Gothenburg Restaurants

Gothenburg Restaurants
Gothenburg Restaurants

Gothenburg Restaurants: Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm, nestled in a harbor on the West Coast. There are fewer tourists and historical and architectural attractions here than in the capital, but the concentration of hipster culture cannot but rejoice. In this selection, we have collected places where you can not only eat with taste, but also enjoy the friendly approach of the owner of the establishment to your favorite business, listen to a DJ and a chef in one person, or bake bread. Or drink Swedish beer and dance at a street festival.

Hello monkey

Restaurant “Hello Monkey!” – is an Asian highlight of the area. In the iconic youth district of Gothenburg, which forms the streets of Magasinsgatan and the western part of Kungsgatan, there is a concentration of clubs, bars, and restaurants, as well as shops for Swedish clothing, design, and interior design. Restaurant “Hello Monkey!” – Asian highlight of this place. Once inside, you can sit at the bar and order a cocktail with Asian snacks. Local bartenders turn the process of preparing drinks into a real spectacle. One floor below is the restaurant and lounge.

The owners of the establishment call the local cuisine “Asian-Australian fusion”: coriander, cinnamon, lime, plum, sesame, and soy are used here – of course, in combination with tofu, fish, meat, or poultry. You should definitely try dim sums – this is a local specialty. The restaurant is also perfect for a large company: the owners of the institution are ready to accommodate up to 17 people at one table. Everything should be booked in advance on the restaurant website, even a table for two. Or you can come 30-40 minutes before the proposed dinner and spend time at the bar. The average check for dinner is about 600 SEK (70 euros).


Another colorful place, at first glance, calm and measured Gothenburg, is also located in the Magasinsgatan area. The restaurant first opened its doors in 1998. It was founded, contrary to the name, by just one, but very versatile Magnus: a culinary specialist, sommelier, and DJ. As a result, the center of the restaurant was “really good food and wine”, of which there are more than 300 names, and around – a friendly atmosphere and great music. Every summer a bar opens in the courtyard where Magnus plays his music and food and drinks are brought to small tables surrounded by soft cushions. The cuisine here, as well as the atmosphere, is exclusive, but it will not let you feel like a snob. Desserts are a must-try, and when it comes to dinner, the 4-course set menu with wine is a perfect choice.

Da Matteo

If you’re still on Magasinsgatan and want a great cup of coffee, da Matteo Cafe Bakeri is the place to be. Its owners know everything about each variety of beans they offer, and they are happy to share their knowledge with the guests of the institution: the cooking process from start to finish can be observed with your own eyes. “We want more people to drink good coffee. Love for our craft, openness, and involvement in the process of the guests of the institution give us this opportunity, and our coffee culture takes its roots here,” they say.

The owners of da Matteo Cafe Bakeri have been cultivating this culture for more than a decade and they themselves roast coffee from Ethiopia and Colombia on a special Loring Smartroast machine weighing 35 kg, which, among other things, still does not harm the environment. In addition to excellent coffee, there is a good cafe and a bakery where they bake fresh fragrant pastries – it is impossible to resist them. For enthusiasts, there are courses on brewing coffee and baking bread with traditional Swedish sourdough.

Joe Farelli

Contrary to what you might expect, this bar with a fusion menu of American and Italian cuisine is located a little away from the main bar street Magasinsgatan, but still in the city center, not far from one of Sweden’s most famous museums with a retrospective of Scandinavian design – Röhsska. The restaurant is very popular, so a table, at least on weekends, should be booked in advance. By the way, the place is perfect for an American-style Sunday brunch. It is offered every week from 12 to 16.

The restaurant bears the name of the owner and founder – Italian American Joey Farelli, who became famous for the huge advertising banner of his first restaurant in the Bronx. In 1946, the world saw an advertisement featuring a 126-meter tall image of Joey Farelli on the front wall of the Empire State Building in New York. Farelli has very polite and attentive staff, portions are larger than standard sizes, and sandwiches and Italian dishes are equally good. From Sunday to Thursday, the restaurant is open until one in the morning, which is not so common in a calm and measured everyday Sweden.

El Corazon

Mediterranean cuisine is very popular on the West Coast of Sweden. Restaurant EL Corazon on Kungstoriet is located in the heart of Gothenburg. Here you can take a break from the noise and have lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying tapas, grilled dishes, pizza, or pasta. If you still want Swedish food in Sweden, the concept of “husmanskost” – traditional Swedish dishes prepared according to homemade recipes – is fully embodied here. The restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere, according to the owners themselves, people and approaches with heart and soul create a mood and give the food a unique taste. The lunch menu has a fixed price of 100 SEK (about 11 euros), and the average check for dinner will be about 450 kroons (51 euros).


A club with two dance floors and regular concerts of popular Swedish bands and performers of all possible genres: from hip-hop and soul to rock and pop music. A terrace, an attic restaurant where French cuisine takes on a Swedish twist, a bar that also brews delicious coffee for which the place has received many awards – Yaki-da is a place of power in the center of Gothenburg.

Advanced youth flock here, office workers come for drinks after work, and charming couples come for dinner. You should definitely try a steak and order a cheese plate – all the French and Swedish cheeses presented are great. Here you can also find the famous Swedish oysters, which grow exclusively in natural conditions. Paul Bocuse himself once said that you can’t find better oysters than on the West Coast of Sweden. The price for one is 30 SEK or three and a half euros. The average check is about 500 SEK (57 euros). Only credit cards are accepted here.

Cafe Public

A cult cafe that has been located on hipster Andra Långgatan street for 13 years. Traditional Swedish cuisine and a large selection of vegetarian options. The audience is the most diverse – it seems that guests from the neighboring bar Ölstugan Tullen wandered in here for lunch and all the most stylish youth of the city with a population of about five hundred thousand people gathered. The emphasis is on beer and good coffee, the bar menu is quite simple. One and a half floors of a warm and sincere atmosphere, which in the summer also results in small street parties – DJs play every evening after 22.

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