What to see in Israel

What to see in Israel
What to see in Israel

What to see in Israel: Israel is an amazing country full of contrasts, centuries-old traditions, and mysticism. Once visiting this place, you will never be able to forget it and you will definitely want to return there again. Israel has a great many picturesque places with a rich history. Here absolutely everyone will find something to their liking.

Brief information about the country

Israel is a state located in the Middle East along the Mediterranean coast. Jerusalem is considered the main city of the country. Pilgrims from all over the world seek to visit this sacred city, which unites three world religions. Israel is very well located. It is washed by three seas at once – the Dead, the Red, and the Mediterranean. The swimming season lasts all year round. The city attracts and attracts a huge number of tourists every year.

What to see in Israel

The history of Israel has evolved over a thousand years. There have been many events that have left their mark. There are many legends around this unique country. It is unlikely that you will be able to visit all the places in this country on a standard vacation, so we want to tell you only about those that you should definitely visit.


The picturesque and mystical city is a must to visit. It is considered the most important in the country. Many temples, churches, mosques, and synagogues have been built here. This is where Noah built his ark. According to tourists, Jerusalem is the most amazing city on Earth. It is considered simultaneously sacred to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. When you come here, you get the impression that you are on another planet.

There are many interesting places in this ancient city. Arriving in Jerusalem, be sure to visit Mount Zion. For believers around the world, this is a very important shrine. At the top of the hill, there is a building that unites the largest religions in the world. There is the chamber of the Last Supper and the tomb of King David. The roof of the building consists of the remains of an ancient mosque.

Another attraction of the city is the city of David. Today there is a national park on its territory. In this unique place, you can see a unique underground world. There are archaeological sites here. On the outskirts of Evius is the Key of Gihon. Legends say that it was in this place that King Solomon was anointed.

Arriving in the capital of Israel, try not to miss such an attraction as the Golden Gate. According to the holy scriptures, it was through this significant place that the prophet entered the city. Therefore, the Golden Gate is ranked among the main attractions of the city. The Golden Gate has 2 entrances. One of them symbolizes repentance and the second is mercy.

No less significant and amazing are such sights of the city as the Lion’s Gate, the Al-Aqsa Mosques and the Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Akeldama, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Wailing Wall, the Damascus Gate, the Biblical Zoo and the Israeli Museum. All of these attractions are a must-see.


This city is called one of the most beautiful in Israel. There are a lot of green areas, fountains, and sculptures. Many call Netanya a bohemian city. Tourists come here from all over the world, and there is a high standard of living. Arriving at this place, you should definitely visit the ancient palace, standing on the reef. From it, you can see the whole city.

Nearby is an amazingly beautiful national park. If you really want to look at the majestic buildings, go to the ruins of Kakun Castle. An amazing atmosphere reigns here, which is permeated with the spirit of adventure. Antiquity ornaments are perfectly preserved on the stones.


The city’s acropolis is located on the slope of Negev Mountain at an altitude of 655 m above sea level. Once it was the richest city. Now it is a national park, which offers guided tours. On the territory of Avdat, there is a museum and a souvenir shop. Here, for local residents and guests of the city, films about the history of the city and its local residents are systematically shown.


A small picturesque town, visiting which you can enjoy views of snow-white cottages, ruins, volcanoes and, of course, a unique system of waterfalls. Arriving at this place, be sure to visit the waterfalls called Jelabun, Irusim, and Dvora. You can even swim in them if you wish. You just need to be extremely careful and use the right shoes.

In the city, you can visit a very interesting “Puppet Museum”, where you will see thousands of exhibits. Exhibits of historical characters are especially popular. The archaeological park “Kisrin”, located near Katzrin, where you can see buildings that are about twenty centuries old, also receives thousands of tourists every year.


If you are a connoisseur of beauty, be sure to visit the city called Caesarea. This place is very beautiful. If you love a beach holiday, then here you will get an unforgettable experience. This is the place where modern achievements of science and technology are intertwined with unique ancient inventions, and historical relics and archaeological exhibits are found literally at every step.

In Caesarea, every tourist should visit the port. This unique man-made harbor is considered the most outstanding building located on the Mediterranean coast. Another attraction of the city is the Aqueduct. In Kesari, you need to visit the Amphitheater, the palace of Herod, the hippodrome, the temple of Augustus and Roma, and the baths.


The ancient city of Israel is famous for its numerous churches, various museums, and many religions. This place will appeal to absolutely any traveler. Arriving in this city, you should start your journey from the Lower City. It is in it that Parisian Square is located. After walking around the square, you can take the metro and go on a trip towards Mount Carmel. Opposite the station, you can visit Mother’s Garden and one of the best zoos in the country.

Walking along A-Nashi Street, you can go to the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, a sculpture park, and walk through the German Quarter, which is distinguished by special buildings that do not fit into the architecture of the city. If you move along the sea, you can return back to Paris Square. This tourist route involves a long walk. If you have the opportunity to stay in the city for a few days, then you should definitely visit the National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space and the Promenade.


The city is located in northern Israel. It is the largest city in the state. Christians and Muslims coexist peacefully here. The city is familiar to tourists due to its religious sites. Joseph and Mary lived here, Christ spent the first years of his life. Most memorable, tourist places are associated with religion. Many tourists come here to visit the shrines.

Arriving in Nazareth, you should definitely visit the Church of the Annunciation. The Catholic shrine rises near the city center. The height of the building is 55 meters, outwardly the building looks more like a fortress. Other attractions include the Church of St. Joseph, which attracts pilgrims from all over the world, and the international center of Mary. This attraction is more like a museum complex, which contains various images of the Virgin Mary from around the world.

You can enjoy beautiful views on the observation platform, on Overthrow Mountain. It is a small green hill. It was in this place that Jesus Christ delivered a sermon that outraged the locals. Subsequently, they decided to throw him off the cliff. Do not pass by the Church of the Archangel Gabriel. This is where the Annunciation happened.

The entrance to the attraction is decorated with powerful gates and a canopy supported by graceful columns. The central element is a bell tower with a cross. Frescoes, ancient Romanesque columns, and skillful paintings have been preserved in the design of the church. Not far from this attraction is a well, next to which Mary first saw an angel.

In Nazareth, it is worth visiting the Megiddo National Park. In the past, it was a large, successful city. The settlement was built in a strategically important place. Today, the area around the hill is recognized as a national park. Today, Megiddo Park is a huge archaeological area where excavations have been going on for over a hundred years.

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