Honeymoon In Vienna – Best Things To Do

Honeymoon In Vienna - Best Things To Do

One of Europe’s most beautifully preserved historical capitals, Vienna is a destination that every traveler should aim to visit at least once. Located on the shores of Western Europe, only miles from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the grand, old-world metropolis feels at once timeless and boldly contemporary. Honeymoon In Vienna – Best Things To Do

It is a kind of city where, in a single walk, you can walk through horse-drawn trains and stumble upon the best contemporary art museum you have visited. And while the pace in Vienna is certainly more relaxed than in the more frantic Berlin, Paris, or London, there is a ton to see and do. Opera House and Royal Palace; Party at the nightclub, or hunker down for an afternoon at an ornate museum or gourmet coffee house.

Things To Do On Honeymoon In Vienna

Renowned for museums, restaurants, markets, interesting sights, and cozy wine taverns, Vienna is a great place to go on your honeymoon. See what to do in this lover’s paradise and what you should not miss.

The Hofburg – Explore Hand-In-Hand

The historically important palace was the seat of the rulers of the Habsburg Empire and is today the official workplace and residence of the President of Austria. One of the top honeymoon destinations in Vienna, this palace serves as a royal winter residence.

It is situated in a complex, which has many buildings, around 18 buildings, 2,600 rooms, and 19 courtyards. Each building in this complex depicts various periods and architecture from the Gothic, Rococo, Renaissance, and Baroque movements. Spread over 59 acres, the complex includes Imperial Apartments, Silver Collection, Imperial Chapel, Sissi Museum, Hoffberg Treasury, and more.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral – Seek Blessings For A Happy Marriage

When you’re on your honeymoon in Vienna, Austria, don’t forget to add St. Stephen’s Cathedral to your must-visit list. One of Vienna’s most beloved landmarks and important since 1722 of Archbishopric Cathedral and Gothic Church, St. Stephen’s Cathedral stands with all its grace.

You can climb 343 stairs to the employee’s watch room and enjoy a spectacular view of the city. Other highlights include the inclusion of important artifacts of the Cathedral, the massive Pumrine Bell, and the Cathedral Treasure Cathedral.

Schonbrunn Palace And Gardens – Wander!

Another top honeymoon destination in Vienna is the Schönbrunn Palace. Known for its grandeur, magnificent architecture, and beautiful park-like setting, the 18th-century Schönbrunn Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace was a summer home of the Habsburgs for centuries and as such it reflects the tastes and interests of the Habsburg dynasties. This baroque palace and apartments have 1,441 rooms, used by Emas Franz Joseph and Queen Maria Theresa.

The Belvedere Palace – Admire The Architecture

Visit the beautiful French gardens and the ornate buildings of the Belvedere Palace, where notable Austrians like Savoy’s prince Eugene and Archduke Franz Ferdinand once lived. The impressive baroque buildings house a collection of Austrian art including works by Gustav Klimt. Belvedere Palace and grounds are open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Guided tours are available. Tickets can be purchased online.

Vienna Opera Ball – Waltz Together

Do not miss this chance to dance the waltz with your partner in one of the most romantic cities in Europe. If you are traveling to Vienna then take your better half ball for a better experience. In the winter season, around 200 events are held here and it is the most famous place in Vienna for couples.

Ferris Wheel – Have A Romantic Dinner

If you pass through Vienna at your next gateway, the attraction not to be missed is probably the Vienna Ferris Wheel. It is located at the entrance of the Prater amusement park and is considered one of the symbols of Vienna.

Places To Stay On Your Honeymoon

Schonbrunn Palace Suite

For a great romantic and royal experience in Vienna, you can rent a grand and luxurious suite at the Schönbrunn Palace. From the Canopied four-poster bed, you can see in the luscious park at Schönbrunn, as far as the Gloriette Belvedere on the hilltop.

Hotel Imperial

The Hofburg Imperial Palace offers top class personal service, which are the most amazing palace hotels in Vienna. It is an arms-length distance from the historic city, the State Opera, and Musikverein.

Hotel Sans Souci

For slightly intimate settings and a highly stylish yet romantic honeymoon in Vienna, choose Sans Souci. Located 5 minutes from Ringstras Boulevard, the hotel is lighted by 5 luxurious chandeliers and a 20-meter indoor pool is one of the best honeymoon hotels in Vienna.

Motel One Wien-Staatsoper

Situated 100 meters from the State Opera, this 19th-century preserved building is the perfect place to stay with your wife/husband. Close to shopping areas is the hotel and a bar, attentive staff, lavish rooms, offers free Wi-Fi, and a delicious breakfast.

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