Shopping Places in Jodhpur

Shopping Places in Jodhpur
Shopping Places in Jodhpur

Shopping Places in Jodhpur: One of the many reasons travelers fall in love with the city of blue, Jodhpur, is the city’s vibrant culture and heritage. There are many amazing places to visit in Jodhpur, colorful people clad in ethnic clothes, rich food culture, everything offers a glimpse of the cultural heritage of Jodhpur. It is evident that when you visit this city, your heart desires to carry a souvenir or two with you which represents the cultural heritage. And that’s where the famous markets and shopping places of Jodhpur come to your service!

The market places of Jodhpur are a treasure trove of Rajasthani clothes, traditional jewellery, classic handicrafts, authentic antiques, and chic mojaris. You can buy a lot of amazing things from these markets. But it may not be possible to explore all the markets while visiting the many palaces, lakes, and forts in Jodhpur. And that’s why we have here a list of the 5 best shopping places. Read on and add your favorite Jodhpur markets to your travel guide to Jodhpur.

5 Best Shopping Places in Jodhpur

Clock Tower Market

Most travelers keep the famous Clock Tower or Ghanta Ghar on their sightseeing plans while boarding their flights to Jodhpur. You probably have this tower on your must-see list too! When you are visiting the tower, be sure to visit the surrounding market. Because this local market of Jodhpur is one of the favorite shopping places of locals as well as tourists. The most famous item of this market is the wide range of spices, the red chili of Mathania is a must buy. Once you fill your shopping bag with as much spice as you want, you can also take a look at the market’s collection of flavored teas, handicrafts, antiques, and hand-embroidered clothing.

The shopkeepers here are very welcoming and helpful. But bargain before buying any item at the best price. Also, remember the opening hours of the market. 11 AM to 11 PM on all days except Sundays. With that, your shopping diary is sorted here. And after all that shopping, you might feel a little hungry or even if you don’t, then you must try some of the street food sold in this market. We have two suggestions. A platter of hot Shahi Samosas with a glass of Makhaniya Lassi which is loved by both the locals and tourists alike, which are delicious!

Umaid Bhawan Palace Market

Already guessed? Well, just like the Umaid Bhawan Palace, the market will give a royal atmosphere. And the credit goes to the excellent collection of metal works, antiques, and designer furniture. Just find the way between Umaid Bhawan and Ajit Bhawan and you will find an array of stalls selling many delicious and well-crafted items. The market is open from 9 to 5 pm except for Mondays. So, plan your trip accordingly.

Here’s what you can buy at this famous market in Jodhpur. Handicrafts made of sequins, pottery, mirrors and beads, metal and marble works, paintings, brass and copper utensils, textiles, silver jewelery, and puppets. In between shopping, you can also grab some delicious bites from the many street food joints in the market. There is a catch. Most of the stalls here have a fixed price policy and this means you won’t have to bargain. But don’t worry, shopping here will not burn a hole in your pocket as the stuff here is not that expensive.

Nai Sarak

Remember the colorful bandhani fabric used to make traditional Rajasthani clothes? Step into the new slide and you will see a pool of beautiful bandhani dresses. Yes, you can buy bandhani fabric or you can buy Rajasthani turban (turban), saris, suit pieces, and dupattas made from bandhani fabric. Buy as many items as you can as these will make perfect souvenirs for you and gifts for your loved ones. There is one more thing for which the market is famous and that is a huge number of leather items.

Some Shopping Tips! Bargain to get the best price. The market is open for long hours (10 am to 10 pm). But it gets quite crowded throughout the day, so make sure you have some time on hand when you visit. Also, avoid going here on Sundays, as all the shops are closed on that day.

Sojati Gate Market

Every year a large number of tourists visit this famous market of Jodhpur. And considering the sheer number of items sold in the many stalls here, the popularity of the market is not surprising! Traditional tie and dye clothing (bandhani), jewellery, handicrafts, and souvenirs, you name it and the market will supply. And another good news is that you can bargain! Buy as many Jodhpur famous shopping items as you want, but don’t limit your shopping experience to just one.

You will find many traditional mehndi stalls when you walk around this market. You can visit any stall and get some beautiful mehndi designs on your hand. It is not like liquid henna which you have to dry for some time. It’s like a sticker and it only takes a few seconds. Before asking, you can visit the market between 7 am and 11 am all week long except Sundays.

Mochi Bazaar

The name gave it away, didn’t it? Mochi Bazaar means cobbler market and has a huge collection of adorable shoes. Wherever you look in this market, you will see an ocean of shoes. Well, you’ve shopped for traditional handicrafts, antiques, and clothing, but you haven’t bought shoes yet. So, let’s head to the cobbler’s market. Now, when we say footwear, we are talking about the traditional Rajasthani Mojri. Which is a great craze not only in India but also among foreigners.

With so many different colors, patterns, designs, you won’t be able to return empty-handed. And when you are buying mojris, buy matching socks from traditional clothes bought from Nai Sark Bazaar. Also buy some matching bangles and junk jewelery (yes, there are these things in the market too). And you will have a complete Jodhpuri look! Opening hours are between 8 am and 9 pm, so travel accordingly.

Shopping in the colorful markets is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Jodhpur. And that is why we suggest you visit these markets and fill your bags with some Jodhpur souvenirs before leaving the city.

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