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Baku, Azerbaijan: In addition to the standard sightseeing tour, during which you will see how much the city has changed, try to plunge deeper into the history, culture, and life of the capital of Azerbaijan Baku.

What to see | Baku Azerbaijan


Ateshgah (“House of Fire”) is a temple of eternal fire, located 30 kilometers from the center of Baku, on the outskirts of the village of Surakhani. Here the preachers of Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest religions, worshiped fire. Guests will be told the history of this amazing place and its inhabitants and shown the rooms where they lived and prayed.


In the mountains of Gobustan (60 kilometers south of Baku) – Boyukdash, Kichikdash, Jingirdag, Shongardag, and Shikhgaya – testimonies of the past of the Azerbaijani people, the Stone Age, and subsequent periods are concentrated: rock carvings, a man’s camp, tombstones.

The most significant of them are rock carvings – petroglyphs, carved by primitive people on the walls of caves, rocks, and boulders. You can also see an ancient cave, in which primitive women were waiting for their husbands from hunting, and an ethnographic museum, where dwellings and household items of primitive communities are recreated.


In terms of the number of mud volcanoes, Azerbaijan ranks first in the world: about 350 out of 800 mud volcanoes are located here. Mud volcanoes are located 20 kilometers from Gobustan. You will be able to enjoy the unusual natural monuments and take a lot of photos.


A masterpiece of modern architecture – the “space” Baku project of Zaha Hadid, recognized as the best architectural project in the world in 2014.


Delivers to the Upland Park (Martyrs’ Alley), to the observation deck. A magnificent panorama of Baku opens from here.


Baku Venice is a favorite walking place for Baku residents.


The modern building of the Museum of Carpet and Folk Applied Arts (founded in 1967) is located in the very center of the city, near the Primorsky Boulevard. Baku residents believe that this is the world’s first museum dedicated to carpets. However, here you can see not only them.

The fund of the museum has more than 14,000 exhibits: ceramic dishes, jewelry made of bronze, silver, and gold, medieval metal products, national costumes, and embroidery samples. The oldest carpet exhibit in the museum is a fragment of a carpet from the Tabriz school “Ovchulug”, woven in the 17th century. Another gem of the museum collection is the 18th-century carpet “Hila Afshan”, created near Baku.


The pearl of the architectural sights of Baku, the former residence of the rulers of Shirvan, is located in the very heart of the city. In addition to the palace, the amazingly beautiful complex includes the Divan Khane courtyard, the tomb, the mosque of 1441, the bathhouse, and the mausoleum of the scientist Seyid Yahya Bakuvi.


It opened in Baku in 2009 and was initiated by the country’s first lady, Mehriban Aliyeva. One of the main principles of the museum is freedom and the absence of any framework in topics and ways of presenting expositions.

In the museum, you can see the innovative works of Azerbaijani artists of the 1960-1970s. and along with the – paintings by great masters such as Picasso, Dali, Chagall. Expositions can be seen not only in museum halls but also outside: for example, in an art cafe and a restaurant.

Where to live | Baku Azerbaijan

Four Seasons Baku

Lovingly fostered by the first lady of the country, the hotel is a visiting card not only of Baku but also of Azerbaijan in general. Design in the best European traditions, hospitality in the best oriental ones. The terrace of the Zafferano restaurant offers a beautiful view of the promenade.

The hotel has a very beautiful indoor pool and a decent spa center, for which, however, there is almost always not enough time: the Baku outside always outweighs.

Jumeirah Bilgah BeachHotel

The famous Dubai brand has built the best beach hotel in the city on the shores of the Caspian Sea. In addition to the rooms, private villas can be rented. To the city center – 20 minutes without traffic jams.

Large territory, restaurants, bars, beautiful venues for conferences and weddings, private beach. The pride of the hotel is a water park and one of the largest outdoor pools in the city.

Boulevard Hotel Baku Autograph Collection

The largest hotel of the premium segment in Baku recently opened by the Marriott Company is named after the seaside park of the same name. More than 800 rooms, huge congress opportunities: the largest health center in the republic, the Green House Kitchen restaurant with an open kitchen, its own vegetable garden, and delicious barbecue, a terrace on the seashore with a hookah, and barbecue – you don’t want to leave here.

JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel

Another five-star tourist treat from the Marriott. It stands on Freedom Square, in the very center of the city. Special offers for accommodation often appear in the hotel, which makes it very comfortable to live in Baku for reasonable money. There is also one of the best restaurants in the city – Fireworks with grilled dishes. A terrace overlooking the city is a real pleasure.

Museum Inn Boutique Hotel

Authentically designed rooms and a terrace overlooking the Maiden Tower in the Icheri Sheher district of Old Baku are definitely worth a visit. All sights are within walking distance.

Where to Eat | Baku Azerbaijan

There are a great number of catering establishments in Baku. Most of them are with good Azerbaijani cuisine. Here is a list of places where locals eat and have fun.

Brazier Steak House

Steakhouse, with not at all democratic prices, but decent Baku cuisine, is adjacent to a traditional restaurant (second hall). It is very cozy here, national music is played in the evenings.

