Beaches in Majorca: Where Sunbathing is recommended

Perhaps, after Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands, can be considered the most popular destination in Spain. Despite the fact that the weather is excellent all year round, and Palma de Mallorca is a very beautiful city, where you should go for walks and study of architecture in the Moorish style, the island is most often visited in the summer to enjoy the blue Mediterranean Sea and the promenades along the coast … So that you know for sure where to stay, we have selected the best beaches in Beaches in Majorca. The best beaches in Beaches in Majorca: 9 places where we recommend sunbathing

Playa de Palma
South coast

When you decide to go to Palma de Mallorca for the sake of Arabic architecture, go swimming in Playa de Palma (one of the largest beaches on the island), where you are guaranteed to meet tons of Germans, especially if you go to Oberbayern or Bierkönig. This is one of the numbered beach bars known in Mallorca as the balnearos. They stretch along the entire coastline. There are only 15 such establishments on Playa de Palma. A beach vacation in Spain always means not only sunbathing, but also sangria.

Calo des Moro
South coast

The closest city to this beach is Santanyi, where there are not so many tourists (Palma de Mallorca is annoying in this regard). Many people call Calo des Moro secret, but in fact, quite a few locals and tourists know about it, so do not expect complete seclusion. Although screaming children literally running over your head, you will not find here either.

South coast

Es Trenc is considered by many to be the best beach in Spain. It is located near the town of Soller in a nature reserve. This is the largest wild beach, where blue water awaits you (the coast is shallow enough, so it’s a good place for families with children) and white sand.

Cala Mondrago
Southeast coast

A very small beach in the Mondrago National Park, surrounded by rocks and pine trees. We also advise you to go here either for the sake of relaxing with children, or for diving – take a mask, dive and explore the bay.

Cala Bendinat
Southwest coast

This beach is located in Portals Nous, which is considered one of the most expensive and fashionable resorts in Majorca. It is deep enough here, so expensive tremendous yachts moor in the port of the city. You can combine a trip to the beach with a visit to the Marineland water park.

Cala S’Almunia
South coast

This beach, like Calo des Moro, is also located in Santanyi, but instead of white sand, there are gentle cliffs on which you can sunbathe. A great place for those who like to jump into the water with a running start and dive.

Cala Formentor
North coast

If you do not like to relax in the neighborhood with children, you are at Cape Formentor. There is a very narrow beach here, where it is simply impossible to accommodate a large company and start building sand castles. When you get tired of roasting in the sun, take a walk along the coastline surrounded by pine trees.

Cala de Sa Calobra
West Coast

Those who prefer pebbles should definitely go to Sa Kalobra. This beach is located in a very beautiful bay, which is not so easy to get to: you have to endure a long journey along serpentines. And keep in mind that in Sa Calobra you will not be able to rent sun loungers and an umbrella, unlike other beaches.

Cala Mitjana
South coast

But lovers of fine, almost airy sand definitely need to go to the beach in the province of Felanitx. Believe me, resting on no mattress can be as pleasant as reclining in the sun on Cala Mithane.

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