Budget Restaurants in London

Budget Restaurants in London
Budget Restaurants in London

London has great budget restaurants and bars that will serve you delicious food, not for big money. It is worth going here if you are walking around the city all day and have already managed to spend money on expensive entertainment. In addition, everyone loves great deals – look in our list where you can find them and save money. Budget Restaurants in London.

Budget Restaurants in London

  1. Flesh and bun

Japanese snacks are served here – steamed burgers – the choice is huge. And on Sundays for £ 39 per person, you can eat as much as you want, although it doesn’t sound so cheap, the offer is actually great – the price includes hot and cold appetizers, sauces, soybeans, chips, welcome cocktail, steamed buns, wine, and prosecco. no limits and dessert. The main thing is to come hungry. Other offerings include beer and rolls on Mondays for £ 15 and a 3-course express lunch + drink for £ 22.

  1. Otto

This friendly Turkish restaurant in Wanstead serves fresh Mediterranean food at very reasonable prices. The atmosphere is relaxed, there are set lunches and dinners from £ 7.95 to £ 14.95. A great place for those who love generous portions of wholesome meze and food that tastes good.

  1. Sedap

Among trendy cafes and restaurants on Old Street, Sedap is not immediately evident, but it does not make it worse. The epitome of the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”, this restaurant is truly excellent. Instead of décor, the focus is on food – moderately priced Chinese-Malay fusion cuisine and bargain lunch deals – three courses for £ 7.80. And why look for anything else?

  1. Pizza union

Liverpool Street doesn’t often get good food, but Pizza Union is a happy exception. They sell fresh pizza straight from the oven and a ten-pound drink that can be eaten locally or taken with you. The service is fast, but you can take your time – sit down in the evening with wine and pizza and watch the people. And if you come to a large company, then there are long shops – there is enough space for everyone.

  1. Bottega prelibato

This tiny Italian restaurant is so delicious you can’t get through. Every day a new menu, depending on what fresh products the chef bought in the morning at the market. Eating locally can be expensive, but takeaway has great deals – a main course and drink for just £ 5. The choice is small, but thoughtful – from hand-sculpted ravioli to polenta with salmon, and the drinks are simply magical, especially the peach juice. And here are the cutest waiters in Shoreditch – they’ll wrap you freshly sliced ​​bread and grated Parmesan with them to make everything Italian. Enjoy a delicious five-pound Italian lunch in one of the small parks nearby.

  1. Ounter Café

A non-chain coffee shop, where coffee is also roasted, is located above the canal in Hackney Week and is just perfect for relaxing on a bright sunny day. All the dishes here are homemade – from sausages to juices, and there is nothing more expensive than ten pounds. In spring, summer, and every first Friday of the month, loud music is playing and fun reigns here – the cafe becomes a pop-up bar Flamingo Pier – street food, alcohol, and disco on the menu that day, and they say, this is one of the best nights in London.

  1. Dalston social

This is one of those rare places where you can spend an entire evening dancing, eating, talking, playing billiards, and Jenga (for fans) without spending a fortune. The staff are very friendly and try to make your evening special, making sure that no one gets bored. From the outside, the place looks like a regular bar, but their signature offer is a free pizza with every drink, and they cost quite a reasonable price. There are also suggestions for cocktails. But nothing beats hot free pizza and dancing to Beyoncé’s latest hit.

  1. Jubo

All fans of Korean fried chicken – here. The restaurant opens every day at five in the evening and specializes in “anju” – food with alcohol. The chicken is fried twice until crispy and topped with one of three signature sauces – soy garlic, hot or volcanic. The prices on the menu vary – there are also many dishes for a large company, but on average, lunch will cost you £ 13 plus drinks. You can sit down at the Bedroom Bar and get your food delivered there – pretty nice of them.

  1. Brockley market

Exmouth or Borough Market comes to mind at the very mention of London’s famous grocery markets, but Brockley Market should not be underestimated either. In the Lewisham College parking lot, every Saturday from ten to two, vendors of local produce – fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants – open up their stalls. There is also delicious street food, usually no more than five dollars – hot sugar churros and delicious burgers. Remember – cards are not accepted here, which is quite convenient – there is no risk of exceeding the credit limit.

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