Amazing Desert Experiences

Amazing Desert Experiences
Amazing Desert Experiences

Amazing Desert Experiences: Boasting an endless stretch of gleaming desert lands and rugged landscapes, Rajasthan offers countless exciting activities and unique experiences that you can only find in this corner of India. While the history and culture will surely delight you, there are desert experiences that will make for an immersive vacation!

8 Amazing Desert Experiences You Can Only Have in Rajasthan

  1. Dune Bashing

Get your adrenaline pumping as you experience the thrill of riding a 4×4 SUV or Jeep on the shifting sand dunes. An exhilarating adventure like no other, dune bashing will surely take your desert experience to a whole new level! This driving adventure is best experienced in the incredibly high dunes and wastelands of Jaisalmer, especially the dune site of Sam’s Village.

  1. Camel Safari

A quintessential desert experience, camel safaris are the best way to explore the rustic beauty of the desert. One of the largest camel breeding farms and known as ‘Camel Country, Bikaner is one of the best places in the world for camel safaris. You can also sign up for it in the deserts of Jaisalmer, Pushkar, and Osian. Get your camera ready and capture the best of the desert views from atop a camel!

  1. Desert Camping

Experience the life of the desert inhabitants as you relax on the clear starry nights and wake up to spectacular views of the sunrise over the breathtaking dunes. Camping in traditional tents amidst the vast desert will surely become an everlasting memory! Apart from this, the camp organizes fascinating safaris, bonfire evenings, experiential local cuisine, and cultural performances to keep you entertained. Surrounded by beautiful forts, palaces, and temples in its sandy terrain, Jaisalmer offers some of the best camping experiences in the Sam and Khuri sand dunes, followed by the deserts of Bikaner and Jodhpur (Osian Desert).

  1. Desert Festival

The vast barren sands of Rajasthan turn into a cultural festival at Jaisalmer’s annual Desert Festival! Held in February every year amidst the dunes of the vast Thar Desert, this 4-day carnival is a grand celebration of Rajasthani folk culture and traditions. Enjoy the most vibrant sights to your eyes while enjoying folk dances, grand processions, puppet shows, local people dressed in traditional attire, and fun competitions like turban tying, tug of war, camel race, polo match, longest mustache, etc.

  1. Glamping

Imagine living like a royal in the middle of Anant Thar! Combining royal luxury with the best of desert experiences, the scintillating stay makes for a dream vacation like no other. Deluxe campsites feature elegantly furnished tents with air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, living areas, and private verandas with Jacuzzis and plunge pools.

Enjoy lavish spa treatments with locally sourced ingredients and private fine dining on the dunes amid lamps and bonfires as you enjoy breathtaking sunsets. The camp stay will give you a great experience of watching the mountains and landscapes from the window.

  1. Adventure Activities

For thrill-seekers and explorers, Rajasthan is an absolute haven! Get ready for a holiday packed with activities like parasailing on the desert landscape in Jaisalmer, zip-lining from the ramparts of Mehrangarh Fort, and much more. Jaisalmer also offers quad biking for an electrified sand driving experience!

  1. Rural Desert Stay

Explore the rustic charm of Rajasthan and learn the customs of a bygone era with rural desert migration. This unique stay makes for a more authentic experience of the desert lifestyle, away from the crowded areas. While here, stay in village houses and mud houses, immerse yourself in local traditions, dress up in vibrant attire, enjoy traditional food, and much more.

  1. Desert Cooking

Tracing its origins to the nomadic lifestyle of the royal hunting community of Rajasthan, who cooked their meat in secret, compost meat is an absolute must-try when you are in the desert state. Spicy meat wrapped in rotis and covered in a cloth in this traditional Rajasthani recipe is cooked underground with slowly burning coals and packs of delightful flavor!

Get ready for a magical vacation as you combine these epic experiences in your next desert vacation in Rajasthan.

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