Departure of Ukrainians to Portugal

Departure of Ukrainians to Portugal
Departure of Ukrainians to Portugal

Departure of Ukrainians to Portugal: Due to the full-scale Russian invasion, Ukrainians continue to leave Ukraine en masse. Portugal offers a simple residence permit for Ukrainian refugees.

Portuguese Interior Minister Francisco Van Dunem, Labor, Solidarity, and Social Security Minister Ana Mendes Godinho, and Presidential Staff Minister Mariana Vieira da Silva announced support on March 1, which will take effect for Ukrainian refugees. The protection regime for Ukrainian refugees will last one year, with the possibility of an extension for six months if dangerous conditions persist in Ukraine.

Departure of Ukrainians to Portugal. How to move out, get help, work and where to live

How to travel to Portugal from Ukraine

To get to Portugal it is advisable to have a national ID, an internal passport, or a birth certificate. It is possible to apply for temporary protection or asylum even without the above documents, but for a faster process, you must provide a Ukrainian passport or other identification documents.

Diplomas and certificates confirming the level of education, specialization, and profession will help in finding the appropriate job. To cross the border with a child, it is not necessary to have permission from the second parent to leave.

You can enter the country without documents, but in this case, you need to document the person. Such a procedure would make it much more difficult to apply for temporary protection or asylum in Portugal.

You can get to Portugal by air (with a valid biometric passport). If you are traveling to Portugal by air, you will need to fill out this form and present a negative PCR test or vaccination certificate upon boarding. Free tickets from Wizz Air for Ukrainians

The Portuguese airline TAP offers free tickets for flights from Poland/Romania to Portugal.

Covid-restrictions do not apply to land transport. International railway or buses. Portuguese Railways offers free train tickets from Spain to Portugal and Portugal.

Also, free bus transportation is organized by the Ukrainian community ( details in Ukrainian Refugees UAPT WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber +351969293235).

How to get help for Ukrainian refugees in Portugal

The Portuguese Immigration and Border Guard Service SEF has launched an online platform in three different languages ​​for requests for temporary protection for citizens of Ukraine. The SEFforUkraine.sef.pt platform enables all citizens of Ukraine, as well as any foreign citizens residing in Ukraine, to submit an online request for temporary protection for one year, renewable for two periods of six months each.

In order to receive refugee status or temporary protection, you must come to the SEF ( Service de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras) at R. Passos Manuel 40, 1150-053 Lisboa on a weekday from 9.00. Have a Ukrainian passport or international passport with you. You will need to fill out a questionnaire. Refugee status will be resolved within 30 days. The procedure for obtaining the status of temporary protection does not provide for the seizure of documents, does not impose restrictions.

After registration of refugee status, temporary protection, residence permit and social security number NISS in the Service for Foreigners and Borders, Ukrainians have the right to apply to the Social Service with a request for social assistance.

How to get a job in Portugal as a refugee from Ukraine

The Portuguese are ready to help Ukrainian refugees with jobs. To register for job offers, you must register at any branch of the Institute for Employment and Training ( IEFP) or through Portugal for Ukraine platform. You can also send an email to job.ukraine@iefp.pt. Once registered, the Institute for Employment and Training ( IEFP) shares job offers according to the profile of each citizen.

Also, after obtaining refugee status or temporary protection, you can open an account in any banking institution in Portugal, work as an employee or carry out business activities in Portugal.

Where to live for a migrant from Ukraine in Portugal

The High Commissioner for Migration ( ACM) coordinates the placement of people in need of assistance directly with the Social Insurance Institute ( ISS). You can visit one of the three National Migrant Support Centers ( CNAIM), in Lisbon, Faro, and Porto.

  1. CNAIM Lisbon: Rua Álvaro Coutinho, 14, 1150 – 025 Lisbon
  2. CNAIM Fara: Loja do Cidadão, Municipal Market, 1st floor, Largo Dr. Francisco Sa Carneiro, 8000−151 Faro
  3. CNAIM Port: Av. de França, 316, Capitólio Building, 4050−276 Porto

At the moment, in Portugal, the priority is the settlement of people who do not have the means to live. For Ukrainian refugees, the country offers two housing options:

  • Tourist apartments are housing that has everything you need, including connected communications ( water, electricity, gas). They are rented daily. The price can start from 50 euros per day, which is very expensive, especially in the current conditions;
  • Long-term rental housing – this housing is available for rent in a minimum period of 12 months. These are apartments where communications are disabled because, after delivery, the tenant concludes a contract for services in his own name. Such housing can be either furnished or unfurnished. You will have to pay two rents and a security deposit.

To sign a long-term contract, a NIF ( tax number) and a valid identification document are required.

There are several options for finding accommodation in Portugal on your own:

  1. Browse the Booking and Airbnb websites. Send messages explaining your situation and indicating the amount you are willing to pay;
  2. Choose apartments with furniture and offers for long-term rent;
  3. Send out ads on Telegram channels for refugees, where local residents meet and rent housing at the lowest price.

You can also find accommodation on your own using these sites:

  • takecarebnb.org/en
  • sharemyhome.org/uk/i-need-a-home
  • icanhelp.host
  • host4ukraine.com
  • prykhystok.in.ua
  • https://t.me/lisbonuarazom


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