Safari In Maldives

Safari In Maldives

The crystal clear waters of the Maldivian lagoons are home to manta rays, whale and reef sharks, not to mention all kinds of colorful fish that hide among coral gardens, canals, and underwater peaks. You can look at them for hours. And the best way to discover the archipelago’s underwater treasures is to go on a diving safari. Safari In Maldives.

The World moves around you

It would seem, why to swim somewhere because in the Maldives the sea is everywhere. But each atoll and each lagoon are separate worlds. If you live on an island, you can only explore the reefs around its perimeter. But the Maldives are scattered over a vast territory (the length of the country from north to south – 820 km, from east to west – 120 km), and the best diving is in the channels between the atolls. If you go on a cruise, the landscapes outside the window will constantly change, giving new impressions.

The route is laid so that guests can visit the most interesting locations, combining relaxation with various activities. Sunbathe on the beach, dive exploring the underwater world, enjoy life!

In one place you will see how green turtles graze, in another, you can swim next to the dolphins. Surely you will meet huge whale sharks – do not be afraid, they are not dangerous to humans.

For those wishing to organize a fishing trip or an overnight barbecue on the island. Imagine yourself on a wild beach among burning torches and numerous palms!

You can get acquainted with local life in the settlements on the inhabited islands. One of the vivid memories will be national shows with singing and crazy dances to the drums of Bodu-Beru.

The best part about safari travel is that you don’t have to move anywhere, repacking your suitcases every time. You are at home, the world is moving around you. It is possible that the captain of the yacht will even allow you to take part in steering or working with the sails. Either way, an extraordinary experience and sea romance are guaranteed.

And if there is a Storm?

The Maldives archipelago is a group of atolls whose inland waters are well protected from ocean waves. If it is not calm, the yacht will safely wait out somewhere in a closed bay. And while she is at anchor, you will not be bored. The Maldives has a lot of sea activities: water skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, surfing and kiting, etc. And the water temperature is + 27 ° C all year round. Fairy tale!

Which Yacht to choose?

The offers on the charter yacht market differ from each other in the class of the vessel, the route, and the duration of the tour. There are cruises for honeymooners and families with children, for single travelers, and for fun companies. You can sail on a multi-deck cruise ship, a luxury superyacht, or a compact boat with a couple of cabins. The proposals include catamarans and houseboats, modern sailing ships, and national doni boats.

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