Los Angeles Yoga Centers

Los Angeles Yoga Centers
Los Angeles Yoga Centers

Are you interested in staying fit while focusing on your inner self? You won’t have a hard time finding excellent yoga studios in Los Angeles! I’m not going to lie – it was very hard to pick three winners. However, it had to be done! I’ve put together a list of my absolute favorite studios to get my Down Dog on. Los Angeles Yoga Centers.

Vedic Mediation School in Venice

The meditation teacher’s name is Light, and a few years ago he moved here from New York and opened a small studio, where he lives, among other things. This is a man of some incredible external beauty and inner calmness, a real Hollywood teacher in white jeans. The course lasts only three days, and during this time he manages to discuss all the main things, as well as work out the practice itself. Vedic meditation from all that I have ever seen is the easiest and most accessible for absolutely everyone. I recommend taking an introductory class (it’s free), most often at a nearby yoga school. After the first level is completed, Light enters you in the list of its students and constantly sends letters with tips, advice, and various educational videos. Price – by agreement.


A yoga school with a huge number of branches throughout the United States. Everything you need (clothes or rugs) can be bought right there. Classes run from early morning until late at night. The school in Santa Monica has a giant hall, and there can be up to sixty people in a class, but this does not bother at all, because the acoustics are correct, and ninety percent of people have been doing yoga for a very long time. Events with renowned teachers and masterclasses are held there on an ongoing basis. Conveniently, they can buy a monthly pass and go to classes in studios in other cities while traveling in the United States.

Self-Realization Center

The Self-Realization Center is located on a lake where turtles and swans swim. An ideal place for meditation and relaxation, perfect for a date. The main difference from other centers is that they do not promote any of the religions and do not belong to any sect, it is open to all confessions. Meditation lessons are held on Tuesdays (noon), Fridays, and Sundays from 7:30 am and 6:30 am, respectively. There is a bookstore with esoteric literature. Los Angeles Yoga Centers.

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