Best hotels in the UK for dogs

Best hotels in the UK for dogs
Best hotels in the UK for dogs

Best hotels in the UK for dogs: When you think of the best hotels, you probably imagine luxury suites, spas with personalized treatments, and award-winning chefs to cater to your special gastronomic needs.

Now some of the best hotels in the UK offer all of this and more – not for humans, though, but for our four-legged friends.

There has been a huge uptick in internet searches for “dog-friendly hotels” this year, and many hotels are rapidly changing to accommodate man’s best friend.

Here are some of the best hotels in the country that not only allow dogs but go to great lengths to treat them like royalty. Offering everything from free treats to designer beds, a la carte menus, and wellness treatments, your canine buddy will receive VIP treatment. However, this level of luxury comes at a price, but discerning dog owners will tell you it’s worth it.

Five of the best hotels in the UK… For dogs

  1. The Nare, Cornwall

This privately run country house hotel on the seafront has been crowned the best hotel in Cornwall for over 30 years.

The hotel sits in its own bay above a beautiful long sandy beach on the Roseland Peninsula. Your dog will be happy at the thought of walking along Carne Beach and coastal paths followed by dives in the water below.

Dog lovers and their companions are welcome in the Nare Hotel, in the gardens, and in the bedrooms. It also has its own menu for dogs, and meals with special dietary requirements are taken care of by the chef.

The daily charge for dogs at the hotel is £16 for a small dog, £21 for a medium dog, and £25 for a large one.

Rooms start at £312 and Whittington starts at £644 per night. The base price includes a full English breakfast and afternoon tea.

  1. Cliveden House, Berkshire

Here you will make your dog happy as he will find 250 acres of National Park forest trails to explore.

This is the number one hotel in the UK for dogs according to PetPyjamas users. If you are looking for a luxury hotel that welcomes your canine companion with open arms, this is the place to be.

Here your pets will experience a luxurious sleep on super-soft beds, a dog-friendly lunch option at The Astor Grill, including chicken or fillet steak with rice and gravy served in a china bowl.

Room rates from £445 per night. Cliveden welcomes well-mannered dogs over one year old.

  1. The Lygon Arms, Cotswolds

Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux prepares the dog treats offered at this hotel in the idyllic Cotswold village on Broadway in Worcestershire.

They also offer spa treatments for dogs, including washing, trimming and drying, nail trimming, face grooming, paw and nose balm, and a choice of perfumes – Jimmy Chow or Jean Paw Gaultier. After that, your dog will be ready for dinner.

A softly cushioned tweed dog bed (from Le Chameau) that you can take home when you go, and a ceramic bowl will make your faithful friend feel right at home. There is also a beautiful washing plant in the yard so you can wash your four-legged friends after dirty walks.

The history of the Lygon Arms goes back to the 14th century. His guest book was signed by Oliver Cromwell, Charles I, King Edward VI, Edward VIII, Richard Burton, and Elizabeth Taylor.

In addition to the room rate, there are two dog stay packages available at £80 (includes Le Chameau dog bed and bowl to take home) or £165 (complete package). Room rates start at £255 per night.

2 Rosewood London

At Rosewood London, dog owners won’t have to struggle with the dilemma of whether to take a break or pamper their dog. Here you can enjoy pure luxury at the spa while celebrity groomer Jamie Griffen pampers your dog.

Pet-friendly locals will share tips on where to walk, dine and shop.

The dog package includes one night in a two-bedroom suite, a personal butler, a full English breakfast for two, Lily’s Kitchen meals for your dog, and Barbour dog supplies including a bed, collar, and leash.

Package from 2100 pounds per night.

  1. Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire

Everyone is welcome at this beautiful hotel, including the man’s best friends. Upon arrival in the Hampshire countryside, you will find many excellent services to take care of your dog. In addition, the dogs will have 500 acres of land to walk on. This is the perfect place to relax.

Upon arrival, a bed, special dog meals, and spring water will be waiting for your dog.
Dogs can enjoy the outdoors but must be kept on a leash outside of your room.

The fee for one-time full cleaning of your pet is £35. Pets must be no more than 30 kg, house trained, and at least six months old.

Room rates from £725 per night.

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