Yarab Tso Lake, Leh

Yarab Tso Lake, Leh
Yarab Tso Lake, Leh

Nestled at the foot of the Himalayan peaks, Yarab Tso Lake is one of the most secluded places in Ladakh and is also popularly known as “The Secret Lake”. The lake stands out with its stunningly bright aquamarine waters, which contrast with the greenish-gray peaks that rise behind it in summer.

Yarab Tso Lake Leh Overview

Often referred to as the ‘hidden lake’ of Ladakh, Yarab Tso Lake is truly the region’s best-kept secret. Yarab Tso lives in the peaceful surroundings of the village of Sumur, about 15 kilometers from the holy Diskit Gompa in the Nubra Valley.

The view of this lake, which can be seen after a 20-minute climb uphill from the Panamik town, is quite mesmerizing. Tso Yarab is one of the most sacred and highest lakes in the Nubra Valley and is closely associated with the story of a monk. The stunning aquamarine waters, supported by picturesque peaks rising behind them, offer the most beautiful pictures to visitors.

Due to its secluded nature, Yarab Tso Lake is often overlooked by tourists. However, the lake is an excellent destination for hiking. A trek along the Nubra Desert leads to this magnificent lake.

Although there is no organized facility for adventure sports in Yarab Tso, it is at least a beautiful picnic spot. However, due to the sacred nature of the lake, Yarab Tso is frequented by locals and can be busy during the Buddhist festival months.

Yarab Tso Lake Leh Highlights

  • Take a trek along the Nubra Valley to discover Yarb Tso, Ladakh’s so-called ‘hidden lake’
  • Spend a morning picnicking by the lake amidst postcard-like views of the mountains around you
  • Admire the birds and animals that make their way through the peaceful surroundings of Yarab Tso Lake

How To Reach Yarab Tso Lake Leh

Yarab Tso is located along the Nubra Valley, so the best way to travel to the lake is by road. To reach a certain point one can hire a car from Nubra or Sumur village, then travel the rest of the way to the lake.

Best Time To Visit Yarab Tso Lake Leh

The best time to visit Yarab Tso Lake would be during the warm months of summer, ideally between May and September. The weather in the Nubra Valley is appallingly cold during the winter months, and the lake and its surroundings remain frozen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yarab Tso Lake, Ladakh

Q. Where is Yarab Tso Lake located?

A – In Ladakh, Yarab Tso Lake, Nubra Valley, Ladakh, India.

Q. How do I get to Yarab Tso Lake?

A – Yarab Tso can only be reached on foot, which is about a 20-minute walk from the village of Panamik near Sumur. Hire a local taxi from Leh or Ladakh to reach Panamik.

Q. Are there any lakes in Nubra Valley?

A – Yarab Tso Lake is one of the most sacred high-altitude lakes in the Nubra Valley. The presence of crystal clear fresh water in the lake beneath the rocky and barren terrain gives a panoramic picture of its surroundings, making the view very picturesque.

Q. Do I need any special permits to visit Yarab Tso Lake?

A – Domestic tourists need an Inner Line Permit to visit the Nubra Valley, while international tourists need a Protected Area Permit to visit it. You do not need any additional permission to visit Yarab Tso Lake.

Q. What is the best time to visit Yarab Tso Lake?

A – July to September is the best time to visit Yarab Tso Lake, as the roads are cleared of snow and you can enjoy the beauty of the lake to the fullest.

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