Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia
Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia: As the name indicates, this theme park is filled with various rides and attractions, all built out of Lego bricks. It is Malaysia’s first international theme park and attracts thousands of tourists of all age groups year after year.

Legoland Malaysia Overview

Located in the city center of Iskander Puteri in Johor, Legoland Malaysia is the first international theme park in Malaysia. Ranked as the top sixth theme park on the planet, this park offers thrill rides, amazing shows, and a slew of other attractions. Lego theme parks, water parks, and stunning marine life experiences are some of the best places to explore on your trip to Legoland Malaysia.

All rides at the attraction keep visitors happy all day long by allowing kids to go on thrilling expeditions in special LEGO adventures. You can also swim in the wave pool, splash water in the Duplo Pool, or climb and slide down the many other slides at LEGOLAND Water Park.

SEA LIFE Aquarium in LEGOLAND Malaysia is the latest addition to the park that lets visitors view sea creatures in their natural habitat. It is home to over 13000 marine animals of 120 different species. You can also enjoy the dining options in this aquarium while enjoying the glimpse of the sea animals flowing above you in the glass frame. Hence, Legoland Malaysia is the ultimate package of thrill, excitement, and adventure for all adventure enthusiasts.

Legoland Malaysia Highlights

  • Enjoy an interactive and enjoyable day out at LEGOLAND Malaysia with over 40 rides and attractions spread across eight different themed areas.
  • Go on a fantastic adventure to Lego City, Ninjago World, Miniland, and more.
  • Witness over 13000 sea creatures from 120 different species at the SEA LIFE Aquarium.
  • Explore and learn about the sea creatures’ habitat in more than 25 exhibit tanks in 11 habitat areas.
  • Enjoy surfing activities in Lego Wave Pool and race with your friends to see who is the fastest.
  • Relax with your fellow young adventurers after making your raft along the Build-A-Raft Lazy River.
  • Slide down the splash stick water slide at Legoland Malaysia Water Park.
  • Build and test your own LEGO buildings on Imagination Land or take part in immersive LEGO workshops in the LEGO Technic area.
  • Make your day full of fun, creativity, and adventure that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Points Of Interest for Legoland

  1. Theme Park

The Legoland Malaysia Theme Park includes over 40 thrill rides and attractions in its eight themed areas. The park lets kids do everything they ever wanted, from driving cars and riding exciting rapids through treetops and escaping from scary dragons. Some of the best rides in the Legoland theme park are the Aquazone Wave Racers, Driving School, and Dino Island. The park also has the latest addition to its rides and attractions called Planet Legoland, which offers an immersive experience to build, build and rebuild anything you want. Also, don’t forget to ride the Legoland Express with your squad.

  1. Water Park

Legoland Malaysia Water Park has over 20 slides, rides, shows, and water sports to allow you to get ready for wet fun. Enjoying under the sun gets even more enjoyable with interactive play structures from DUPLO Safari to Joker Soaker. At this water park, kids can swim along the Build-A-Raft lazy river, surf in the Lego wave pool, or climb and slide down the amazing tube and body slides.

Some of the favorite rides at Legoland Water Park are the Lego Wave Pool, Brick Blaster, Red Rush, and Splash & Swirl. If you are tired of having fun in the water, you can head to the Imagination Station to give wings to your imagination with engaging and educational activities.

  1. SEA LIFE Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium at LEGOLAND Malaysia lets visitors discover an amazing underwater world experience with over 13000 sea creatures from 120 different species. This aquarium is the perfect place to connect with kids and learn, love, and care for the ocean through Sea Life Malaysia. The park tells compelling stories and offers an interactive education tour by showcasing more than 25 performance tanks in 11 housing areas. You can continue your adventure at the SEA LIFE Malaysia gift shop by bringing home unique gifts dedicated to the creatures of the sea, which include plush toys, stationery, mugs, key chains, and more.

