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Where do single people go on Valentine’s Day?

Where do single people go on Valentine’s Day? If you have not yet found your soulmate, then you can and should run away from Valentine’s Day. And the best place to escape is, apparently, Istanbul.

Every year there are many lonely people who try to avoid this arbitrary, consumer-oriented holiday and decide to dedicate this day to being pampered. Whether it’s a solitary dinner at a trendy restaurant or a relaxing trip abroad, there are plenty of ways to have fun when you’re single.

This year, single people have been paying particular attention to one destination: Istanbul.

According to the travel search engine KAYAK, Turkey’s largest city was the most popular destination for solo travelers in Europe.

And if there is one thing that is true about Istanbul, it is that there is so much to see, visit and experience in the city that hardly anyone can get bored here alone.

With over 3,000 mosques, including the majestic Suleymaniye Mosque and the Blue Mosque, bustling markets, the unmissable Grand Bazaar, and magnificent views of the Bosphorus, the city has plenty to keep you busy.

In fact, there is so much to do in Istanbul that the city can feel overwhelming. In addition, there are so many single travelers in Istanbul that the possibility of starting a romance does not seem like such a fantasy.

However, there is one thing that travelers will not find in Istanbul these days, and that is the party atmosphere that has long been a feature of the city.

The cultural life of Istanbul has suffered greatly due to the tax on alcohol and cigarettes.

The cost of tobacco and liquor has risen 47 percent since January 1, affecting clubs and restaurants.

Where else do solo travelers go?

Surprisingly, the second most popular city among single travelers was Paris, the city of love. This suggests that people are either looking for a fairy tale romance or just trying to get through Emily’s Parisian yards.

Rome follows Paris as the third most popular destination. You’re probably thinking about something romantic again, like traveling in a Vespa through the streets of the Eternal City in the style of Roman holidays.

But the truth is that Rome is also a great city for singles because you can just admire the amazing architecture and historical gems and eat amazing food. Italy has also abolished the mandatory wearing of masks outdoors.

If your budget isn’t that big this Valentine’s Day, search engines suggest you head to another Italian city: Milan, the cheapest city to fly.

Much less romantic, but after all, that’s what a Valentine’s Day vacation is for.

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