Ways to Chill Your Beer on a Camping Trip

Ways to Chill Your Beer on a Camping Trip
Ways to Chill Your Beer on a Camping Trip

Ways to Chill Your Beer on a Camping Trip: There is nothing more pleasant than being in nature on a hot day, drinking a bottle of cold beer. If you are relaxing in a resort and there is a bar nearby, then everything is in order. But, if you are away from settlements, this can be a problem. Do not despair. Today we will talk about four ways to cool beer with improvised means without a refrigerator.

  1. Ice and Water

The first way is the easiest. If you have access to ice, then all you need is ice and a bucket. Fill a bucket with ice and add some water. Water and ice will cool beer faster than ice alone, due to the increased contact area between warm beer and cold water.

  1. Fresh wind

Everything is very simple. It is necessary to place the bottle in a sock, wet it well, and put it in a windy place. It is even better to hang it up so that the sock can have maximum contact with the air. Let the beer hang like this for 20-30 minutes and voila.

  1. Running water

If you’re canoeing or traveling on a fishing boat, find a way to secure the beer (net, rope, duct tape, etc.) to the boat and drop it off. Just fasten well, otherwise, you may end up upset. There is no boat, but there is a lake or stream nearby. Put the drinks on the edge and secure them, because even in the lake they can float away. Take out the bottles after 10-15 minutes and enjoy.

  1. Shadow and earth

The ground is usually cooler than the air. Shade and ease of digging are two main factors to consider when choosing a place to bury your beer. Also remember these two things: the deeper, the colder, and the wetter, the colder. Alternatively, you can wet the ground around the beer. The cooling time depends on how cold the ground is. This method will probably take a little longer than the others, so be patient.

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