How To Reach Legoland Malaysia

By Car: There are two routes to reach LEGOLAND Malaysia, one is from Malaysia, and the other is from Singapore. In Malaysia, you can drive your car from Johor Bahru via the Coastal Highway to reach the LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. Alternatively, if you are traveling from Singapore, you can travel via Tuas Second Link or Woodland Checkpoint to reach your final destination.

By Bus or Coach: You can board local bus transport to travel from your location to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. Bus routes constitute SL1, LM1, JPO2, and CW7L.

Best Time To Visit Legoland Malaysia

The best time to visit LEGOLAND Malaysia is between the end of August and the end of February. During this time, the place experiences little or no rain, so you can enjoy all the rides and attractions at the LEGOLAND theme park, water park, and Sea Life Aquarium. It is also advisable to visit this place on weekdays as you will not find much crowd in the park during this time.

Essential Information About Legoland Malaysia

Things to Do in Legoland

  1. Discover Sea Creatures Up-Close – LEGOLAND Malaysia allows you to get a closer look at over 120 different species and over 13000 sea creatures at Sea Life Aquarium. No matter if you are a seahorse fanatic, shark lover, or clownfish group, you will find immense satisfaction in discovering beautiful sea creatures. Zebra sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, black tip reef sharks, and stingrays are the common sea creatures found in this aquarium. You can also learn about the fascinating micro-habitat of tiny sea creatures in Rockpool.
  2. Dive into an amazing underwater world– Another thing you can do to amaze your kids at Legoland Malaysia is dive into the amazing underwater world and experience an intimate underwater world enjoys. At the SEA LIFE Aquarium, kids can learn about the sea creatures’ habitat in the park’s 11 unique themed areas. You can stroll through a luscious rainforest and discover the history of the iconic Johor River in the Malaysian rainforest while exploring a coral reef garden filled with fish of various shapes and colors.
  3. Explore 8 Awesome Themed Lands – Eight awesome themed areas at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort allow you to be a brave knight, meet pirates and explore ancient lands from different parts of the world. Each land inside the park offers something for different interest groups. From The Beginning and Lego City to The Land of Adventure and Imagination, these eight-themed lands are the perfect destination to enjoy the best time of your life away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Rides at Legoland Malaysia

  1. Dino Island – Dino Island is one of the most spectacular rides in LEGOLAND water park, where staying dry will be your ultimate challenge. This ride takes you on an exciting journey to a lost and forgotten volcano on a long boat that sails through animated Lego dinos and strikes dangerous waters with a big splash.
  2. The Great LEGO Race – The Great LEGO Race takes you on the first LEGO virtual reality roller coaster ride. The ride makes a perfect combination of thrill and virtual reality technology to provide the visitors with excitement that they would have never experienced before. While wearing a VR headset, you can watch the action coming from every direction in a picturesque environment made exclusively of Lego bricks.
  3. Dragon’s Apprentice– Dragon’s Apprentice is a delightful mini roller coaster ride for young adventurers. The ride allows kids to enjoy twists, turns, and spirals while enjoying the views of the Kingdom Castle. You’ll be surpassed by the Lego courtier and his fair maiden on your Dragon’s Apprentice ride.
  4. Clown Soccer- Clown Soccer is an amazing water-based playground equipped with attractive play areas at different levels and slides for a never-ending adventure. Kids can throw a giant splash at each other from a 300-gallon bucket and soak or sweep themselves up to the feet.
  5. Brick Blaster – Brick Blaster lets you have a blast with friends on a tube that drifts, swings and slides through a tunnel of water. Families can have a wonderful time on the ride at Legoland Malaysia.
  6. LEGO Slide Racers – LEGO Slide Racers is a thrill ride consisting of six mat slides. These slides let riders run with friends and see who is the fastest. However, the ride warns visitors to get wet and wild while slithering down the course.

