Myanmar is a spectacular country and, full to the brim of iconic sights, it stole a piece of our hearts the moment we stepped off the plane and landed into the crazy, wonderful, and inspirational country. Myanmar boasts an incredible array of things to do: from stepping back in time at Inle Lake to the chaotic royal capital of Yangon to the breathtaking Bagan temple plain, Myanmar remains one of South East Asia’s hidden gems.

1. Sunrise over the Bagan temple plain

Bagan sunrises are truly breathtaking and, watching the sunlight up the Bagan temple plain, is an iconic Myanmar moment. The temples stretch as far as the eye can see, a morning mist rises over the plain, a rainbow-colored sky emerges through the darkness and hot air balloons drift over the horizon.

2. Thousands of Stupas at Kakku, Inle Lake

One of the most spectacular pagodas, Kakku is a Shan State hidden gem ane of the most incredible things to do at Inle Lake. It is a collection of 2,478 stupas commissioned 2,000 years ago and it is a religious center for the Pa’O people, a Buddhist tribe from Myanmar. It’s accessible by a half-day trip from Inle Lake and, due to local laws, it is required to take the trip with a local guide.

3. The 777 steps of Mount Popa

Mount Popa is a Myanmar postcard sight: a sacred monastery, with stupas glistening gold, perched atop an extinct volcano. 777 steps lead the way to the top of Mount Popa, the headquarters of Myanmar’s most powerful Nats, and the route is lined with monkeys keen to get up to mischief with the tourists in their search for food! Mount Popa is a popular half-day trip from Bagan.

4. Sunset boat ride on Inle Lake

Inle Lake is one of the most stunning lakes in the world and the stilt houses and Buddhist temples rising from the marshy reeds only add to its appeal. The best way to experience Inle Lake is to take a ride on one of the slender long-tail wooden boats and experiencing the silence and emptiness of the lake is an absolute privilege as is watching local village life while floating by. Inle Lake can certainly hold its own on the sunset front: the beautiful colors of the sunset reflect from the glass-like lake making for a picture-perfect setting.

5. Kyaiktiyo Pagoda – Golden Rock

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda aka the Golden Rock is one of those places which is always over your expectations. It definitely has some magic on it. Its cultural factor and spirituality are very strong. You go there thinking about it as just a golden rock but then you realize that is way more than this.

6. Calmness of Shwedagon Pagoda at night

Shwedagon Pagoda is a real treat at any time of the day but there’s something special about the quiet calm of visiting after dark. The pagoda is the most sacred Buddhist Pagoda in Myanmar as it is believed to contain the relics of four previous Buddhas and, at night it’s filled mostly with worshipers. The golden beauty of the Pagoda is breathtaking after darkness falls and it one of the unmissable.

7. Shwenandaw Kyaung Monastery, Mandalay

Once part of the Roayl Palace, the Golden Palace Monastery near Mandalay Hill is adorned with spectacular teak carvings of Buddhist myths. It’s completely different from any of the other religious sights in Myanmar and an absolute highlight of Mandalay.

8. Cruise the Irrawaddy River from Bagan to Mandalay

Cruising along the Irrawaddy River, Myanmar’s longest river brings the promise of a glimpse into life both on its waters and along its banks. Passing rural villages and local fishermen while watching Myanmar’s daily life unfold along the banks of the river is an authentic and peaceful experience.


9. Sunset over the U Bein Bridge, Mandalay

Stretching over 1 km across the Taungthaman Lake, sunset at the traditional teak U Bein Bridge is one of the most photographed sights in Myanmar and is more than worthy of the accolade. As the sun sets on another Myanmar day the local monks make their way across the bridge returning to their monastery and it makes for an iconic Myanmar scene.

10. Mahamuni Pagoda, Mandalay

The Mahamuni Pagoda is one of the most significant Buddhist pilgrim sites in Myanmar and houses the Mahamuni Buddha image which is the most highly revered Buddha image in the country. Only men are permitted to enter the inner chamber and place a gold leaf on the Buddha while women watch on.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Myanmar

Q. What is Myanmar famous for?

A. Myanmar is famous for sand paintings, gems, pearls and much more.

Q. How many days do I need in Myanmar?

A. Nine days are needed to explore the best.

A. Shan-style noodles, tea leaf salad, mohinga are some of the popular food.

Q. What can I buy in Myanmar?

A. Gemstone paintings, sand paintings, arts and crafts, lotus silk shawls and scarves and more.

Q. What is the most beautiful place in Myanmar?

A. Famed for its stunning Pagodas and rich culture, It has a plethora of places that are a definition of beauty like Scenic Shan State, floating gardens of Inle Lake, and the historical buildings. If you are wondering which is the most beautiful place in Myanmar, then Shwedagon Pagoda will top the list as it looks mesmerizingly beautiful at night.

Q. Is Myanmar safe to travel?

A. There are a lot of ethnic issues going on in Myanmar but this Southeast Asian country is absolutely safe for tourists. There are some areas like the northern parts of Shan State, Southern Chin and Rakhine state where tourists are not allowed but all the other popular places to visit in Myanmar and the impeccable hotels are completely safe.

Q. Can you drink the water in Myanmar?

A. No, you shouldn’t drink tap water in Myanmar but you can have bottled water. It is advised that you should not even brush your teeth with tap water but you can use bottled water instead of it.

Q. What is the best month to visit Myanmar?

A. The best time to visit is between November and February as the weather is pleasant and you can easily roam around the country. You can enjoy your vacation to the fullest in these months as the weather is not hot but cool breezes blow throughout the country.

Q. What vaccinations do I need for Myanmar?

A. Some of the vaccinations that you must take before heading to Myanmar are cholera, rabies, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, and polio.

Q. How expensive is Myanmar?

A. If the total numbers of people traveling to Myanmar are two then the total cost for traveling and staying for a week will come out to be MMK 1,298,448 which is INR 70,500 appx. So, the destination is not that expensive. If you are on a budget crunch, then you can plan your vacation for a lesser number of days.

Q. What is Myanmar’s capital and currency?

A. Capital city is Naypyidaw & Currency is Myanmar Kyat (MMT).

Q. What is the population of Myanmar?

A. Myanmar’s 2020 population is estimated at 54,409,800 people in mid-year according to UN data. Population is equivalent to 0.7% of the total world population.

Q. What is the exchange rate from Myanmar currency to inr?

A. 1 Myanmar Kyat equals 0.051 Indian Rupee

Q. Myanmar border with Indian states?

A. Myanmar shares a long land border of over 1600 Km with India as well as a maritime boundary in the Bay of Bengal. Four North-Eastern States viz. Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram share international boundary with Myanmar. Both countries share a heritage of religious, linguistic and ethnic ties.

Q. What are the famous Myanmar beaches?

A. Top 8 Myanmar Beaches

  • Ngapali Beach – For Snorkeling.
  • Mergui Archipelago – For Salone Festival.
  • Ngwe Saung – For Embracing The Romance.
  • Chaung Tha Beach – For Seafood.
  • Kanthaya Beach – For A Detox.
  • Nabule Beach – For Photography.
  • Maungmagan Beach – For Cheap Beer.
  • Pa Nyit Beach – For Solitude.

Q. Who is the current prime minister of Myanmar?

A. Aung San Suu Kyi was born on 19 June 1945 in Rangoon (now Yangon), British Burma.

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