Best Craft Beer in Boston

Best Craft Beer in Boston
Best Craft Beer in Boston

Best Craft Beer in Boston: History books say that the first North American tavern was opened in Boston in 1634. However, the people of Boston have never been satisfied with being the first. The city and its inhabitants continue to innovate, and that spirit of entrepreneurship is reflected in the proliferation of handicrafts throughout the world. Boston beer lovers can sample a wide range of small, varied crafts ranging from bright, flavorful to experimental to modern European meanings. — Kristin Amico


Trillium is located in a small area in the Seaport region that thrives between technical and financial startups. The bar is a favorite of locals and national beer experts alike because of its ability to balance premium tasting beer with fancy and unexpected flavor profiles. The property is a sole sale point, selling to farmers or 16 ounces of cans; Unfortunately, there are no samples or pouring, but they will sell one can of many flavors if you want to handle your taste.


Lamplighter, a new brewery to be opened in the Boston area, is taking a collaborative approach to community service as it shares its converted warehouse with Longfellows Coffee. The taproom opens at 11 am most days for those looking for a flight or a full pouring of the rotating selection, which includes sour sours, IPAs, and unrefined wheat. The café is served early in the morning until late in the afternoon with hot and cold coffee, a long list of teas, homemade sodas, and snacks on the menu. Best Craft Beer in Boston

Dorchester Brewing Co.

In South Boston, breweries have converted light-colored storage shed into public room. With 15 to 20 seasonal fluids flowing, beer brewers and arid locals have plenty of room to meet in an area of 25,000 square feet [25,000 sq m]. The staff enjoys the production of alcoholic beverages, ranging from the revised antiquity to the twists created by Belgians and sours. Order a plane or pour full water and sit in a tall bar or in one of the many public tables full of board games. There is no kitchen, but food trucks go out during supper and over the weekend.

Idle Hands

Idle Hands produces an established and modern translation of the old Belgian beers. There are twelve drinks at the tap in a comfortable and modest place with public tables and an extended, attractive bar. There is no food menu, but they do offer a small selection of pre-packaged snacks in case the famine comes while drinking the popular tripel abbey style, Belgian whites, and stout, or farmhouse ales.

Cambridge Brewing Co

Cambridge Brewing is a place for those looking for a fuller dining experience in addition to home-brewed beers. The lounge has leather booths and tables, reflecting the more traditional atmosphere that caters to locals, families, and the MIT crowd. The choice of tap varies from season to season and includes pilsners, porters, lagers, and ales. The full kitchen menu changes throughout the day and includes lunch, dinner, and weekend meals. Best Craft Beer in Boston

Aeronaut Brewing

The Aeronaut, founded by MIT grads with a keen interest in exploration, pours out a delicious drink in the front envelope factory. You will need to navigate a hidden area to find it, but once inside you will find a space full of locals. A small picnic is part of a watering hole, a collection area that holds knitting groups, cutting poems, adult news hours, local cycling groups, and more. Visitors can take a little taste or fullness of seasonal genres with names like Hop, Hop and Away, and Robot Crush changing every few weeks. Best Craft Beer in Boston

Night Shift

Founded in 2012, Night Shift is regarded as one of the oldest boat breeding organizations in the Boston area. The converted warehouse serves as a noisy brewery, brewery, and collection area, home to more than a dozen seasonal species flowing from busy taps. Although committed to small-scale cake-making methods using local ingredients, the founders have recently launched their distribution company, which means Night Shift cans are available at taverns and retail outlets nationwide.


With more than a dozen beers at the tap — including IPAs, carriers, ales, sours, and wheat — even a person who drinks fine beer will find something to drink. The one-stop solution problem is solved by ordering a flight of options (be sure to include Naked Hopularity and Harebrained). Slumbrew has a full restaurant menu, from pretzels to pork chops to mac and cheese. Take a beer tour on Saturdays or watch a Patriots game on Sundays during the football season. Best Craft Beer in Boston

Winter Hill Brewing

The cozy space serves as a neighborhood coffee in the morning, offering topped coffee, breakfast, and snacks. A delicious menu that includes sandwiches and small plates is available in the afternoon and evening. Beer selection varies, but usually has one IPA and a house ale at the tap as part of a rotating selection of six to eight varieties.

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