The meat is local and American, cooked over the fire. Large selection of national dishes. From time to time, the restaurant hosts a culinary show in front of guests. Many wealthy Bakuvians gather here in the evening.

The average bill is 200 manats. Accept cards.

Nar & Sharab

A large complex, consisting of a restaurant, banquet halls, and a swimming pool, is located outside the city, on the Caspian coast, and offers beautiful panoramic sea views.

The cuisine is national, with excellent lamb, fresh vegetables, and local wines. In summer, next to the pool, there is a terrace overlooking the sea. Parking and Wi-Fi are free.

Paris Bistro Baku

Shanzelize in the very center of Baku, Icheri Sheher (Old City) district, next to the Sahil metro station. The Parisian interior and terrace have been recreated with almost 100% accuracy, French chanson sounds quiet.

One of the few establishments in the city that is open 24/7 and where you can eat after midnight. Fans of the establishment vying with each other praise the onion soup, although it is served without a cheese crust: it is replaced by cheese croutons. Apart from that, there are delicious pastries and decent coffee.

Mari Vanna

The Baku brainchild of the Russian “Ginza” is located next to the Hilton Baku hotel. The interiors are in the style of Soviet country chic, well known to Muscovites and Petersburgers. Recently, offices with access to the courtyard have appeared. The place is expensive and always crowded. The kitchen is headed by Vladimir Shulyak, who opened the St. Petersburg “Marianna”. The menu includes Kyiv cutlets, hodgepodge with Caspian sturgeon, Olivier, and other dishes of Soviet cuisine.

Sirvansah Muzey Restoran

The Baku analog of the Moscow restaurant “Pushkin”: foreigners are taken here without fail. The word “museum” in the name is not accidental – you can really see a lot of interesting things in the institution. The interior is in the style of Baku in the 1920s: old posters, old gramophones, antique telephones, jugs, carpets – authenticity in everything. There are even halls “Lenin” and “Stalin”. The restaurant administrator is happy to conduct excursions.

The portions of food are small here, which is a rarity for national restaurants. But there is live music and excellent local wine. The check is above average. Cards are not accepted for payment.

Ladurée Azerbaijan

Baku sweet tooth paradise is located on the first floor of the Port Baku Mall. The famous French brand, which opened its first patisserie on the Parisian Rue Royale, became a symbol of the so-called French lifestyle (l’art de Vivre a la Francaise) and the first place where women could come unaccompanied by men. Silver cutlery, the best selection of teas, and a delicious latte.

Movida Lounge & Dining The restaurant on the second floor of the Port Baku mall offers Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine, as well as the best hookah in the city (many Bakuvians are convinced of this). There is a summer terrace, Arabic dances are held on Fridays. It is better to book a table in advance.

Fireworks Urban Kitchen

Excellent restaurant at JW Marriott Absheron Baku. Industrial style interior, good service, delicious food: New Zealand marbled beef steaks, oysters, a large selection of whiskeys.

Where to drink and dance | Baku Azerbaijan

Fans of nightlife in Baku will not be bored: there are many nightclubs in the city, the most popular are Amburan Beach Club and Capones. Also worth going to N-Brothers, Rich Club & Lounge, and Sound Factory – themed parties are held here almost every day.


At the opening of the establishment in 2014, there was the whole world and half-light of Baku and even the Moscow stars of the A-list. Buddha-Bar fans love this place for its good selection of music, atmosphere, and good Asian food.


Former Le Chevalier Club re-conceptualized and evolved into a 1920s American nightclub. Loud parties, fashion shows, presentations are held here. The club is open from 23:00. There is a VIP area and a strict dress code.

Eleven Restaurant & Lounge

In the restaurant – Japanese and Chinese cuisine, in the lounge – expensive champagne and cocktails. Floor-to-ceiling windows, beautiful interiors, private parties, eminent guests, and celebrity DJs. Closes at 3 am and have a dress code.

Razzmatazz Cocktail Bar & Lounge

The designer bar at the JW Marriott hotel. Great music sounds from the speakers, the menu has a large selection of dishes, tasty but expensive. Cocktails – 10 points.

Purple Karaoke Room

One of the most popular karaoke clubs in Baku, open daily from 18:00. All shades of purple are played in the interior. Sofas, soft pillows, twilight, good cocktails – get ready to stay here until the morning.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baku Azerbaijan

Q. Is it Safe to Travel to Azerbaijan?

A – For the most part, Azerbaijan is not dangerous at all. Petty crimes, pickpockets, and scams are not unheard of and tourists are often targeted. Azerbaijan has to contend with political instability as well as violent conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh (disputed with Armenia) region.

Q. What is the language of Baku?

A – Azerbaijani is the only official language in Azerbaijan and is spoken by the majority of its population, however, several minority languages ​​also exist in the country. The largest minority languages ​​are Lezgian, Talish, Avar, Russian, and Tat.

