Palaces In Mysore You Must Visit

Chittaranjan Palace

Palaces In Mysore: Mysore is one of the most coveted tourist destinations in South India. Its nickname, ‘The City of Palace’ is due to the presence of several gorgeous palaces in this city. The beauty, the grandeur and the royalty of these palaces are sure to lure you. May you be an art lover, a history buff or just an explorer, you will love visiting these Mysore palaces for sure.

Obviously, there are many palaces in the city and you may not be able to visit them all. So, we have made a Mysore travel guide to the top 5 palaces that you can explore when you are in this beautiful city. Go through the list to get a sneak peek of what’s waiting for you in each of these palaces.

5 Palaces In Mysore You Must Visit

Amba Vilas Palace

A bright name in Mysore palace tourism is this palace. You probably will hear people referring to it as the Mysore Palace. Built by the twenty-fourth Wodeyar king, Mysore Palace features Indo-Saracenic architecture that is worth admiring. From the deep pink marble domes and the gold plated dome to the Hindu temples and the intricate details on walls, everything will captivate your eyes from the moment you enter the palace compound. Enter through any of the four imposing arched gates that will lead you to the manicured gardens surrounding the palace.

After entering, start exploring the key elements of the palace, including the Durbar Hall, the Ambavilasa and the Royal Howdah. The Kalyan Mantapa is also mesmerising to look at. After the Kalyan Mantapa, visit the 12 Hindu temples that bestow a divine vibe to this historical location. Look around to spot 7 massive arches and the idol of Goddess Gajalakshmi along with her elephants on the top of the central arch. It creates an astonishing view! You can come here anytime between 10 am to 5.30 am with an entry fee of Rs. 70 per person. But, if you ask us, we would suggest you come to visit this Mysore palace at night to witness the entire palace illuminated with 97,000 golden lights. It is indeed a breathtaking sight! Another suggestion, try to plan your visit here during the Dussehra festival in October when the palace is adorned beautifully with lights and huge celebrations are conducted.

Lalitha Mahal Palace

Sign up for a royal stay by booking accommodation at this palace, situated at the foot of the Chamundi hills. Your eyes will be hooked to the all-white Renaissance-style structure from the moment you enter. The golden sections on the pillars create a spectacular contrast against the white. This old Mysore palace still looks like a newly built one due to renovation and proper maintenance. Primarily built for the Viceroy of India, this palace is now turned into a five-star heritage hotel where you can book a stay.

Speaking of accommodation, this Mysore palace inside houses a number of well-fitted royal suites. Whichever suite you book, there will be all required amenities. During your stay, you can also opt for treks conducted by the hotel authority for some thrill. If you are not in the mood for trekking, sit by your suite’s window and see how the lush green gardens cover the palace compound. In the evening, take a stroll in these gardens for a soothing experience. If you are here with your partner, spend some cosy moments by the swimming pool. With so much to offer, it is surely one of the best hotels in Mysore.

Jaganmohan Palace

If you are an admirer of art and history, this Mysore palace name must be on your travel itinerary. Once a royal palace, this building is now converted into an art gallery. You can find many artworks of bygone days. When you reach here, you will first encounter the towering wooden doors. On approaching the doors, you can spot detailed carvings that represent the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. If you explore the walls, you will find beautiful murals depicting the scenes from Mysore Dussehra as well.

Now, some historical facts about this palace. This Mysore palace built by the third Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar was occupied by the royal family when the Mysore Palace was under reconstruction. This is why you can still find artefacts used by the royal family inside the palace. Many consider this as one of the best art galleries in South India. Pay a visit to this palace with an entry fee of Rs. 75 and you will agree. Just a reminder! The palace is open from 8 am to 5.30 pm for visitors. So, make sure you plan your visit within this time frame.

Jayalakshmi Vilas Palace

This royal palace now houses three museums, each of which displays distinct elements of the royal lifestyle. Archaeology Museum, Folklore Museum and General Museum, you can explore any or all of these. Let’s give you a glimpse of what you will see here. Inside the folklore museum, you will find more than 6500 displays. No doubt it has one of the largest collections of Asia’s folklore exhibits! Costumes, puppets, rural ornaments, miniature village huts and much more are displayed here. In the General Museum, you will find artefacts that were once used by the royal family residing here. On the other hand, the Archaeology Museum offers displays like stone sculptures, life-like replicas of tigers and paintings.

Here’s some interesting Mysore palace information for you! Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar had built this palace for his elder daughter and it was earlier referred to as the First Rajkumari Mansion. Today, it falls under the authority of the University of Mysore where postgraduate courses are offered. If you are planning to visit this palace, you have to come between 10 am to 1 pm or between 3 pm to 5 pm. And you have to pay Rs. 15 as an entry fee.

Chittaranjan Palace

If you search about Mysore palace in Chamundi Hills, this palace will definitely appear in your search result. Also, you might be able to recognise some portions of this palace when you come here, as many television shows and movies have been shot here. Initially, the Maharaja of Mysore had built this palace for a princess that was later transformed into a premier studio. After a fire broke out, the studio was converted into a heritage hotel. What’s more interesting about this palace turned hotel is that it is completely eco-friendly. Everything here runs on solar energy.

You can lodge in any of its 31 rooms, each giving an aura of royalty. There’s greenery all around the palace that will help you rejuvenate nature. If you are stressed out from the busy schedules of life, come here to refresh your mind and soul. A walk on the hotel lawn in the evening is enough to calm your mind. Another intriguing aspect is that you can contribute to charity indirectly by booking your stay here. How? The hotel contributes its profit to charity. So, book your stay here to experience the royal vibes while doing some social work as well!

As you can see, the palaces in Mysore offer varied experiences and all are beautiful in their own ways. So, next time you book flights to Mysore and plan a vacation here, make sure to add the palaces to your sightseeing plans!

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