Islands of Europe for the perfect holiday

Islands of Europe for the perfect holiday
Islands of Europe for the perfect holiday

Islands of Europe for the perfect holiday: With many countries still agreeing on rules for travelers and vaccination passports, planning a trip across Europe could prove to be a challenge this summer. But we will help you. The absence of excessive tourist numbers may be the driving force that encourages us to explore parts of the continent we didn’t know existed. In this case, we are talking about thousands (yes, thousands) of little-known islands in Europe. Here are some of the best.

5 islands of Europe for the perfect holiday

  1. Lastovo, Croatia

Lastovo lies somewhere between the northern tip of Puglia and the southern tip of Croatia’s famous island massif, the coast of Dalmatia. Even though it is quite a large island, and even has an entire city of about 1000 people, there is only one hotel here, Triton, which overlooks the sea and has a well-known beach restaurant.

Also, this place is good for tourists who want to see the most starry sky in Europe and see the real sun (in this region the atmosphere is not polluted by light and waste).

  1. Oronsay Island, Scotland

Scotland is home to over 790 islands. They range from tiny patches of uninhabited land to vast expanses such as the Celtic wonderland of Skye. Not far from Skye is the island of Oroney, a mythically charming, unexplored corner of nature.

If you can time it right, the tides allow you to get from Skye to Oroney Island by the embankment. The island’s mesmerizing scenery makes for great sightseeing opportunities, with cliffs and caves leading into the icy blue coastline. Including an island in your next Highland vacation won’t be a mistake.

  1. Gozo, Malta

Gozo is considered the cultural center of the country by the Maltese. It can be reached by ferry in just 25 minutes from the main northern port of Malta. The cobbled streets of Gozo will immerse you in baroque architecture and lead you to shops that offer tastings of local oils, wines, and cheeses.

Gozo is also a popular destination for divers who enjoy exploring its many underwater caves. There is a deep sinkhole, a unique geological phenomenon that is the highlight of underwater adventures.

  1. Formentera, Spain

The smallest of the Spanish Balearic Islands is increasingly becoming popular with tourists who want to get away from the hectic nightlife of nearby Ibiza. Its white sandy beaches and amber sunsets make it the perfect place to escape the party island frenzy.

Tourists can taste the best Mediterranean food of their lives at a selection of local eateries. The cuisine on offer includes dishes of various price categories: from tapas to fresh seafood. It is also worth going inland. Here you can both take a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery, and look at the various sights of the island.

  1. Porquerolles, France

Life on this seven-kilometer stretch of land off the coast of the Riviera did not fully develop until the end of the 19th century. Hilly ridges turn into sandy shores, and a wonderful water temperature of +30 degrees attracts many tourists.

Port-Cros National Park is the main attraction for lovers of tranquil nature, it covers most of the island and is protected by the government.

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