Sri Lanka – Top 4 Cities To Visit in 2021

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has innumerable attractions to offer to any traveler. From its ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, friendly elephants, to its welcoming people, varieties of tea, delicious food, and affordable prices. Sri Lanka has everything to make your holiday memorable. If you are visiting this magnificent island nation any time soon, make sure that these cities are listed in the itinerary of your Sri Lanka tour package. From the fort city of Galle to the temple city of Kandy, from the capital Colombo to the heritage city of Sigiriya.

Top 4 Cities in Srilanka

Sigiriya – The Heritage City

For lovers of history and heritage, Sigiriya should be one of the top cities in Sri Lanka to explore. Essentially an ancient fort, Sigiriya has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status for its palace ruins and gardens. It dates back to the 3rd century BCE when it was originally a monastery. It was later converted into a royal palace.

Located in the central Matale district, Sigiriya is built on a steep slope, ending in a plateau known as the Lion’s Rock. The plateau is about 600 feet high, and you can watch the lush green forests from below. You can reach the site through the stairs leading out of the lion’s mouth here. Various ponds, gardens, and fountains are worth seeing in the fort. The beauty of this city is so mesmerizing that the locals consider it the eighth wonder of the world.

Kandy – The Temple City

Kandy is surrounded by mountains, intimate gardens, magnificent tea gardens, and famous temples. The tooth temple which has the remains of Buddha’s tooth is the most popular attraction here. Next to this temple is the Kandi lake which offers travelers scenic views and some peaceful times. Almost all Sri Lanka tour packages include a visit to these amazing attractions of Kandy. For your first visit, exploring this city is a must as it gives you a distinct taste of Sri Lanka.

For those who are visiting Sri Lanka in August, Candy has a unique offering. The city hosts a lively Esala Pereira Festival during August that holds a parade of dancers, musicians, jugglers, fires, and adorned elephants. Enjoy this festival to gain an insight into the local culture of Sri Lanka and experience its profound delight.

Galle – The Fort City

Galle is a prime example of a tenacious city and a sheer delight for a photographer. From the Galle Lighthouse, located within the walls of the ancient Galle fort, you can capture breathtaking detail on your camera. This 17th-century fort sits on a provincial view overlooking the Indian Ocean and offers spectacular views. It is a popular attraction among couples, and thus you can find it on many Sri Lankan honeymoon packages.

Galle is also home to an art colony, which makes artistic contributions from its expanding expatriate community. Top places to visit in Galle include a maritime museum; The Jesuits built the St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Sinigama Temple. It is said that if you make a donation and say your prayers at the Senigama Temple, good wishes will be bestowed on you. So, if you need some luck, be sure to pay a visit to this place in Kandy.

Colombo – The Commercial Capital

Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is a beautiful place. You will probably be landing in Colombo to begin your journey to other places in Sri Lanka. The city has a tropical climate and invites travelers throughout the year. For history lovers, there is the Natural History Museum and the Dutch Period Museum which provide a rewarding experience. Travelers who have a close connection with nature and animals can visit the Turtle Conservation Villa. Art lovers can visit the Nellum Pokuna Theater, a performing arts center that hosts opera and orchestra music. Also, do not miss the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple. It is famous for its cultural essence and ethnic architectural style.

So, as you sit down to finalize your Sri Lanka tour package, make sure that the above cities are listed in your itinerary for a luxurious holiday experience.

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