Staycation: What is a staycation?


If you are used to spending every vacation in distant lands and for many months have been suffering from the fact that the pandemic has taken this opportunity away, take a closer look at the concept of staycation. Let’s figure out where this travel trend came from and why it has become especially relevant now.

What is a staycation?

The meaning of the term is encoded in the word itself: it was formed from the English stay (to stay) and vacation (vacation, vacation), that is, a staycation is “vacation at home.” Moreover, “at home” is not necessarily in an apartment where we have already spent too much time over the past year, “at home” also extends to your area, city or country.

Why would I take a vacation if I’m not going anywhere?

In a situation where it is problematic or even impossible to go on a long trip to Asia or at least to jerk off to Vilnius for the weekend, it may seem that there is no point in taking a vacation – and generally having a rest. However, we advise you to try out the staycation – perhaps this is the format that is right for you. In order for you to truly rest while on vacation at home, it must initially be treated as a revitalizing activity.

staycation is a great way to slow down and take a different look at what’s nearby. This type of travel will open up something that you could not pay attention to before, or it will give you the opportunity to finally see that very estate not far from the city, the visit of which you have always put off until later. And, of course, it will help to save money and significantly reduce the stress of planning a long trip.

Plus, not going anywhere is also the most sustainable way to travel. This will help you reduce your carbon footprint and support local communities and initiatives. In general, stealing promotes a conscious approach to travel: you don’t have to go to Barcelona or Venice, so as not to become another one that makes up over-tourism, but go to a small village museum, which is created by the forces of volunteers.

When did the staycation concept come about?

For the first time, this trend was talked about in the United States during the financial crisis of 2008, when many had to sharply cut their budget – including travel. Then there began a wave of interest in what was nearby.

The second round of popularity of the term staycation, of course, brought the pandemic. Travelers began to devote more time and attention to traveling around their home country – whatever country they are in.

What to do during your staycation?

  • Go on a trip across the country. Plan a weeklong expedition or get out on a weekend trip, plan a route through unexplored hidden locations, or finally take a trip to a couple of must-see places that you haven’t seen yet. The main thing is not to rush and treat what you see with very careful love. What seems clear and commonplace can suddenly become the most surprising discovery.
  • Walk around your own city as a tourist. Have breakfast in your favorite places, go to a museum or botanical garden, look at familiar streets from a different angle. staycation will give you time for things that usually don’t fit into a busy work schedule. You can even rent a hotel in your city so that the effect of such a vacation is as close as possible to a real trip.
  • Take care of the arrangement of your home. A vacation at home is a great chance to finally make your home your place of power. Upgrade your kitchen, dismantle the balcony, buy a couple of new plants or replace the curtains with bright yellow ones

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