Drone pizza delivery is finally commercialized in Korea

Drone pizza delivery
Drone pizza delivery

Drone Pizza delivery will be available at Hangang Park and beaches as early as the first half of next year. Even with a drone.

Amid the spread of food tech that combines food and technology, the day has come to receive pizza delivered by drones. Domino’s Pizza, a global pizza chain, delivers pizzas with drones. Domino’s Pizza, in collaboration with a domestic drone company ‘P Square’, is the first in Korea to provide a drone delivery ‘Dormy Air’ service in Sejong City.

Domino Air takes off from Domino’s Pizza Sejong Boram and travels 6km round-trip in about 25 minutes. Basically, it flies with the autonomous driving function, but it is also possible to change the route through the remote control system. Ordering is simple. If you select ‘Drone-only Domino’s Spot’ in the Domino’s Pizza official app and place an order, the destination information is automatically recognized and the product is delivered to the customer.

In addition, a GPS tracker is installed, so customers can check the location of the pizza in real-time through the app. Theft and loss are prevented through the customer authentication system attached when receiving the product, and you can receive the pizza after entering the password. In addition, he developed a pizza delivery box with a thermal insulation function to deliver warm pizza to customers.

Products that can be ordered for the drone delivery service are limited to the Domino’s Pizza set menu and will be available only from 13:00 to 18:00 on weekends until October 31st. A Domino’s Pizza official said, “As a food tech company, Domino’s Pizza is striving to provide customers with a new and convenient ordering environment by utilizing advanced IT technology. I will,” he said. Domino’s Pizza’s drone delivery service Domino Air plans to commercialize the drone delivery service starting in Sejong City and then consider expanding its operation to Seoul and the metropolitan area.

On the other hand, Domino’s Pizza is based on the importance of food tech, with ‘Domy Chat’, an artificial intelligence chat ordering service, ‘Domino Spot’, where you can easily specify the delivery location outdoors, and the store staff directly deliver pizzas to customers’ vehicles arriving in front of the store. It provides various services using IT such as ‘Domino Driving Pickup Service’.

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