Top 10 Adults-Only Holiday Destinations in Europe

Top 10 Adults-Only Holiday Destinations in Europe
Top 10 Adults-Only Holiday Destinations in Europe

Top 10 Adults-Only Holiday Destinations in Europe: Homeschooling or working from home during the lockdown and there is always no time for yourself or your partner. We won’t blame you for taking a break from your daily routine and recuperating when restrictions ease.

Drop the kids to grandparents, turn off Wi-Fi and turn off the alarm on your phone. From relaxing in boutique hotels and wellness spas to sleeping under the stars in quaint cabins, here’s our pick of the best adult retreats across Europe.

  1. Memmo Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal

Short trips to the city are for couples looking for a romantic night or two away from family. And nothing says more about romance than the glow of Lisbon at dusk over a pre-dinner aperitif.

Memmo Hotel is located in the heart of Alfama, on the terracotta rooftops of this historic quarter. One of the best views of the city from your room or from the outdoor pool and bar.

From the comfort of your hotel, you can explore the area’s narrow, azulejo-tiled streets filled with melodies of brooding fado music.

  1. House in the Cave of Demeter, Santorini, Greece

Santorini, with its cliff-top villages, white houses, and blue church domes, is one of the most popular resorts in the Cyclades. But don’t let that put you off if you want to get away from the crowds.

There is a small nest for two, hidden away in Pyrgos, one of the most beautiful villages on the island. It is built into the rock and includes a private courtyard, a heated Jacuzzi, and a terrace with stunning panoramic views, not to mention a Scandinavian-style interior design with authentic furnishings.

  1. Paragon 700, Apulia, Italy

Housed in a restored red palazzo in the “white city” of Ostuni, this luxury boutique has always stood out from the list. The hotel combines Italian charm with rooms decorated with decorations and furnishings from around the world.

High ceilings, floor-level baths, fireplaces, balconies, orange and lemon gardens, private cruises, this place was made to reunite with your partner, as only eternal romantics like Italians know.

  1. Scarlet, Cornwall, UK

Designed with relaxation in mind, this adults-only spa in a quiet corner of Cornwall offers the perfect setting for a relaxing break and recharging your batteries. Hilltop hot tubs, sauna, outdoor pool, beach views, and Ayurvedic spa – what else do you really need?

Well, of course, there are rooms with sea views, private rooftop seating areas, and private gardens. You might just forget that you have household chores if you stay here long enough.

  1. Crane, Copenhagen, Denmark

You’ve heard of lighthouses being turned into guest houses, but what about cranes? It may not be a traditional choice, but this hotel, built in a former coal crane in the Danish capital, combines quirkiness and luxury. It will give you the most unforgettable family vacation experience.

The hotel’s only bedroom sits on top of a crane and features the best elements of contemporary Danish interior design. There are also two terraces – one to the east for sunrise and one to the west for sunset – and a spa overlooking the sea and harbor.

  1. Panorama Glass Lodge, Hotel Iceland

If watching the Northern Lights has ever been on your bucket list, this is the place for you and your significant other. You can even see this phenomenon when you cuddle under a blanket under the night sky among the wild volcanic landscapes of Iceland.

In the area near Selfoss in the south of Iceland, there are just a few luxurious cottages that combine modern amenities with breathtaking floor-to-ceiling panoramic views. All this can be enjoyed without getting out of bed.

  1. Heaven, Slovenia

Only four double chalets, located at an altitude of more than 300 meters above sea level, make Heaven a real Shangri-La in the clouds. From the panoramic terrace overlooking the peaks of the Julian Alps, you can choose between watching the sunrise and sunset or stargazing with a partner, letting the clean mountain air ease the burden on your shoulders.

If you’re looking for more than reaching for a book, the surrounding Soča Valley is a paradise for trail walkers, cyclists, and adventurers, as well as gourmets.

  1. Domaine les Roullets, Vaucluse, France

An exclusive five-room B&B in the hills of Provence, Domaine Les Roullets is a true French hideaway. It is not surprising that thanks to the vast territory with the aforementioned vineyard, olive orchard, and truffle forest, this place was once a favorite place for the Romans themselves.

If it gets too hot, you can take refuge in the shady courtyard overlooking the picturesque village of Opped-le-Vieux or take a dip in the pool surrounded by olive trees.

  1. Hotel Fontsanta, Mallorca, Spain

Fontsanta’s raison d’être is a wellness resort and spa on the southern outskirts of Mallorca that will help you let go of your sorrows and rejuvenate.

Overlooking the Balearic rocky landscape and the salt marshes, this 5-star hotel enjoys a unique location on the island as it is the only one with underground thermal springs. The Romans were the first to discover them, and visitors have enjoyed their healing properties ever since. One of the best beaches on the island is also nearby.

  1. Himmelbet, Switzerland

These bubble hotels, translated as “heavenly bed”, are scattered across the fabulous Thurgau region in Switzerland. Considering how open they are, they are not for all couples, but for those who love to be in nature – with the option of sleeping in a vineyard or orchard. And sleeping under the night sky lends a romantic touch to this camping twist.

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