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Vikatgad Peb Fort

Vikatgad Peb Fort is situated on the Matheran Hill Range, which is about 2,100 feet above sea level. It is a popular trekking destination for those looking for an adventurous trail. It continues along with Malang Gad, Tauli Hill, and Chanderi Fort to other forts in Matheran Hill Range.

Being close to the major cities of Pune and Mumbai, with a well-connected railway system, attracts trekkers from both cities, mostly on weekends. Little is known about the fort, and much of it is in ruins due to an alleged battle that took place in the 19th century.

However, it was the storage of food grains and ammunition and was also visited by British Captain Dickinson in 1818. The fort has two entrances in ruins. Its perimeter still has traces of idols of Lord Hanuman. Approximately 1 hour is required to see all the palaces of the fort.

How to Reach Vikatgad Peb Fort

Since the fort is along the Mumbai-Pune route, commuting here is easy. Here are the easiest and convenient routes to reach the fort by train, bus, and air.

By train: The nearest railway station to the fort is Neral Railway Station, at a distance of about 3.5 km. This station is:-

88 km from Mumbai (2hrs)

117 km from Pune (3hrs)

67.4 km from Lonavala (1hr 30m)

Frequent trains pass through each of these stations, making commutation easy.

By road: There are no buses that lead to Vikatgad Peb Fort from nearby destinations. However, you can hire a taxi from one of the major cities like Mumbai and Pune. The route is convenient, and it makes for a good road trip.

By air: The nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, Mumbai. There are taxis and buses that run to railway stations or other drop-off points.

Vikatgad Peb Fort – Best Time to Visit

Summer (May – July)

During summer, the temperature varies from 23 – 29 ° C with a hot and humid climate. The scorching heat of the sun makes it impossible to travel, which often causes dehydration. Trekking can be difficult in this season. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid the trek to Vikatgarh Peb Fort during the summer.

Monsoon (August – November)

During the monsoon, the surroundings of the fort are lush green, with a waterfall running smoothly and rich crop planting. However, trekking can be a bit dangerous due to the slope of the hill. So, if you do not mind a little rain, then you can visit the fort in the monsoon. Take raincoats and umbrellas.

Winter (December – March)

During the winter, the rain has washed away the surface of the fort, making it all the more remarkable in appearance. The surroundings are clean and green, the temperature is low in humidity. The heat of the sun is bearable and makes for a delightful trek experience.

So, winter is the best time to visit Vikatgarh Peb Fort.

Places to visit nearby

There are many picturesque places to visit in the Raigad district besides Vikatgarh Peb Fort. These are mostly trekking spots, and attract tourists prominently due to the beautiful scenery around them. Now only the city is close to both Mumbai and Pune, making it a popular getaway.

Louisa Point: Louisa Point offers a panoramic view of the historic Vishalgarh and Prabalgarh Fort. During the monsoon, one can see the waterfalls flowing with the beauty of the mountains. Sunset and sunrise are amazing from this point.

Panorama point: With a little trekking, one can reach the top of the panorama point, often called the sunrise point. Trekkers, tourists, and locals visit the place during the daybreak to begin their sightseeing, and they do not disappoint.

Porcupine Point: From the Porchicin point, one can see the historic Prabalagarh Fort all magnificently. It is yet another popular sunrise/sunset destination.

Heart Point: This heart-shaped point is an attraction for lovers, who poke sweet tips into each other’s ears. It is a romantic getaway destination that offers sunrise/sunset views.

One Tree Hill Point: One Tree Hill is another trekking destination on a hill planted with a tree at its peak. The valley of Matheran, with thick wood and dense forests, makes for an amazing trekking experience. There are local food stops n routes that also serve scrumptious food.

Vikatgad Peb Fort | Essential Information

Mobile connectivity: Mobile connectivity is not a problem across Maharashtra. However, Raigad is full of mountain ranges, and when you climb high during your trek, you may lose connectivity for some time. It mostly depends on your sim operators. But don’t worry, you will get it back as soon as you get down. Apart from the trek, there should not be connectivity problems.

ATM’S: Raigad city is well equipped with ATM machines. There is no problem with not getting any money. If you are trekking, you can keep some cash in your pocket. There is no scenario of crimes outside the ATM, but to stay in a safe place, take a friend with you while you withdraw money.

Food joints: While trekking, one should keep enough food with them as there is no assured availability of food while walking. But Raigad has eateries that offer Maharashtrian and Indian cuisine to get your attention.

The minimum duration of the trek: Trekkers should logistically be prepared for a walk for a few hours. It takes about 3 to 3 hours to climb without any break. Going downhill is inherently faster.

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