Diwali Away From Your Family: How To Celebrate

Diwali Away From Your Family

Diwali Away From Your Family, The relevance of Diwali comes from a strong homecoming message that makes people quite happy and excited. Families join together, and the bond grows stronger as everyone celebrates the festival of Diwali. But if you are confused about being away from your family this festive season, it can be a bit sad. There can be many reasons which can hinder your travel to your hometown and celebrate Diwali at home with family.

However, this Diwali doesn’t let it dampen your enthusiasm! You can always liven up your home decor and do things that will decorate your celebrations. We have listed some of the ways in which you can celebrate Diwali at home without family and still lighten up your festive mood.

How to celebrate Diwali at home without your family

Perk up your mood

Preparations for Diwali celebrations often start well ahead of time. Now you can’t be at home to attend the festival of light with your family. But you can always follow the same tradition of preparing for Diwali by starting with cleaning the house. This would be a good way to start preparing for the festival. Keep your home clean and uncluttered by discarding unnecessary items that take up a lot of space.

Once you are done with the cleaning job, pick up your laptop and start your online shopping spree to buy things for the Diwali festival. This may include lights, lanterns, new furniture perhaps, clothing, food, sweets, etc. Apart from this, you can also start decorating your space by buying some attractive incense and lights that can be hung. It will give a very relaxing feel to your place.

Visit your friends for Diwali

You may be away from your family, but you are still close to your friends in the city. And it is a great way to celebrate Diwali away from home. Friends are the family you choose, after all. So how to use this year to celebrate Diwali with your friends by visiting their homes. One of the benefits of the Diwali festival is that people visit each other in the spirit of celebration and happiness.

You can visit your friends and celebrate Diwali at your place. Since Diwali has three days, you can easily divide your days and time to hang out with all your friends and reserve some online video conference time with your family.

Try your hand in cooking Diwali delicacies

Bring home the spirit of Diwali celebrations by trying out traditional dishes made by your family. Holidays without family can be a bit daunting, but you can always spruce up your Diwali celebrations at home by ace in the kitchen. Learn some fun recipes for making murukkus, pakodas, kheer, samosas, and order some pedas and sweets from outside.

Prepare a delicious meal as if it was prepared in your hometown or at your parents’ house, perhaps for yourself. This can be a very nostalgic experience! Make sure your family also gets to see how well you have been able to participate in Diwali celebrations away from home. If you are unable to cook anything fancy or special, you can always order everything from outside, but make sure your dining table is full of Diwali delicacies!

Pick out the finest attire for the Diwali celebration at home

The benefits of Diwali celebrations at home are improving the ethnic wardrobe with some new additions. You should get used to going to the market and wearing new clothes with your family. Though it might be a bit risky option right now, you can always go for Myntra or Nykaa Fashion to get some great ethnic suits and dresses for Diwali.

In fact, you can buy a few ethereal sets for Diwali celebrations, and be sure to keep the excitement going on all three days you spend Diwali without your family. Surprise them by showing them your new purchases and let them know that you are doing well even if you are not with them for the Diwali celebrations. They will be very happy to see you smiling in your new outfit.

Connect with your family on Zoom calls

Technology has certainly made our lives easier. Thanks to video calls, not only festivals but birthdays and even promotions are celebrated online in the company of everyone. With the COVID-19 era, video calls have become the best way to connect with families and close friends. So how to incorporate it for Diwali celebrations?

You can plan Diwali recipes and dishes that you are usually used to eating with your family. This way you all will feel like you are celebrating Diwali together. It will surely be a great experience not only for you but also for your family. Plus, you can even connect all your extended families to the call and get the party started!

Light up diyas at your place

Your Diwali celebrations may not be with your family and loved ones, but you can always kick off the Diwali spirit by lighting up your home. Head to Amazon and start shopping for LED lights and lanterns! Lighting up the house is one of the best ways to celebrate Diwali in India, and it is definitely something that will make you happy.

Yellow light signifies positivity which is something that you will also feel when you start hanging on to those lights. Apart from this, your family will also be happy to see you celebrating Diwali with a big smile on your face.

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