Shopping Festivals Around the World

Shopping Festivals Around the World
Shopping Festivals Around the World

A festival is a mass event where many people come together to celebrate something with a historical or religious significance. Shopping festivals, on the other hand, are for one thing, and one thing only – to satisfy a shopper’s shopping need. Like a hungry flock towards a feast, shoppers around the world make it a point to visit the biggest shopping festivities of the year. Here are the 7 best Shopping Festivals Around the World.

So, if your credit card is your best friend and there is no limit to your luggage limit, then here are some of the best shopping festivals in 2022 for you to go out and make the shopping spree of your dreams come true.

Shopping Festivals Around the World

  1. Dubai Shopping Festival – The One and Only

It is the biggest, most exciting, and most visited shopping festival in the world. Duration. Held every year in December and January. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a buyer’s paradise filled with malls and outlets for every brand for sale in the world. The opening ceremony itself is a sight to behold – there is a lively fireworks display that lights up the 6km-long stretch starting from Dubai Creek and the business area to the Shindagha area.

For a glimpse of more fascinating street stunts, visit Al Rigga Street, where jaw-dropping street performances will take you back to the days when mystics walked our ancient planet. To experience Emirati life, visit Desert Camp, where you can choose between horseback riding, camel rides, desert safaris, and enjoy traditional dances and cuisines, a thing of the days when Bedouin tribes were still alive. was also in power.

Another great crowd-puller you should know about is Live Raffles, where you can win real gold if you get lucky. There is so much to see, do, eat and buy at the Dubai Shopping Festival that mere words will not do justice. This should be at the top of your list of shopping festivals this year. One of the best Shopping Festivals Around the World.

  1. Great Singapore Sale – The Bargainers’ Playground

The Great Singapore Sale, or GSS, was started nearly 20 years ago by the Singapore Retailers Association to promote trade and tourism. And boy, what a success it is. For example, in 2013, as part of a shopping event organized by Mastercard, GSS attracted $1.5 billion in sales. This is more than what some companies make in an entire year! GSS is a shopping festival which lasts for two months.

It is one of the most visited shopping festivals in the world which starts in the month of June and ends in July. Are you a professional broker? Then, sharpen your bargains here, as GSS is replete with attractive brands that are offering huge discounts. The Great Singapore Sale is held at three main locations – Orchard Road, Orchard Central, and Tanglin Mall, but many more are added to the list every year. Want to recharge your body after a day of shopping? Visit one of the many spas and wellness clinics around the Sentosa area.

As people from all over the world travel to Singapore to experience the charm of the Great Singapore Sale, flight tickets and hotels become exorbitantly expensive as compared to the normal rates. Hence, it is suggested to book your flights and hotels well in advance to avoid last-minute hikes.

  1. Hong Kong Shopping Festival – Shop Spectacular

To really make your credit card sweat, head to the Hong Kong Shopping Festival, held every year between June 1 and August 31. Now, the dates sometimes change, but if you visit in mid-June, you will experience the peak shopping season. Being one of the most famous shopping festivals, it tends to be extremely crowded, but the shops remain open for longer periods than their regular operating hours to ensure that every shopper gets a chance.

So, you don’t have to worry about missing out on a lot of your dreams to get that professional camera that you have been wanting for a long time. July and August are also summer season months in Hong Kong, but since most malls are air-conditioned, you’re covered there as well. There are many different types of malls, depending on how much you are willing to spend. If you’re loaded, visit one of the many luxury malls like Landmark, IFC Mall, Pacific Place, and others to get your hands on some ice-cool luxury items. For the fittest folks, we suggest sticking to the Tung Chung area as you’ll also snag some great deals on apparel. Shopping Festivals Around the World.

  1. Istanbul Shopping Festival – 24×7 Shopping

If you’re a night shopper, the Istanbul Shopping Festival, lasting all day, every day, for three weeks is a great idea. Did you know that Istanbul is also one of the largest cities in the world? To compete with the Dubai Shopping Festival, the Istanbul Shopping Festival was first organized in 2011. Since then, it has become one of the hottest shopping destinations and one of the most visited shopping festivals in the world.

The dates change every year, but this shopping festival is also usually held every year between June and August. Like elsewhere, ISF is a citywide event and part of a theme run by some of Istanbul’s largest shopping malls. For the latest and greatest in fashion, head to town, which also has a six-story parking lot. If you’re the only shopper in your travel circle, head to Kanyon, a four-story maze filled with eateries, a costume shop, a health club, and movie halls.

One thing though, Turkish shoppers are notoriously slippery bargains. You’ll have to be a tough dealer to get the best deal, but isn’t the whole point of going to a shopping festival? To bargain and win the deal in the end?

  1. Thailand Grand Sale – A Passport To Shop

If you are planning to shop at the Thailand Grand Sale, you need to read the Amazing Thailand Grand Sail Passport launched by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The Special Passport comes with several privileges: a free five-kilogram extra baggage allowance, a 500 baht discount per bill for international shipping in select stores, and a six percent VAT refund when shopping in Siam Paragon.

More than 200 retailers have joined the initiative. Stop. Shopping discount passport? This only happens in Thailand! Other reasons to visit one of the most awaited shopping festivals in 2020 are the huge variety of food stalls and apparel items you can visit.

  1. Cannes Shopping Festival – Viva Le Shop!

A trip to France is always special, no matter what the occasion. Thus, the Cannes Shopping Festival is one of the most crowded times to take place in France. It’s usually held alongside the more famous film festivals, so while your movie-loving friends can melt their faces at the world’s best movie premiere, you can walk down the Promenade de la Croisette, card in hand and a big grin. can in front of you.

After all, France is home to some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. The word “chic” is also French! We caution you, though, that you’ll pretty much be burning through your budget at the Cannes Shopping Festival. The largest shopping mall in the region, the Galerie du Gray d’Albion is the place to be. If that’s too much for you, try Cannes La Bocca, where the prices are a little lighter, and the variety is wider.

  1. Korea Grand Sale – Selama Shopping

Planning to visit the Korea Grand Sale? Then you’re in luck because the South Korean government has tied up with a number of retailers, airliners, and rental companies to offer up to 95% discounts on flights, accommodations, and your shopping bills. Also, there is the Korea Tour Card, through which you can avail of great deals on shopping, transportation, and sightseeing.

So, the Korea Grand Sale is the perfect place for you to shop until you drop. South Korea is also home to some of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world. Keen to bring out your inner shopper? Compare all the festivals, finalize the one that has everything you want to buy, and get ready to go on your dream shopping spree with InterMiles.com which will help you make it memorable with Its #MakeItCount!

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