Safest vacation destinations this year

Safest vacation destinations this year
Safest vacation destinations this year

Safest vacation destinations this year: The introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine has given us hope that the travel ban will end soon. But with the COVID-19 situation changing every day, as well as travel restrictions, it is difficult to determine the safest travel destinations where the chance of catching the virus is minimal.

Experts suggest paying attention to places where the covid situation has been under control throughout the pandemic, rather than heading to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

What makes a destination safe with COVID-19?

First, there is no complete protection against COVID-19. But the best place to look is not where there have been far fewer cases of COVID-19 than in the rest of the world. In such places, even if you get sick, doctors can quickly help you, not loaded with hundreds of other patients. Also, a low infection rate reduces the likelihood of unexpected restrictions, such as curfews.

Top 5 safest vacation destinations this year

Madeira Island, Portugal: Europe’s Safest Travel Destination

Although covid has taken a serious toll on the Portuguese mainland, infecting nearly a million people, the less populated islands of Madeira have remained the safest place in Europe since the pandemic began.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, restrictions were introduced on the island to contain the coronavirus, as a result, this led to the fact that on a fairly populated island, with a population of almost 300,000 people, cases of infection did not even exceed 1,000 people.

Madeira is known for its lush nature and breathtaking scenery. The island is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the air and water are very clean here, and it also does not get too hot.


Monaco, known as the “playground of the rich”, is another of the safest destinations in Europe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 21 people have died in this region of the French principality and 1,787 cases of the disease have been registered.

Whether it’s relaxing on the beach or playing at Monte Carlo’s world-famous casinos (when they reopen), this stunning Mediterranean city has something for all travelers.

While there is no mandatory quarantine period upon arrival in Monaco, there is currently a 7:00 pm curfew in place until 6:00 am. So immediately plan your entertainment for the evening so as not to get bored after the curfew begins.

Martinique, Lesser Antilles

After a dull winter in isolation, the sun, sea, and sand on the most beautiful Caribbean island will help you recover. Exceptional hiking, canyoning in the mountains of Mount Pele, or swimming with turtles are just some of the activities Martinique has to offer.

More importantly, this destination has been far less affected by COVID-19 than most countries in Europe, with just 6,000 cases and 45 deaths. All travelers over the age of 11 will require a negative PCR result to enter Martinique. But it is better to always check the latest information on restrictions before planning a trip.

Asos – Kefalonia island, Greece

Asos is the perfect place to rejuvenate after months of isolation. Here you will find blue skies, crystal clear seas, excellent cuisine, and a beautiful landscape. This is one of the hidden gems of Greece. Here you can soak up the sun on the beautiful Navagio Beach or explore the Melissani Cave, Greece’s natural treasure

The island has four times fewer COVID-19 infections per capita than most other countries in Europe. The Greek Prime Minister says travelers with a COVID-19 vaccination certificate can enter the country without any restrictions.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti’s crystal clear waters, lush natural landscape, rich local cuisine, and culture are sure to attract all travel lovers. But more importantly, Tahiti is one of the safest places to book your vacation in 2021. Tahiti has three times fewer deaths per million inhabitants than France. French Polynesia has recorded 18,000 cases of the virus and 136 deaths.

Most travelers are required to have at least one negative PCR test before boarding. Despite the fact that these places are considered the safest, all travelers should exercise caution for the sake of their own health, and for the sake of the health of local residents. Therefore, always heed the advice of the authorities regarding the pandemic.

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