Gothenburg Sweden: One Day Itinerary

Gothenburg Sweden
Gothenburg Sweden

Two hours of flight between Moscow and Stockholm by SAS airline, three hours by SJ railway train – and you are in Gothenburg, the gastronomic capital not only of Sweden but of all Scandinavia. The feeling of “at home” reigns here everywhere – from the beer house, which seemed to have once been the Vikings, to restaurants with two Michelins.

Clarion Hotel Post

One of the most beautiful hotels in Gothenburg opened in the building of the former post office. Dark colors and Scandinavian design are combined with a warm atmosphere. There is an excellent restaurant Norda Bar & Grill, which serves a mix of American East Coast cuisine and Swedish West Coast farm products. Not only do tourists gather in the bar in the evenings, but the Swedes themselves drink after work, so fun always reigns here and laughter is heard from 6 pm.

Cafe Biscuit

A nice and cozy café for breakfast or brunch in the must-see historic Haga area with vintage shops, cobbled streets, and numerous seasonal fairs. Here you can not deny yourself the pleasure of trying the traditional Swedish green marzipan cake “Princess Tarta” or a potato cake with the same marzipan, which the Swedes for some reason call “vacuum cleaner”. Huge cinnamon buns are also a must-try! If you’re hungry, order the chicken, beetroot, and goat cheese salad with honey dressing. The average check is about 90 crowns (10 euros).

Stora Saluhallen

All lovers of the trip to look at the local food market – here. Stora Saluhallen, which literally translates as “large indoor market”, is located in the city center on a semicircular square, which became the city’s shopping center a couple of centuries ago. The market building was designed by the famous Swedish architect Hans Hedlund. Inside, there are more than 40 boutiques and small cafes where you can find the main specialties of the city: fresh fish and seafood (do not forget about oysters), the famous smoked sausage with whiskey, and marinated herring with mustard or lingonberries. In addition, you can’t leave without trying traditional Swedish cheeses (it’s worth taking hard and, by the way, very fatty Västerbotten cheese), thin knäckebröd bread, or, conversely, soft, rich, and very dark kavring, which tastes like gingerbread with cinnamon and nutmeg.


Four floors of things from the past: from vintage clothes and jewelry to furniture, books, and old records. Checkered skirts, real leather shoes – slightly shabby but crazy cuts – coats and hats from “hello from the 80s” fur, knitwear, and sweaters with deer, huge check coats and granny dress again-in-fashion – there are all. The main thing is to stop in time. The prices will pleasantly surprise you and will not let you calm down: for example, you can take a coat for 80 crowns (about 9 euros). The “price per kilogram” system traditional for second-hand stores does not work here, but it even seems reasonable. The clothes are in good condition, something will have to be put in order a bit, but it is impossible to remain indifferent.

Hello monkey

Restaurant “Hello Monkey!” – is an Asian highlight of the area. In the iconic youth district of Gothenburg, which forms the streets of Magasinsgatan and the western part of Kungsgatan, there is a concentration of clubs, bars, and restaurants, as well as shops for Swedish clothing, design, and interior design. Restaurant “Hello Monkey!” – Asian highlight of this place. Once inside, you can sit at the bar and order a cocktail with Asian snacks. Local bartenders turn the process of preparing drinks into a real spectacle. One floor below is the restaurant and lounge.

The owners of the establishment call the local cuisine “Asian-Australian fusion”: coriander, cinnamon, lime, plum, sesame, and soy are used here – of course, in combination with tofu, fish, meat, or poultry. You should definitely try dim sums – this is a local specialty. The restaurant is also perfect for a large company: the owners of the institution are ready to accommodate up to 17 people at one table. Everything should be booked in advance on the restaurant website, even a table for two. Or you can come 30-40 minutes before the proposed dinner and spend time at the bar. The average check for dinner is about 600 SEK (70 euros).

Beautiful Mansion with World Class Food – Thoresta Herrgård

Ölstugan Tullen Andra Lång

The famous pub in the hipster district of the city gathers the most diverse audience. As the owners themselves say, the doors are open “to visitors of any gender and age, with any hairstyle and sexual orientation.” The main highlight is the wide variety of beers, including many products from local breweries and even the famous Wisby Klosteröl beer from the island of Gotland, where Ingmar Bergman was born. In addition, you can eat here tasty and satisfying – traditional Swedish food is presented here in all its splendor, and the menu is formed based on the availability of seasonal products, which guarantees high-quality food. Dinner will cost only 100 crowns (about 11 euros).

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Frequently asked questions about Gothenburg

Q. What is Gothenburg Sweden known for?

A – Gothenburg (Gothenburg), Sweden’s second-largest city, combines vibrant urbanism, a friendly vibe, and seaside charm. It also boasts culinary prowess and a world-class craft beer scene.

Q. Do they speak English in Gothenburg?

A – English has been compulsory in Swedish schools since 1952 and movies and TV shows are in the native language with subtitles, so almost everyone speaks very good English. Especially waiters in restaurants, cashiers in shops, receptionists in hotels, and other categories of staff used to talk to tourists.

Q. Is Gothenburg a good city?

A – Life is really exciting in Gothenburg, also known as the second Swedish capital, Gothenburg is known for its culture, in fact, the city has a lot of museums (fine arts museum, city museum, natural history museum). The city is also known for its gastronomy and lots of good restaurants that proudly serve local food.

Q. Is Gothenburg better than Stockholm?

A – Overall, Gothenburg is 11% cheaper than Stockholm and this is reflected in hotel prices when dining out and shopping. Additionally, Gothenburg is small in size, making it easy to walk and not often pay for public transport or taxis.

Q. Are Sweden friendly to foreigners?

A – Swedish people are nice and helpful to foreigners but usually, they don’t bother to enter personal space. So, most of the time you have to initiate the conversation and then you can talk for hours. They are extremely professional and you should not jump into personal conversations.

Q. Is it expensive to travel to Gothenburg?

A – While Gothenburg is cheaper than Stockholm, it is still far from a budget-friendly destination. Luckily, there are ways to cut your spending. Here are some of my ways to save money in Gothenburg during your visit: Live with the locals for free – Accommodation in Gothenburg is expensive.

Q. How expensive is Gothenburg?

A – Summary of the cost of living in Gothenburg, Sweden: a family of four estimated monthly costs 3,098$ (31,378kr) without rent. The estimated monthly cost of one person is 851$ (8,622kr) without rent. Gothenburg is 36.60% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Q. Is Gothenburg a safe city?

A – Gothenburg has a moderate index of crime. It is considered safe and there are some minor crimes as well – most crimes related to pickpocketing or auto and bicycle theft. Tourists should not leave valuables in the car and check their bags in crowded places. Also, it is a good idea not to carry a lot of cash with you.

Q. Is Gothenburg a good place to live?

A – Gothenburg has a fairly high quality of life rating compared to the rest of the world. The quality of life rating is 71.51, 10 points higher than Malmö and 8 points below Sweden’s capital Stockholm.

Q. Is Gothenburg good for nightlife?

A – Gothenburg is a lively city by day and night, with plenty of great places to drink and try new cocktails, not to mention some great food. Bar Bruno is a small bar located in Kirkogatan 13, devoted entirely to cocktails.

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