Top 7 Air Travel Hacks

Top 7 Air Travel Hacks
Top 7 Air Travel Hacks

Top 7 Air Travel Hacks: Now, during the period of coronavirus restrictions, it is very difficult to predict all the situations that may arise at the airport, but there are certain life hacks that will significantly save time and nerves.

Here are the Top 7 Air Travel Hacks

  1. Print in advance the documents related to the verification of the certificate and the QR code

This will seriously save your time and nerves. Today’s realities dictate their own, very difficult conditions. That is why, along with the usual set of documents, there are a number of conditions when crossing borders and flights on domestic flights.

  1. Don’t arrive at the airport too early

It is best to get to the airport one hour before the end of check-in for your flight. By the way, about registration. It is better to go through it electronically and download the boarding pass. In this case, the landing process and control procedures will be much faster.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask airport staff questions

Often, many of us try to rummage through the complex intricacies of routes and destinations at major metropolitan airports on our own. Believe an experienced traveler, it is better to ask for directions in advance than to wander along the intricate arrows. especially.

  1. Take a photo of your luggage before checking in

Very often, luggage, especially on domestic flights, takes on an unsightly appearance. That is why it is better to take a picture of your bag or suitcase in advance to prove the carelessness of loading. And one more tip, get a special protective cover so that if necessary, your luggage can be found. The main thing is that the cover is unique and bright.

  1. Earn miles!

Don’t shy away from airline mileage promotions. This gives you the opportunity to choose the conditions of the flight, and will also allow you to enjoy considerable discounts. For example, you will get access to the launch zone, a light snack, and additional perks from airlines.

  1. Buy plane tickets to seats closer to the exit

This will allow you to get off the plane sooner rather than waiting an extra 30 minutes for all other passengers to leave the cabin. It is best to buy tickets in advance with a seat selection to be sure of the comfort and convenience of the flight.

  1. If your ticket includes meals on board, select the special option – special meals

Many airlines offer vegetarian or other specialty food for an additional cost. This gives a lot of advantages: for the first time, your food will be served earlier than usual. Secondly, you will get a chance to study the quality of the airline kitchen.

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