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The United States built an air taxi that resembles a “flying saucer”

The single-seat aircraft Zero is made in the form of a disk. It is equipped with an electric motor and has no wings.

The air taxi is being developed by engineers from the startup Zeva Aero. The other day they published a video where you can see how the car takes off, plans and lands.

The air taxi is designed according to the Tailsitter scheme – first, it rises vertically upwards, and then, once in the air, it tilts horizontally and flies straight. Thus, the pilot controls Zero while lying on his stomach.

The glider is so small that it fits in a parking space for a car. Zero moves silently and can reach speeds of up to 250 km / h.

Already this spring, the company will begin accepting pre-orders for the device. It will cost like a premium sports car – about 250 thousand dollars.


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