Where to buy clothes in Berlin?

Where to buy clothes in Berlin?
Where to buy clothes in Berlin?

Where to buy clothes in Berlin? Every time you come to Berlin, you look enviously at the crowds of colorful fashionistas rushing along the dirty sidewalks or lounging on the terraced bars of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Every time you probably ask yourself where do they get these things. And on the last day before leaving, desperate to find those “numerous designer shops” that your friends and guides told you about, you end your trip on Kudammme. (the most famous and largest shopping street in the city) or – even worse – in the Alexa mall. No longer in the crowd of fashionistas, but among the same as you, desperate tourists who do not want to go home empty-handed. To save you from this sad fate and to facilitate the search for what you really need, we walked along Friedrichshain and went to several shops with clothes of local young designers. Where to buy clothes in Berlin?


(Kopernikus p. 12)

Why did you come to Berlin? Because there are many museums, theaters, and the Brandenburg Gate? Most likely no. Surely you are here to plunge into the richest and most progressive club culture in Europe, to defend hourly queues at famous clubs and, once inside, get everything out of life. 

A workaholic is a favorite destination for electronic music and fashion adherents. Here you can find clothes from young independent brands, vinyl-friendly DJs, accessories, and themed reading – in short, everything a true electronic engineer needs. And most importantly, every three months the store releases its own clothing collections called DJs are workaholics, created in collaboration with cool electronics engineers. Each collection is accompanied by a track especially recorded for Workaholic and, of course, a powerful party, most often at the legendary Watergate

It is worth going here, even if you do not intend to buy anything – one of the founders of the store, Carolyn, who herself is “behind the counter”, will throw some unreleased track on the needle for you and tell you where to go on the weekend. She also really wants to cooperate with young Belarusian brands. This is true, by the way. 


(Gärtnerstr. 5, there is a branch at Schönhauser Allee 122) 

Inspired by travels to distant lands, this Dresden-based label creates not only informal clothes for women and children, but also exclusive furniture, jewelry, accessories, tableware, and cute knick-knacks. If you do yoga in the morning, spend the winter in India, and your children are vegans from birth, then at Tranquilo you will dress up wonderfully.

The rest should also visit this place – there are many pleasant little things that will cheer you up and decorate you and the interior of your apartment. The label owns factories in India and Nepal and cares not only about decent pay and working conditions, but also about the education and health of its employees and their families.


(Gabriel-Max-Str. 21, there is a branch on Lychener Straße 7)

This brand was created by Berlin graphic designers Martin Kruche and Tobias Hermann almost ten years ago, drunkenly deciding that mixing the letters in the famous expression “F * ck you” is cool and resourceful. They started small – in the basement of the university printing house, they printed T-shirts and sold them at the flea market at Boxhagener Platz. Gradually, business went uphill, and in 2008 the guys had already opened a mono-brand store, which was located a stone’s throw from their native flea market.

Over the years, YACKFOU remains true to its traditions and specializes primarily in printed T-shirts, although it has expanded its assortment with bikes, bags, accessories, and all sorts of nonsense like postcards. Today, YACKFOU products are sold in more than one hundred stores throughout Europe, in two mono-brand boutiques in Berlin and an online shop. And on Sundays, when shopping in stores is prohibited, stands with YACKFOU products can be found where it all began – at the flea markets at Boxhagener Platz and at Mauerpark.

Tante Eden 

( Wühlischstr. 38 )

This store successfully combines the collections of young independent Berlin labels and treasures unearthed by the owners in the markets of the most distant and exotic countries. Here, for example, there is a collection of backpacks and bags made in Bangkok from cement bags. Sports windbreakers in the spirit of the early nineties hang alongside the patterned ponchos. The interior is decorated with pink flamingos and a clock from Dali’s paintings.

24 colours 

( Kopernikusstr . 7a ; otherbranches – Oderberger Str. 20, Oranienstr. 193, Bergmannstr. 13, Goltzstrasse 40a, outlet – Schönhauser Allee 51 )

If you are not a rich girl, but you cannot allow someone in the same dress as you to sit on the subway in front of you, then you should not go to H&M. We recommend stopping by one of the shops of the Berlin brand 24 colors. Here, firstly, it is definitely not more expensive than in “people’s” stores, and secondly, they closely monitor the quality, environmental friendliness of production and transportation, and most importantly – the exclusivity – each model is limited to 300 copies. The brand’s young designers are inspired by Berlin streetwear, which means they make sure you are always young, hip, and sexy. 

Little Soma 

(Kopernikusstr. 9, филиалы – Alte Schönhauser Str. 27 )

To get to this small shop, inspired by Asian trash, you first have to go through the second-hand Fumanchuh shoe store, which is located in the same room. Inside you will find colorful socks with foxes, crocodiles, and other animals, unicorn bikes, and shiny leggings not only from young Berlin designers but also from famous brands such as Nümph from Denmark or Sugarhill from England. Of course, if you try, you can find something more every day. But why? Look at these socks!


(Kopernikusstr. 12 and Grünbergerstr. 54, branches – Oderberger Str. 43)

For almost 20 years of its existence, this company from the German Lübeck has opened a dozen stores throughout Germany, actively promoting the careful use of natural resources. The stores feature both their own brands Home Edition, Fräulein Stachelbeere, Foot Knox, and Green Salvage, as well as clothing from young German designers. The main feature is cool original prints and, of course, concern for the environment. They also developed and sell the official merch of the iconic Kollektiv Turmstrasse. Just last week, two minutes from the store on Kopernikusstr. 12, a new branch was opened at Grünbergerstr. 54. It is spacious there and still smells pleasantly of wood after renovation. Where to buy clothes in Berlin?

So now you know Where to buy clothes in Berlin?

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