Beaches in Bulgaria for holidays

Beaches in Bulgaria for holidays
Beaches in Bulgaria for holidays

Beaches in Bulgaria for holidays: In Bulgaria, everyone will find something for themselves. If you are now feeling the chill of winter and dreaming of a perfect summer in 2022, Bulgaria should be on your top list.

The country’s Black Sea coast stretches for 378 km along the eastern border, so there are plenty of options for the perfect beach holiday. We’ve put together a list of the best places for you, whether you’re looking for a party or a relaxing getaway.

Hard party in Sunny Beach

The resort, aptly named Sunny Beach, is ideal for those who want a summer vacation filled with cocktails, dance tracks, and cool waves.

Sunny Beach is one of the most affordable party destinations in Europe. Along the main strip, you’ll find pulsing clubs that host some of Europe’s best young techno and house DJs. Surrounded by stunning natural dunes, it also has some of the country’s most scenic beaches.

8 km of sea and sand in Sunny Beach can offer not only nightclubs. During the day, stay active with boat parties and water skiing.

If you ever get tired of partying, it’s also ideally located for a cultural getaway. Just a few kilometers south of the beach in Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nessebar is an ancient city full of historical sights. As a key trading port, it has seen the rise and fall of several civilizations, from the ancient Greeks to the Byzantine Empire. Here you can see the relics of these ancient cultures.

Romantic views of Balchik

For something more peaceful, the serene sands of Balchik will do. Balchik, which is still not open to mass holidaymakers, is only 31 km north of Varna, Bulgaria’s largest port city.

It is so beautiful here that in the 1920s and 30s Queen Maria of Romania fell in love with the area and built a palace complex. The palace has places not to be missed, including the botanical gardens: the terraced gardens are divided into stunning collections where more than 2,000 plant species can be found.

After a stroll through the idyllic palace and gardens, a romantic evening should also include a visit to any of the many delightful beach bars and restaurants along Balchik’s more than 2 km long beaches.

Campsites for nature lovers

Are parties too tiring? Romantic trips are too weak? Instead, go hiking and camp on the beach. While it’s not possible to wild camp where you want, there are still plenty of beaches that have designated campsites.

If you are looking for a more secluded spot, then Silistar Beach is the place for you. Right on the southern tip of the coast, Silistra has camping sites, as well as plenty of other beaches you can head to if the main one gets too busy.

Irakli Beach is the perfect place to explore the wild nature of the Black Sea. This is a must-visit beach for naturalists looking for unique flora and fauna. Not to mention the golden sands and wooded hillsides that make its rugged coastline all the more stunning. There is a nudist beach here.

Family holidays in Golden Sands

If you’re taking the kids with you, then the nude beaches and late-night DJs might not be for you, so why not try one of the country’s beach resorts instead.

Golden Sands is one of the most popular beach resorts in Bulgaria, located just a few kilometers north of the Black Sea capital, Varna. For older children, the historical sites of Varna will enrich your vacation as you discover the ruins of Thermae from the 2nd century AD, where the ancient Romans bathed.

On the beaches of the Golden Sands resort, you can practice various water sports, as well as organize family parties.

No family trip to Golden Sands is complete without a visit to the aqua park with thrilling slides and rides suitable for everyone from the little ones to the thrill-seeking adults.

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