Luxembourg: 6 worth seeing sights


This unique state deserves more attention than it receives. Luxembourg attracts a small number of tourists, although for those who visit it becomes a discovery. A visit to the only Grand Duchy in the world will give you an unforgettable experience of the urban landscapes, architecture, and culture of the city.

A natural fortress surrounded by tumbling hills, rocky gorges, and dense forest, Luxembourg’s Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the historical importance of its famous fortifications. And this is a good place to start exploring the city.

Luxembourg: 6 worth seeing sights

  1. Boka casemates

This complex underground network of tunnels and fortifications, created in the 17th century during the period of Spanish rule, helped Luxembourg to become known as the “Gibraltar of the North”. The hard and steep cliff is reinforced with cannons protruding from carefully carved holes. Not surprisingly, Luxembourg has gained a reputation as an impregnable city. Visitors can walk through the corridors in the wall and wonder why the troops even tried to storm Luxembourg.

  1. Chemin de la Corniche

Described by eminent Luxembourgish writer Betty Weber as “Europe’s most beautiful balcony”, the Chemin de la Corniche is the perfect place for anyone who wants to experience the impressive topography of this unique city. From here you can see the crooked rooftops of the Grund, the meandering river Alzette, and the lone spire of the Eglise Saint-Jean-du-Grund. It is especially beautiful to walk along this sublime path at sunset.

  1. Mullerthal

The dense forests, hills, and winding streams of the Müllerthal, often referred to as Little Switzerland, are reminiscent of the famous Swiss landscapes. Embark on the 112 km Müllerthal trail for a summer hike. There you will see rare sandstone rock formations and beautiful views of the river Sur. Also, don’t miss the chance to visit charming Echternach, Luxembourg’s oldest city, famous for its bizarre dance processions that take place every Tuesday.

  1. Éislek (Ardennes)

The north of Luxembourg is one of the country’s most unspoilt regions, with some of the country’s best hiking and biking trails. Part of the Ardennes region, this picturesque landscape of green valleys is dotted with medieval castles and quaint villages.

Vianden Castle is not only a charming old ruin worth visiting but also the only chairlift in Luxembourg, passing at an altitude of 440 meters and crossing the river Nash. From the top, there is a majestic view of the castle, the valley, and the city itself.

  1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, with its elegant spires rising above the capital, is the only cathedral in Luxembourg. This is one of the most recognizable buildings in Luxembourg. The foundation stone of the cathedral was laid over 400 years ago in 1613, although its appearance has changed over the years (for example, beautiful stained glass windows were added in the 19th century). Although it is a prime example of late Gothic architecture, it also contains many renaissance elements.

  1. Wine Country

If spending a sunny day with a glass of dry white or sparkling wine surrounded by lush greenery seems like a good idea, this summer is the best time to head to the Moselle Valley in Luxembourg. Here, in the hills, there are vineyards where grape varieties such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Chardonnay are grown. The mild climate and limestone soils of this region make it an ideal place to create fine wines. It is only 20 km from Luxembourg City and is ideal for a day trip.

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