Q. Is Azerbaijan an Asian or European country?

A – Situated in the Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan is a country often associated with the Middle East. Also known as the Republic of Azerbaijan, the country is located in a way where it is sometimes considered part of Asia, and at other times, it is referred to as a European country.

Q. What is Baku?

A – Baku, Azerbaijani Baki, city, capital of Azerbaijan. It is located on the southern edge of the Abyeron Peninsula, on the western edge of the Caspian Sea, and around the broad winding sweep of the Gulf of Baku.

Q. Is English spoken in Baku?

A – Most people in Azerbaijan can’t speak English, which means you’ll need to know a phrase or two if you want to get away from tourist areas. Russian is a second language and speaking a few words will go a long way when traveling in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe.

Q. What is the religion of Baku?

A – The population of Azerbaijan is mostly Shia Muslim. But its government is very secular. A single shop in the center of Baku, called the Only Muslim Shop, shows how rare the public expression of Islam is in the capital.

Q. Can you drink alcohol in Baku?

A – In Baku (the capital city) it is allowed in most places, except for places of religious purposes, such as mosques. In fact, you can buy alcoholic beverages in almost all supermarkets and order such drinks in most restaurants and all pubs/clubs.

Q. Is Azerbaijan an Islamic country?

A – The main religion in Azerbaijan is Islam, although Azerbaijan is the most secular country in the Muslim world. The estimate includes 96.9% (CIA, 2010) and 99.2% (Pew Research Center, 2006) of the population identifying as Muslim.

Q. Is Baku Azerbaijan expensive?

A – While Baku is certainly trying to carve out a luxurious and grand image of itself, and the city has gained a reputation as the most expensive capital in the Caucasus region, your total Azerbaijan or Baku travel cost may need to break the bank.

Q. Is Azerbaijan a rich country?

A – The nation is rich in natural resources, and its economy is based heavily on oil and other energy exports. The country is considered an upper-middle-income country with a high level of economic development and literacy. Like many former Soviet republics, Azerbaijan has struggled to move to a market economy.

Q. Is Azerbaijan poor?

A – Azerbaijan has a low official national poverty rate, standing at 5.1 percent in 2018. Given the recent increase in private consumption, the poverty rate is projected to decline further in 2019.

Q. Why is Baku famous?

A – Baku is famous for its controversial building frenzy, oil and gas boom, and now Eurovision 2012. But Baku is known for its dazzling architecture. The epicenter of a thriving oil and gas industry, Baku was considered sacred to Parsis – fire worshipers – the flames from its oil-rich land.

Q. Is Azerbaijan a part of the European Union?

A – The Republic of Azerbaijan and the European Union (EU) have maintained positive relations over the years and have been closely linked since 1991. Azerbaijan is currently part of the European Neighborhood Policy, the Eastern Partnership, and the Council of Europe.

Q. Is Baku safe?

A – Thanks to income from oil and gas, Baku is a modern capital with decent public transportation and is generally safe. There is some risk of petty theft in crowds or bars, and tourists can be targets of drink spiking and other scams (see above) in Western-style bars and nightclubs. Be extra cautious on a night out.

Q. Does Baku have a beach?

A – Yes, there are some beaches in Baku that are free from oil pollution. Chekhov Beach, Crescent Beach, Bilgah Beach, Anburan Beach, and Season Beach are some of the best beaches in Azerbaijan that travelers can visit.

Q. How expensive is Baku for tourists?

A – Shoestring travelers in Baku can easily survive on less than $30 a day, excluding the cost of flights and visas. Those looking for a mid-range experience can spend between $60 and $100 a day, including tours.

Q. What is the currency of Azerbaijan?

A – The currency of Azerbaijan is considered to be Azerbaijani. Its price in Indian rupees is 41.86 rupees. The Central Bank of Azerbaijan is the issuer of the country’s currency.

Q. Was Azerbaijan a Hindu country?

A – Hinduism in Azerbaijan is associated with cultural spread on the Silk Road. One of the remnants of the once-dominant Hindu and Buddhist culture in the Caucasus is Surkhani, the site of the Ateshgah of Baku.

Q. What is the best time to visit Baku?

A – The best time to visit Baku would be in the months of September to November. During this, the weather here is like the warm spring season. The highest temperature recorded in August was 105.8℉ in Baku.

Q. Is Azerbaijan hot or cold?

A – The climate of Azerbaijan can be described as a continental-influenced climate with hot summers and very cold, dry winters. It can be divided into three different climatic zones; One in the north of mountainous regions, one in the south, and along the coast of the Caspian Sea.

Q. Do Indians need visas for Azerbaijan?

A – Yes, all Indian passport holders require a visit to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Visa is best suited for Indians who travel to Azerbaijan for business and recreational purposes such as vacations, sightseeing, or even short family trips.

Q. What is special in Baku?

A – 8 Must-Visit Attractions in Baku, Azerbaijan

Icheri Sheher (Baku’s Old City)
Maiden Tower.
Palace of the Shirvanshahs.
National Museum of History of Azerbaijan.
Nizami Street.
Government House.
Fountain Square.
Flame Towers.

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