly locals wear traditional wicker hats and live a leisurely village life. Filipinos come here to take a break from the tropical heat, but tourists will just be interested to see how different the climate can be near the equator. The best activities here are cycling and picnics.

Diving. Mindoro

There are hundreds of good diving spots evenly scattered throughout the Philippines, but the best ones are not easy to get to. Reef Apo is one of those pearls. The sunken atoll, two hours from the coast of Mindoro Island, is 40 square kilometers of living reef. Among divers, it is known for its many large marine animals such as sharks, turtles, and rays. Many people prefer to stay on Pandan Island (20 minutes from Mindoro), and get to Apo by boat.

Trekking to the volcano. Davao, Mindanao (Davao, Mindanao)

Davao, the largest city on the island of Mindanao, is considered the best place to live in the Philippines. This region is home to the world’s most “fragrant” fruit durian, as well as a rare bird species – the Philippine eagle. But the main attraction of the island is the highest peak in the country and the active volcano Apo. Its height is 2 956 meters. The journey to the summit and back takes three days, and the road passes through all climatic zones present in the Philippines, from the humid jungle, through the coniferous forest, and up to the lifeless crater spewing clouds of sulfur smoke. An organized climb costs about $ 70, but you can save money by paying a separate entry permit and hiring a local guide and porters.

Romantic getaway. Boracay

Be that as it may, you cannot bypass the beach vacation either. You’ve probably heard the name of Boracay Island: it is the most famous island in the Philippines, with long sandy beaches, many water activities, hotels, and restaurants, where every hour is happy hour. There are several “boat stations” on the island, the numbers of which conditionally divide it into districts: the first station from the northern end is the zone of luxury hotels and a quiet beach holiday. The busiest part of the station is located at the second station, where parties do not cease and you can find entertainment for every taste and budget. Budget accommodation and recreation options are concentrated near the third station.

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