Brisbane – 7 Things You Must Do


Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide are some of the most popular cities in Australia. But on the east coast of the country lies Brisbane, one of Australia’s least populous but most vibrant cities. A year-round destination for its subtropical climate that offers warm and sunny days, Brisbane slowly steps up the popularity ladder with its stunning attractions, award-winning restaurants, and exciting activities on offer for every kind of traveler. Is increasing

Walk your way into the city!

There is no better way to explore the new city than on foot. Join this journey steeped in history and work with cultural insights. Tell about your own story, tell about colonial buildings, historical sites, statues, monuments, and street art. Step into a shopping hub like Brisbane Arcade. Turn your eyes on street art and sculptures to the earlier lanterns and breathe green in the Botanical Garden, where you will see one of the oldest trees grown for commercial purposes. One does not have to stop at the oldest church in Queensland and enjoy the beautiful views of the Story Bridge where the walk ends.

Iconic paddle-wheeler cruise

The wheel of a wooden paddle inspired by the famous paddle boats on the Mississippi River – in a ship on the banks of the Brisbane River, which is seen as a unique sign of the river. When you marvel at the design, watch the sunrise as you stroll on deck and enjoy spectacular views of Brisbane’s finest landmarks including the beautiful botanical gardens, Kangaroo Point Cliff, Maritime Museum, South East, Story Bridge. Complete the experience with a hearty meal that includes an extensive selection of refreshing Australian products, including gourmet bread, rice, pasta, and enticing sweets.

One for the bucket list: Story Bridge!

First of all, the story behind the iconic Story Bridge is that it is named after John Douglas Story, an influential public servant who strongly advocated the construction of the bridge. Climbing the bridge is an adventure like no other! This summit is the largest on the summit platform, one of the two high points of the climb, each about 262 feet (80 m) above sea level. It is here that you get an amazing 360-degree view of the city, the rolling green hills of Moreton Bay to the east, and the Scenic Rim to the west!

Night Kayaking with dinner!

Here’s an experience for couples who don’t mind romance with a sprinkling of adventure. Imagine kayaking through the Brisbane River on a blazing night. The inner city of Brisbane glides beneath the bridges and amid the bright reflections of the city on the water. Indulge it in an Australian BBQ dinner and you have all the ingredients to make it a perfect date night!

Abseiling the Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Another must-see when you visit Kangaroo Point Cliffs, a must-do in Brisbane, you embark on the adventure of a lifetime! It is time to close one of these 20 meter high cliffs. Kangaroo Point away from the edge of the cliffs and into a vertical world, one step at a time. It is an experience you cannot miss.

Winery tour at Mount Tamborine

Uncover the best-kept secrets of the magnificent Tamborine Mountains located in Gold Coast Hinterland with a winery tour. When you soak in the beautiful scenery of the rain forest and vineyards, check out wineries such as Heritage Estate Wines, Mason Wines, Witches Falls Winery, and Cedar Creek Estate. Sip and sow a wide range of red, white, and sparkling wines followed by a hearty meal of fresh produce, seafood, steak, pasta, and other delectable dishes.

Explore Brisbane’s Culinary culture with a food tour

There is no adventure like food! From coffee to cocktails – this local food tour gives you a round-up experience of the city’s gastronomical treasures that take you to iconic food spots. Start with the best additions of coffee to local delights, followed by lunch featuring iconic local Queensland produce. Wash it down with local beer or wine, which is a delicious cheese with the platter. End your day by trying your hand at mixing that perfect cocktail!

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