America’s Most Surreal Hotel Pool

America's Most Surreal Hotel Pool
America’s Most Surreal Hotel Pool

America’s Most Surreal Hotel Pool: In a perfect world, we’d all be on the coast next to an incredible beach. But if you live further inland—or prefer chlorine to saltwater—a poolside vacation can be just as terrifying as the beach. We’re talking about swimming holes in the middle of Wyoming, rooftop pools with jaw-dropping views, and even hotel pools that let you see sharks. Offers a swimming facility right next to it. You can take a relaxing soak anywhere in the country, but if you’re looking for an experience that’s far from average, this list is for you.

5 Of America’s Most Surreal Hotel Pools

  1. Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas: Swim Next to the Shark Aquarium

If you like your swim to include a heavy dose of adrenaline, the pool at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas is ideal. The plush pool surrounds the 200,000-gallon Shark Tank Aquarium, with only a single pane of glass separating swimmers from aquatic predators. (Don’t worry: it’s a pretty thick pane of glass.) It’s probably the closest you’ll ever meet a shark outside of an ocean diving excursion, so start mapping your route to Vegas right now.

  1. Sixty LES Hotel in New York City: Float with Andy Warhol

It may not be possible to attend a pool party with Andy Warhol, but a swim at New York’s Sixty LES Hotel is the next best thing. The luxurious rooftop hangout is famous for having a film strip of the late artist printed on the bottom of the pool, making it one of the best, artsy swimming spots you’ll ever visit.

  1. Jackson Hole, WY: Soak in the views of the Tetons in Amangani

Nestled on the fringes of Grand Teton National Park, Amangani’s Jackson Hole outpost is pure luxury, from spacious suites to farm-to-table restaurants. The sense of chic extends to the hotel’s 35-meter outdoor infinity pool, which has warm waters and expansive views of the surrounding Teton Mountains.

  1. Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC: Relax inside an indoor cave

The spa at Asheville’s Omni Grove Park Inn leaves no hot stone unturned, with a menu that includes therapeutic waterfalls and a eucalyptus-infused steam room. But the best spa feature may be its underground mineral pool, surrounded by granite walls beneath a glass atrium. The whole experience will make you feel like you have discovered a hidden cenote in the woods, despite the modern hotel amenities being located just a few steps away.

  1. Joule Hotel in Dallas, TX: Swim Soaring in the Sky

It is better to live on the shore than it is even better to swim on the shore. At least, that’s the idea at the rooftop pool at the Joule Hotel in Dallas. The heated pool seems average at first, but not before it spills out over the edge of the hotel. The extension to the side of the glass allows guests to float down Main Street and take in views of downtown Dallas.

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