Places for Dine-in Legoland Malaysia

  1. Underwater Dining– Underwater Dining at LEGOLAND Malaysia allows you to immerse yourself in the unique underwater dining experience. You can enjoy a four-course meal in an intimate underwater setting while catching a glimpse of the surrounding sea creatures like zebra sharks and black tip reef sharks. The restaurant gives you the chance to choose your dining experience from the amazing underwater views so that you can have the best possible view. You can also go on a 45-minute VIP Aquarium Tour with over 13000 marine and freshwater marine creatures.
  2. Food at the Water Park – LEGOLAND Wherever you decide to dine at the water park, there is a wide variety of healthy, delicious, and mouth-watering cuisine available. The park assures that you will get quality food as per your choice and preference. Some of the famous restaurants serving delicious cuisine in the water park are Brick Cafe and Beach Grill. When your stomach calls and you want to energize yourself for other activities, you can order your favorite burgers, chicken tenders, hot dogs, sandwiches, and smoothies from these restaurants.
  3. Dining in Theme Park– Legoland Theme Park offers plenty of dining options for all taste buds. There are ten different types of restaurants to choose from for your favorite dish. Market Restaurant serves a wide range of Asian and Western favorites, while Pizza Frenzy offers a variety of Italian food. If you are looking for a light snack to eat, you can head to Cafe, Snack Corner, Fire Rescue Bistro, or Brick Cafe. Every dining option available at LEGOLAND theme park is worth trying after a full day of enjoyment.

Tips to Visit Legoland

  • Book your tickets well in advance for a hassle-free ticket booking experience.
  • Go as soon as possible and check the weather forecast to enjoy all of Legoland Malaysia’s rides and attractions.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated.
  • Experience the outdoor charm first because you never know when the rain will start falling.
  • Do not bring outside food and drink inside the premises of LEGOLAND Malaysia.
  • Whether you are going for a water ride or not, pack your belongings in a waterproof bag.
  • Wear appropriate swimwear before taking a dip in the park.
  • Rent a locker if you wish to keep your belongings inside the park.

Frequently Asked Questions About Legoland Malaysia

Q. Does Malaysia have Legoland?

A – With over 40 rides and attractions, the theme parks at LEGOLAND Malaysia have something for the whole family! Over 40 shows, rides, and attractions!

Q. What is Legoland Malaysia known for?

A – Home to the most successful rides, slides, shows, and attractions from LEGOLAND parks around the world, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is a nod to the local environment. It covers the same area as more than 50 full-size football pitches and includes over 15,000 Lego models made from over 60 million Lego bricks.

Q. How many days do you need in LEGOLAND Malaysia?

A – Whole two days will be good. You can take your time to enjoy the place and not rush for it. If the wait time for a certain attraction is too long, you can skip it and come back the next day earlier or replay your favorite ones. enjoy!


A – LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is Malaysia’s first international theme park, opened on 15 September 2012 in Iskander Puteri, Johor, Malaysia with over 40 interactive rides, shows, and attractions.

Q. Where is Legoland?

A – They are in Billund, California, Florida, New York, Malaysia, Dubai, Windsor, Japan, Korea, and Germany. If you want to learn more about LEGOLAND® and where is located closest to you, take a look at the LEGOLAND® homepage.

Q. Is Legoland ok for adults?

A – LEGOLAND California is an elaborate fantasy land that focuses on kid-oriented entertainment, but even adults will be amazed at the incredible creativity and craftsmanship on display. Located north of San Diego near Carlsbad’s spectacular beaches, LEGOLAND is a must-visit for families.

Q. How many Legolands are there in Asia?

A – With Asia’s first LEGOLAND opening in Malaysia in 2012, there are currently six LEGOLANDs in five countries. The Malaysian government provided funding for the park, which is expected to attract visitors to the Iskander Special Economic Zone in Johor State, across the Causeway from Singapore.

Q. Where is the world’s largest Legoland?

A – Spread over 150 acres, LEGOLAND Florida is the largest interactive LEGOLAND park in the world. It has more than 50 rides, shows and attractions, restaurants, shopping, a breathtaking botanical garden, and a LEGOLAND water park, all geared towards families with children ages 2 to 12.

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