Top 3 places where it is best to make wishes

There are many places in the world where thousands of people regularly make their most cherished desires. Rambler will tell you about some locations that will make you believe in miracles. Here are the top 3 places where it is best to make wishes.

Wailing Wall, Israel

This is all that remains of the ancient Jerusalem temple, which was destroyed several centuries ago. Every year millions of pilgrims and ordinary tourists come to this place to pray and make the most cherished wish. And for its execution, according to legend, it is necessary to clearly formulate what you want, write it on paper, and then hide it in the crevices between the stones. At the same time, there are some nuances: you should not ask for material things and it is important to come to the Wall with pure intentions.

Golden Gate, Russia

A stone arch 15 meters high is located in the small resort town of Koktebel. The rock got its name “Golden Gate” thanks to a rare yellow lichen that covers its surface and shines with a golden hue on sunny days. Some claim that such a gate is the entrance to the kingdom of Hades, but others prefer to believe another legend, where this place fulfills desires. In order for the desire to come true, it is necessary to swim under the arch and throw a coin so that it hits the Golden Gate, and it is at the moment of the ringing that you need to make a guess.

Prime Meridian, UK

This is the name of the imaginary line that connects the two poles of the planet. And the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London is considered the reference point for geographical longitudes and time zones. Many are sure that if you stand above the metal strip that marks the prime meridian, you can make a wish that will surely come true. For this, some stand so that one leg is in the western and the other in the eastern hemisphere, while the rest just touch the Greenwich meridian with their hand.

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