Easy Diwali Crafts for Kids

Easy Diwali Crafts for Kids

With Diwali, one of the best festivals in India, we understand your enthusiasm for home decorating, cooking delicious food, and yes, festival shopping! Kids should be excited too. How will it be this Diwali, let us let the kids make some crafts? In this way, they will learn about our culture, festivals and their values. And you can even use the crafts for your decorations!

Now you must be wondering what crafts your kids can enjoy making! Don’t worry, here are some ideas for Diwali decoration crafts that your kids can make!

Easy Diwali Crafts for Kids

Plate Rangoli

Undoubtedly, plate rangoli tops the list of best craft ideas for kids. They look gorgeous and are easy to craft! All you have to do is provide paper plates, sketch pens, sparkles, colored paper to your kids and allow them to draw their exquisite Rangoli on the paper plate. Teach them how to make it or let an online video guide them. Even better, let them create it with their own imagination. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Diwali activities for kids.

Quilled Rangoli

If your kids want to make a different rangoli, then teach them a quilted rangoli. Although it may take a while, it is one of the easiest craft ideas to unleash their creative side. Just give them two basic materials, colored paper, and glue. Now ask them to cut several strips of paper and make quills out of each. Now let’s see they assemble all the quilled pieces together to make a Rangoli. You would be surprised to know how beautiful it can be in the end. Simple but beautiful, your kids will definitely love this craft idea!

Play Dough Rangoli

Are there other types of Rangoli designs that your kids can make? Yes, there are. If your kids have flour at home, they can make good use of them. And even if they don’t, you can get it online for them for the upcoming Diwali celebrations with family. Ask your kids to shape the dough into lines, dots, quills and collect them to make a rangoli.

Whatever it takes to make Diwali even more special for your kids, we’ve got you covered, here’s a special deal for your shopping spree.

Bangles Candle Holder

The best thing about doing this is that you don’t need to buy anything online. Just give your old stocked bangles from your drawer to your kids with glue. Now ask your kids to take one bangle at a time, put glue on top and repeat the process till the desired height is achieved. Now ask them to put a candle inside the space and decorate the outside with beads and voila! It is done. This Diwali decoration craft is ready to win hearts!

Handprint Diyas

Engage the kids with Diwali DIY ideas and let them make diyas like never before. Ask them to make handprint diyas or accordion fold diyas this Diwali. Just in case you were wondering, no, it’s not as hard as it might seem. Just some scissors, glue, colored paper, and black marker! To make a handprint Diya, ask your kids to place their hands on colored paper and mark it with a black marker.

Now let them carefully cut out the hand-drawn drawing and keep it aside. For diyas, ask them to make triangular diyas on paper and allow them to cut as well. Let your child be a little creative by adding stickers, pomp, ornaments, or buttons. Now ask them to place the diya on the paper hand in such a way that it stands up well.

Paper Hanging Lantern

If there’s one classic craft that still holds significance, it’s this one. Paper lantern is one of the best Diwali craft ideas for adults as well as kids. To give it a structure you need basic materials like paper, beads, buttons, sellotape, and glue. how to get started? Simply cut four rectangular pieces out of colored paper of equal size and ask your kids to do the same.

Now draw on paper or make shaped holes in it or add beads to make it look fancy – your choice! Once done, glue four of them together to make a rectangular box with open ends. Then, cut out another square box to cover one end. Now hang a bulb through the square box and the lantern is ready to be displayed. Once ready, hang them from the ceiling and watch it add glam to the celebration.

Paper Leaf Toran

If there is one school craft idea that your kids can use for this year’s Diwali, it is to make a paper leaf toran. This craft technique is definitely different from other decorations. Plus, your kids probably already know how to make it (if not, hello tutorial video!). Just give them paper, wire, and other decorative items. Then see them cut into paper shapes and attach them with wire to make a pylon.

We can assure you, the results will be fantastic. Without any doubt, this is one of the easiest and quickest Diwali craft ideas for kids.

Paper Kalash Garland

Kalash beads are also a good option for kids to make this Diwali. Like the previous craft, this craft can be made in minutes. This time instead of drawing leaves, your kids will make several urns and the rest of the process is the same.

Paper Firecracker

Another add-on to the list is paper crackers. This is one of the best Diwali crafts for kids to unleash their inner artist. Let your kids make several firecrackers on a piece of paper and color, color or design them as they wish. Don’t deter them if they want to accessorize it with beads and buttons. Once they are done, cut up the firecrackers and stick them on the walls. We promise that it will brighten up your decor and that it will be no pollution from paper crackers!

Tissue paper flowers

Flowers can never go wrong with Diwali decorations. Actually, keeping them in the right way can change the whole look of the house. With flowers, endless things can be done to decorate a room during Diwali. And although natural flowers can be bought from the market, there is no need to buy them. Your kids can make it easier and in the quickest possible time.

Just give them some tissue paper and ask them to make flowers. Now they can put it wherever they want – on top of the Rangoli or in a bowl or just hang them on the walls. Whatever they do, it will surely enhance the theme of the party.

Above are the best and easy Diwali Crafts for Kids. Read More About Diwali Festival

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