5 countries where you get paid to move

5 countries where you get paid to move

There are several countries in the world that are willing to pay if you only move to them, but for this, you need to fulfill only a few conditions. First of all, you need to get a visa and the rest. Here are 5 countries where you get paid to move.


Since 2010, Chile has actively supported startups from all over the world. And if you want to start your business in this country, then you will receive subsidies in the amount of 50 thousand euros for this. As a bonus to all this, the Chilean government offers a simplified visa for a year, and in the future, you can get a residence permit.


In the commune of Candela, no more than three thousand people live, and locals constantly leave from there. Therefore, in order for the city to flourish, the authorities are ready to pay migrants. For example, one person – 800 euros, a couple – 1200 euros, a family of three – 1800 euros, and for four or more – from 2000 euros. However, it is necessary to find a job with a salary of 7,500 euros per year.


The average age of local residents on the Greek island of Antikythera is 70 years. The authorities fear that in a few years the island will become empty and so they decided to launch a resettlement program. So, every year people are selected, each of whom receives a house, a plot of land for a vegetable garden and a payment of 500 euros per month for three years.


As in Chile, Ireland helps startups from all over the world. If the authorities of the state like your business ideas, they will take care of your financing, as well as find investors to enter the EU market.


Only a few hundred people live in the Champs du Boule commune in Lower Normandy. And to attract new residents, the authorities launched a program according to which they sell one hectare of land for just one euro. One condition is that you build a house on this land and live in it. There are no additional payments, as in other countries, but buying a plot at such a price is a real gift.

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