Frankfurt – Things To Do: A Local’s Guide


Frankfurt is Main is one of the 5 largest cities in Germany. Thanks to its international stock market and trading center, it is cleverly referred to as “Manhatten”. However, it is more than just a financial center. In this post, I am going to tell you how to plan the perfect trip to the city, including things to do in Frankfurt that you should not miss!

1. Visit the Römerberg

This historic square is located in the center of the old city and was to be completely rebuilt after the bombing of World War II. Distinguished as the gabled houses that frame Römerberg, is the Fountain of Justice (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen), an ancient well built-in 1612.

It reflects the four human qualities of justice, hope, moderation, and love. Small female statues on the side of the wall represent each of the qualities. Watching the crowd roam around the chowk enjoying coffee in one of the cafes is one of my favorite things to do in Frankfurt, especially in summer.

2. Panoramic View From the Main Tower

At an altitude of 259 meters, the Main Tower is the fourth tallest building in Germany. It offers spectacular views of both the city and the surroundings. Climbing 198 meters for visitors can be challenging for those afraid of heights. But it is definitely worth it for the views and is one of the top things to do in Frankfurt.

3. Try the Hessian National Drink

Everyone knows that Germany has some of the best beers in the world. However, the Hessian regional drink Ebbelwoi is a refreshing option to quench your thirst, and sampling it is one of the best things to do in Frankfurt. Ebbelwoi translates as “apple wine” and at 5%, it is low in alcohol … and calories. In the winter months, people sometimes enjoy it.

4. Take a Main River Cruise

For a change in perspective, take a look at the impressive skyscrapers from the water. This is one of the best things for sunset in Frankfurt. Depending on the length of your boat ride, you can purchase € 10 – € 13 ($ 12 – $ 15.50) tickets for Frankfurt cardholders with a discount of 20%. After purchasing tickets at the tourist information or ticket counter, you can sit back and relax on the spacious deck. Alternatively, check out the air-conditioned indoor facilities considering Frankfurt am Main’s impressive urban architecture.

5. Visit the Museumsufer

Stretching on both sides of the riverbank, this section offers a variety of cultural exhibitions. These include both the Historical Jewish Museum and the Museum of German Architecture. For rainy days, I recommend buying museum music tickets. This allows you to examine all permanent and temporary exhibitions in the area for 2 days and it costs € 18 ($ 21.40).

Some of the other best things to do in Frankfurt for culture fanatics include the Nacht der Mügen (Night of the Museum) in Spring and the MuseumSuferfest (a cultural celebration of the riverfront) in August. During these festivals, people of all ages roam in various exhibitions and enjoy food and drink from the water.

6. Shopping Along the Zeil

Frankfurt has more than one shopping district, but the district is the oldest and most popular. In the early centuries, the owner of an apartment in this street was considered a status symbol for wealthy families. You can’t find anything in one of the countless shops and designer stores with Zeil. This is probably why it is one of the most revenue shopping streets in Europe. Also, the shopping that you drop is considered one of the best things to do in Frankfurt.

7. Go Inside the House of all Germans (Paulskirche)

The gathering of all Germans played an important role in German history and in 1848 linked the foundations of German democracy. You can go to the church daily for a walk and walk in the streets between 10 am and 5 pm. It didn’t cost you a cent, so freebies are one of the best things to do in Frankfurt. Today, Paulskirsche also serves as a public space for exhibitions, monuments, and a meeting place.

8. Relax in the Forest Play Park Goetheturm

The Goethe Tower is 43 meters high and – once you have won the steps – you will be rewarded with stunning views of the so-called Green Belt of Frankfurt. The tower is surrounded by 3 hectares of playgrounds with slides, swings, and even summer water parks. No matter whether you are coming to Goethether for a view or to entertain your children for one or two hours, the relaxing atmosphere in the park is a nice change for the urban city vibe.

9. Attend a Concert in the Old Opera House

Missing the Opera House in Frankfurt would be to ignore the cultural charm of this city, one of the most important things in Frankfurt. This impressive, historic building was completely bombed during World War II before reconstruction in the 1980s. Today the Opera House is not only considered an important part of Frankfurt’s historical heritage but also offers a wide variety of contemporary and classic concerts in its vast hall. Tickets can be purchased online, but even without attending one of the concerts, the Old Opera House is extremely photogenic and is well worth a visit.

10. Explore the Freilicht Museum Hessenpark

If you have children or families, exploring the outdoor museum Hessenpark is one of the best things to do in Frankfurt. Rural reconstructs life in rural Germany during the 18th century. It includes farmhouses, shops, a traditional bakery, and a mill to drink beer. Adult people pay € 8 ($ 9.50) or get a better value family card for € 16 ($ 19) to spend an exciting day on the tracks of German history. Students and children 6 years of age receive for only € 2.50 ($ 3) and there are exciting handicraft workshops on offer several times a week.

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